Ok this is just a silly story, all the charactures are way OOC. I just had an impulse to write this- the idea came from a commercial. So, just have fun reading.

TV Show: Law & Order: SVU

Episode: random/FanFic

"I am so hungry", Benson said as she walked into the station. Stabler and the others were sitting around Stabler's desk eating sandwiches.

"Where did you get those?" she pleaded. All of them looked at Stabler slowly.

"Where's mine?" she asked nicely/

"Uh, well you weren't here- and I wasn't… sure what kind you wanted…" He tried to make up for forgetting. She looked at him with a dirty look as she crossed her arms. The other guys back away a little.

"You can have a bite of mine" he said worried.

"Thanks" she gave a quick fake smile. She started to walk off when she heard her stomach rumble quietly. She stopped and hesitated but turned back around. Stabler was about to put his sandwich in his mouth when she held his hand where it was and took a large bite out of it. She stayed in her position chewing, and then swallowing it. He watched as the others did when she looked at Stabler from her short distance away. She smiled as she leaned in and put her mouth to the corner of his mouth. The other guys leaned in a little and watched intently as she licked of the dab of mustard. She licked her lips as she turned with a smile, and walked off.

"Thanks for the bite!" she said not looking back and waving.

"Damn" Fin said in a gaze as all the men let out a breath.