Durza, the very name brings dread 13
Into the heart of the strongest of men 15
Death, follows you like a cloak, like the blood you shed, 12
Shed from so many people, leaving them cold and thin 13

A tomb cold room filled with the smell of death, smoke and fire. 13
This is what your heart is made of, that and flame and crimson blood. 15
Your heart is that of an icy mountain, untouched. 12
Unreachable, untouchable, unfathomable. 13

A death head grin, the expression of your death white face. 13
Mortal, except for your blood soaked, fire burned, demon touched eyes. 15
Hair, crimson, blood soaked, to match your devil touched eyes. 12
Teeth, filed to match a viper's, poisonously sharp. 13

A general, a demon, a murderer, Satan. 13
A madman, a burned family, a tortured soul, the damned. 15

An unwilling monster, with no control, possessed. 12

Screaming silently, in agony, at Zaroc's flame.

Durza, I weep for you, fallen soldier, broken monster, and silent tears. 13

Controller, weeper, killer, child, sorrowful, which are you? 15

You were mortal once, a boy, then a fearsome Shade. 12

But, no matter what, I feel that there is good somewhere. 13