Chapter 17: Epilogue

Shang arrived home before sunset. Now that times were finally peaceful in the country he spent his days in the Imperial City, training the new recruits and his new officers so they would be prepared in case of further troubles. He usually returned home after sunset, but today he'd been able to get home early.

He entered the garden and stopped in the shadow of one of the trees as he caught sight of his wife and his little brother. They were working through Kung-Fu moves together.

Shang smiled as he stood there watching them. Mulan had always had beautiful form. And Chen, though he was young and small, seemed to have a natural ability for it and was improving all the time.

Chen had been happier ever since the wedding three months before and with Mulan now living there. Shang had continued to meditate with him when he got home in the evenings and it helped Chen to be calmer and to better handle those moments when he experienced his unique insights. Though he had occasional outbursts, they were fewer and far between and they were less severe when they did occur. And at least Shang now understood what they were about and where they came from.

Grandfather was still in pain sometimes, but he was actually doing fairly well considering his age. He was in good spirits and he enjoyed having in depth discussions with Mulan whenever possible, on every subject under the sun.

Mulan and Chen had finished their practice and they were bowing to each other now. They turned toward the house and Chen caught sight of him.


Shang knelt down as his little brother came rushing toward him. He caught Chen up in a hug.

"Mulan and I are practicing Kung-Fu everyday after school."

"Yes, I know," he said, rubbing Chen's head affectionately. "You're looking very good at it, Chen."

Chen grinned with pride at the compliment from his big brother. Shang glanced up at Mulan, who was approaching them, grinning.

"Go wash up for dinner, Chen. I'll see you inside."

"Okay, Shang."

Chen ran off to the house and Shang stood up to greet his wife.

"You're home early," she said with a glint in her eye. She threw her arms around his neck and gave him an especially passionate kiss. He put his arms around her waist and grinned, pulling her against him tightly.

"Mm, that was nice," he murmured in her ear, suggestively. "I'll have to put Chen to bed early again tonight."


A/N: Yeah, all my endings are really, really sappy.

I will be writing another fanfic eventually. Not sure yet if it will be a sequel to this or a totally different Mulan story.