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Chapter 1: Emotionless and Hollow

She cried. Darkness had bound her heart a long time ago. All she could see was the blurred form of a shadow in her mirror. She wiped her tears and looked at the face. She couldn't even recognize it anymore. It was a stranger that once was her. The violet eyes flashed pain and hollowness that none of her so-called friends could see. Darkness had taken over her life. She needed to find the light. What was left but an empty figure struggling inside of her own body.

Emotionless and cold, she left her room hoping to get a glimse at what the normal people were doing. When she entered the living room, she saw a familiar site. The green changling and half man were sitting on the large blue couch trying to beat each other in the week's game. Their leader sat on a stool in their kitchen watching the alien intently.

She let out a small sigh. The alien looked up and smiled.

"Good morning, friend Raven!"

"Whatever," she grumbled and walked over to a cabnet.

She reached inside and pulled out a small cup. This was her cup, stained with her tea and touch. She sighed once more and set it on the counter. Again she reached into the cabnet. This time, she pulled out a box of assorted teas. She flipped through them.

'This one looks good,' she thought pulling out a small packet.

Placing a kettle on the stove, she turned on the small stove. She turned and glanced at their leader. Robin sat staring at the alien girl. She could swear that he was drooling. She couldn't tell at what, but she was sure it wasn't the pudding that Starfire was making. She rolled her eye then glanced over at the two "idiots" on the couch. Cyborg was practically sitting on the changling. She guessed it was because Beastboy was beating Cyborg for the millionth time. This week's game was always won by Beastboy.

"Get off of me!" Beastboy howled.

"I'm going to beat you, you cheating elf!"

Raven turned back to her kettle. The water inside was boiling. She poured it into her small cup and placed the powdered tea inside of it. Opening a drawer, she pulled out a small spoon. Thus, she began to stir the water, making it into tea. A sigh emerged from her mouth.

"Oh, hey Raven. Didn't see you come in," said Robin, noticing the dark teen.

She just turned and walked over to the left end of the couch. One of her old books sat on the coffee table. She picked it up then dropped it on the ground quickly. Peanut butter covered her hand.


The changling looked over at her as he won the game. Raven glared at him.

"Hi, Rae!" Beastboy said crawling out from under Cyborg.

"How many times do I have to tell you that my name is Raven?"

"Sorry, Rae...ven."

She rolled her eyes. Beastboy stood and walked over to her. He transformed into a St. Bernard and licked her hand clean. He transformed back, smiling with his green eyes closed.

"Uck," she said looking at her slobber filled hand.

Beastboy laughed and scratched his head.

"Sorry, Rae. I guess I don't know my own slobber."

She stood and hit him upside the head with her spit-filled hand. Beastboy fell backwards. Raven cleaned her hand off in his hair and picked up her book. She wiped the rest of the peanut butter on his shirt. The rest of the Titans looked at her in amazement. Raven stormed off. No one made her as mad as Beastboy did. She went into her room and locked the door. Just as she sat on her bed, a small knock on her door was heard.


She groaned. As always, Beastboy was back to apologize. She stood. The cup in her hand was placed on her dresser on a cup holder. She walked over to her door, but stood at least two feet behind it. There was another knock.

"Rae? Raven! I know you're in there!"

"What?" she didn't ask, she demanded.

"I'm sorry about the peanut butter and the...uh..."

"Just forget about it."


"I said to forget about it," she repeated, noting the sadness in her voice.

"Woah! Rae, can I come in? Is there something wrong?"

Raven paused. There was something wrong. She was being consumed by darkness. It was slowling forcing it's way into her heart, freezing her soul. She brought her hands to her shoulders. They were cold, colder than any other part of her body. She bit her lip. She wanted to tell him. She had to tell someone, but she was afraid of what could happen if she broke down. Crying could hurt the Titans. She couldn't afford to hurt them.


"Just go away," she whispered, choking back her icy tears.

Silence came, then went as Beastboy transformed in front of her. He looked at her. Her glance turned from him to a place on the floor to the right. Her hands moved to her elbows and she closed her eyes. A hand touched her shoulder.

"Raven, what's wrong?"

She froze inside. Could he see her tears? Could her feel her pain? Thousands of thoughts ran through her mind. She opened her eyes. They moved as if they were reading each one. His other hand grabbed her chin and moved her face to look at his. One small tear fell. Beastboy rubbed it away with his thumb. She closed her eyes.


He silenced her by placing two fingers on her lips. Raven quickly opened her eyes. His face was emotionless, but she knew he had to be feeling something. He was acting like her, emotionless and hollow on the outside, full of pain and sorrow on the inside. But she had to look, she had to know. Her violet eyes glanced into his green ones. His did the same. She wanted to say something, but no words could come out of her mouth.


Beastboy spoke for her. She blinked.

"Yes?" she choked.

"If I told you something, would you get mad?"

She shook her head. She couldn't be mad at him. She never could. There was just something about those green eyes that sparked this fear in her. She always wondered if he was her friend. She didn't worry about the others, just him. It was always just Beastboy.

"Raven, I love you."

"What?" she asked, her eyes growing wide.

"I...I love you."

Her hands dropped from her arms. His eyes were filled with concern for the dark teen and she knew it. Somehow, she always knew.


He shrugged. His thumb was rubbing her cheek gently and she had no desire to remove it. Yet as he looked at the ground and dropped his hand, Raven felt a wave of loneliness hit her. She closed her eyes.

"I shouldn't have said that. I better go."

"No!" she said quickly, opening her eyes. "Please, don't go."

Beastboy quickly took her in his arms. Raven didn't want him to let go. She knew that deep inside of her, the same emotion that she had held in for so long, was breaking free. She loved him as well. She never wanted him to leave. He was the only light she had left, pure and innocent. She felt her arms wrap around him. She closed her eyes and held on to him tightly. Beastboy looked up. He grabbed her chin with one of his green hands and rubbed another tear falling down her cheek. She couldn't cry more than one. His eyes teared up.

"Raven, please tell me that this isn't fake."

She opened her eyes.

"Please tell me that you love me, too," his eyes pleaded.

She swallowed. No words seemed to come into her mind now. She just wanted to stay in his arms. Darkness was slowly disappearing from her heart. But she did manage to do something, her mouth formed a small smiled. Beastboy's eyes lit up. He brought her closer, his lips mear inches from hers. She didn't stop it. She knew that she wanted this. Even as his lips touched hers, she remained quiet and calm. As her eyes closed, an emotion she hadn't thought of came to the surface, happiness. She was happy.


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