YAY! I wrote another one shot! This one is pretty short, but don't worring! It full of lovely Yu-Gi-Oh goodness!

As always, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, but if I did, the guys wouldn't stop making out! Wow! I should really write to the creators and get them to make a show like that! Half an hour of guys making out! Brilliant! Oh...urm...here's the story everyone.

Candy Love Hearts

"Cool! This one says, 'Gorgeous'. It's as if the company that made the candy knew I'd pick this one!"

"Dream on, Devlin."

Duke Devlin grinned and placed the heart-shaped candy on his pink tongue before letting it slowly fizz into nothingness.

"Those things will rot your teeth," said Tristan Taylor from his place across the empty hallway.

Duke stuck out his tongue cheekily, revealing a bubbly mess that used to be the pink candy.

"So?" he answered, examining another of the small hearts. "Hey! This one says, 'Share Me'. Wanna share?"

Wrinkling his nose in disgust, Tristan shook his head, making his spiked hair sway from left to right.

"No way! Not if it's gonna be anywhere near your mouth!"

"Come on. You know you want it," said Duke, winking at the brunette opposite him.

Tristan smiled, pushed away from the wall he'd been leaning against and slowly approached Duke. He reached out and snatched the candy out of the black-haired boy's before he had a chance to put it in his mouth. Tristan then made a big deal of licking the heart all over before he placed it into his own mouth.

"That's not fair!" Duke cried, putting his hands on his hips and glaring at Tristan. "It said, 'Share Me'!"

"Well, come and get it then!" Tristan challenged.

He never expected Duke to actually do anything. It was only when he had his back against the wall and had Duke's warm body pressed next to his, did Tristan realise that this was no longer about the candy.

Duke's lips met Tristan's in a brief moment, giving Tristan very little time to realise what was happening especially when the only thought going through his mind was, 'His lips are so soft'. A set of teeth gently bit down on his lower lip making him open his mouth in shock and let a tongue dart in.

After a brief fight between the two boys' tongues, Duke pulled away and stuck out his tongue at Tristan. On it was the small candy.

Tristan was about to respond to Duke's brash behaviour when a door to their left opened and a teacher walked out into the hall.

"Alright, Mr Taylor, Mr Devlin. You can come back in now," he said as he looked at the two boys who were still unnaturally close. "I hope this teaches you to not interrupt my lessons in the future."

Duke and Tristan glanced at each other and grinned sheepishly before following their teacher back into their classroom where the rest of the class were working quietly, apart from Joey and Seto who both looked up instantly when the two boys and the teacher entered.

Tristan suddenly felt something being pressed into his hand as he headed towards his desk. He turned just in time to see Duke take his own seat by one of the windows as he too sat down and opened his hand. Sitting in his palm was another of the candy hearts which said in the tiny lettering, 'Call Me'.

So, whatcha think? I personally liked it. Simple and sweet! Read it and review it! PLEASE!