The mother's lullaby became a requiem

As the father's violin plays on and on.

"Is that the reason you strechted you're wings for me?"

It closed.

It closed.

It closed.

It closed on my love.

"Revenge...don't forget that beautiful word."

Fallen angel,

With bloody wings,

Now has nothing left.

She flies off.

Into Nothingness.

"I'm the only girl who can save the world."

I had to.

I had no choice.

I closed it on my love.

My dear, dear, love.

Never to be seen again.

"After seeing his looks the one I know who needs the home the most is him."

A home

A home for the company

A home

A bloody, bloody home.

"My puppet song can not only control the dead, but the living!"


It was all about revenge.

My joureny.

All about revenge.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you."

The end.

The end of the story.

The end of the joureny.

Our journey of blood.


Many bloody battles

Ended in bloody losses

But with even more

Bloody Reunions.

"She came home just like an ordaniry girl!"

Took away.


"Pandora...Open the box."

Fasnaciton leads to diaster.

Twice over

Twice again.

"Kami-sama...Kami-sama...won't let me see...that smile..."

Humans will fight

Protect what they love.

Protect what they belive in.

A whispered secert.

No one ever tells.

"I am a man!"

Beliving is everything.

Beliving is deciptive.

Beliving is the end.

"I am...a mazoku..."

This is the end of the joureny.

This bloody glorious joureny.

This joureny ends


With the opening


Of Pandora's Box.

The mother's lullaby becomes a requiem.

As the father's violin plays on and on.