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Of Mother hood

Naruto looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He was showing and even in the loose fitting black shirt there was no hiding the fact he was very pregnant. This was ALL Sasuke bastards fault. Don't get him wrong he was thrilled to be having a family. Something he's wanted as far back as he could remember and he was used to doing things in…An unorthodox manner. The problem was that the little brat's inside of him that seemed to be using his liver as a punching bag made it impossible to wear any of his favorite clothing.

Back to whose fault it was.

"Stupid Sasuke…"

Yup Sasuke Uchiha was the father and amazingly enough he was completely thrilled about the whole thing. Even going so far as to start on a nursery for the coming triplets as soon as he'd found out. Not without help mind you most of their friends had been more than willing to help. Help being used loosely Sakura, Ino and the rest of the girls had thrown him a baby shower and even sweet innocent Hinata have given in a maternity shirt with "Under Development" printed across the front. Damn Uchiha this was all his- Ow there goes the liver again.

Speaking of which the previously mentioned Uchiha has managed to sneak up behind him and had wrapped his arms possessively around him hands resting on his growing belly. Blushing Naruto turned lightly to look at Sasuke's smirking face.

"Your getting turned on with me like thins aren't you asshole!"

"Would you hold it against me if I said yes?"