The Secret Past is in its second edition. There are less passive voice passages andweird wordings, and better punctuation. This story was a saga that haunted me for over a year.

I began my first Fan Fiction in July of 2004. It was a monumental summer filled with struggles, half-assed attempts, and many drafts of the first chapter. Actually, I wish there were many drafts. It only took one to get down the gist of the story. In fact, I began the story without a plot, new characters, or anything but Harry sitting in his bedroom, woken by a nightmare: cliché enough. A week into writing it, I found myself at the weird point of "have you heard from Hermione?" and I knew I had to do something with it. The climax was born. Initially, Draco's family was to owe the Grangers for something, in a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" kind of way. That was until my haphazard brain concocted the prophesy, and just after that, that the Narcissa/Hermione scene beginning with "You have to believe me!" and extending to "a shocked Draco Malfoy standing by the door." It was one of the many scenes when I wrote whatever came to mind. That scene gave me the title I needed.

I posted. Three times on the boards, twice on here thanks to moderators. My characters got out of hand at one point, when Adrien and Nia were born, but I knew Kit would stay. She did. Initially, she was a prissy version of me with an inner devil of my real-life friend, Kit, but, as people do, she changed dramatically. Her change mirrored my own, and she isn't a whole lot of Kit anymore. The traits are still there, but she isn't the same. I ended the story with loose ends everywhere.

The saga will live on.

I would like to personally thank Kit for the characterization inspiration, Sasha for the smut inspiration, Kristina for keeping me kicking, and Carly for reassuring me after all the others that I need a sequel. The support has been fantastic, and thanks to this whole experience, I fancy myself as a writer now. I'll let you know when I get my Tony story published. :