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Tohru smiled, placing down the last dish on the table to complete the setup. Wiping her brow, a warm sensation spread through Tohru.

They're coming home from University today…

A bell resounded through the home, and Tohru pattered to the door.

Opening the door, she found a girl standing before her with blondish-brown hair, her face a little apprehensive despite the fact that they had become fairly good friends.

"Machi-san!" Tohru smiled, welcoming. Machi smiled, a blush appearing on her cheeks.

Manabe appeared out of no where behind Machi, his girlfriend, Komaki, in tow.

"Are they here yet?" Manabe asked, peering into the house as he took off his shoes and meandered away. Komaki stared at Tohru helplessly, holding her hands up at Manabe's behavior.

"No, I'm sorry, not yet," Tohru apologized. Her gaze softened for a moment, excitement building in her chest.

"Would you like me to help you make some snacks?" Komaki asked, pulling Tohru from her thoughts.

Tohru held up her hands, her eyes wide and cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Oh no, I would never dream of asking a guest to help me!"

Komaki smiled sweetly. "I would be delighted to help!"

As Tohru and Komaki walked slowly in the hallway leading towards the kitchen, Machi followed casually after, frowning in confusion at Komaki when she overheard, "Tohru, do you think I could make something with meat in it?"

Hana stopped sweeping, her black hair billowing about her face in the wind. Looking up, her dark eyes glanced into the distance.

"Are you done sweeping?" Kazuma walked up, a smile on his face.

Hana smiled back up at Kazuma, "No."

Kazuma laughed, his face turning in the direction that Hana had been peering.

"They're almost here."

Kazuma smiled into the wind. "I think Kyo will be much surprised to find you working here for me…"

"Yo, we're gonna be late. Are you ready yet?"

Kureno turned, his face filled with surprise at Arisa's busy tone. He watched her as she gathered up her purse and jacket, mumbling to herself as she absentmindedly brushed her long blond bangs out of her face. Kureno felt something stir in his chest, and without thinking he stepped up to Arisa and pulled her into an embrace.

Arisa blushed, her heart beating in her chest loudly. "Ah.. uh… we're gonna be late to Tohru's party…"

Kureno pulled Arisa's face toward him, watching as Arisa blushed even deeper. "They can wait a little longer."

Kyo sighed. The drive was taking too long.

"Oy. How much longer?" Kyo asked, shifting to make himself comfortable from the four hour drive.

Hatori made a noncommittal noise.

Yuki glanced towards the window. "I'm anxious too."

Kyo looked over at Yuki, careful to make sure Yuki didn't catch him. Yuki's reflection was staring at Kyo, and they smiled at each other secretively for a moment before breaking the eye contact. Being at the university with Yuki had made the transition easier; they had both left someone behind. Neither of them talked about it, however. It was just understood.

Yuki and Machi had become serious during the summer break between graduation and going to University. Yuki hadn't so much as looked at another female since he had left, which was hard considering how much unwanted attention Yuki managed to get from the opposite sex.

Kyo turned to watch as the landscape of Japan flew by. He had had the same trouble with women as Yuki had, but with each advance made by some strange girl, Kyo had just uttered the words that sent warm tingles down his spine and a sudden swell into his heart.

I'm promised to someone.

Before he had left for University, he had spent the most magical summer of his life at Shigure's, living with Tohru and Yuki as though it was meant to always be such. Shigure didn't spend much time attending to the three newly graduated—having all of his time stolen away by Akito—and Kyo wouldn't have had it any other way.

About two days before he was due to leave for college, he and Tohru had been sitting up on the roof, watching as the sun set, when he looked over at Tohru. He had been surprised to see tears flowing down her cheeks; she hadn't made a sound.


Tohru looked up at Kyo, the sun's warm orange glow creating a halo about her head. Her tears glinted in the sun's light. "Yes, Kyo-kun?"

Kyo didn't even think twice, catching her into a hug that made his heart ache.

"Please don't cry. You know I can't stand to see you crying."

Tohru sniffled a little, her face burrowed into his shirt. "I'm sorry. I'm just sad that… you'll be… leaving… soon."

Kyo felt his heart clench again, and he bonked Tohru softly on the head, making her laugh slightly.

Pulling her away from him, Kyo stared into Tohru's eyes. It was then that he knew. "I promise you that I'll always come back for you."

Tohru's eyes widened and she squeezed them shut with happiness. A smile brightened her features, and Kyo couldn't help but pull her in for another hug.

The memory alone was enough to make Kyo blush madly, and he looked warily around the car to see if either Hatori or Yuki had seen the red tinge to his cheeks. Neither of them had been paying attention, and Kyo let out a little whoosh of relieved air.

Looking back out the window, Kyo felt his heart begin to race as he saw familiar buildings and landscapes pass by.

Glancing over at Yuki, he noticed that Yuki had straightened his back, vigor and anticipation etched in every muscle movement.

Kyo looked out the window again, his heart rate picking up and his cheeks beginning to flush with emotion.


Tohru watched as the guests arrived, her anticipation building with every new body that filled the house. Komaki had helped her create new snacks, but now everyone was just lolling around, waiting for Yuki and Kyo to show up.

Glancing around, she looked longingly at the back door. Without another thought, Tohru peered at her guests before sneaking out the back door. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Tohru sat down on the porch.

Relaxing, Tohru tensed when she heard Momiji cry out, "They're here, they're here!"

The front door opened and a great converge of congratulatory voices could be heard.

Tears sprang to Tohru's eyes, her eyes widening and her heart beating madly in her chest. A deep blush formed on her cheeks, and it took all of her self-control to not go running into the house.

Why… am I so nervous?

Listening to everyone speaking at once to the newly arrived Yuki and Kyo, Tohru wiped the tears from her eyes. Tohru stood, staring up at the trees, feeling the wind brushing against her skin, her hair flowing freely about her, her dress floating about her legs. Tohru closed her eyes, a watery smile aimed to the heavens.

This was how Kyo found her.


Tohru's eyes snapped open, turning to the voice like a flower would to the sun. They stared at each other a moment, drinking in the view of one another as though it was the first time they had ever met.

"Kyo…kun…" Tohru said, a nervous smile picking up the sides of her lips.

Kyo ducked his head shyly, hands in his pockets. He walked languidly toward Tohru; she stayed rooted to the porch, eyes following his every move.

"I didn't want to go inside yet," Kyo admitted, walking deliberately away from the side of the house from which he came. Both he and Tohru unconsciously tuned their ears to the commotion inside.

"I needed a breather after being in that car for so long," Kyo muttered, still slowly making his way to the porch.

"And I was…nervous."

Tohru felt a natural smile warm her face, her eyes closing slightly.

"I am nervous too," Tohru admitted, watching as Kyo glanced up at Tohru shyly. His eyes widened slightly, but they softened at the smile on Tohru's face.

Kyo felt his heart beat madly, and a fluttering began in his stomach. As he approached where Tohru stood on the porch, Kyo felt his face heat up.

Tohru looked at Kyo, still drinking in his presence as she hadn't been able to do for months, her eyes shining with tears.

The noise in the house ceased to exist; it was just Tohru and Kyo.

"I missed you."

Tohru laughed, tears glancing down her cheeks before she wiped them away with a swipe. She had been hoping he'd say those words to her.

Kyo suddenly swept her into a hug, a fierce hug that let her know just how much his body had ached to hold her in the long absence.

I promise… I'll come back to you.

Tohru hugged him back, laughing into his shoulder.

Pulling away from the hug, Kyo gently kissed Tohru, and a pleasurable bolt shot through Tohru as though she had been shot with the sweetest of all lightning.

Tohru looked up at Kyo as he pulled his lips away. Searching his face, Tohru smiled brilliantly, tears shining in her eyes.

Kyo's heart clenched with happiness at the beautiful girl in his arms.

"Welcome home, Kyo-kun."

Welcome home.

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