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Chapter 1 – So It Began

It was quite a lively night in the Village Hidden in Leaves and rightly so with the annual festival in full swing. The village was celebrating the defeat of the nine-tailed demon fox that had attacked the village just eight years ago. However, while the children believed that the demon had been killed, the teenagers and adults knew otherwise.

This brings us to a dark alley halfway across town where a little kid with bright blond hair is writhing in pain on the cold ground. Around him are four laughing teenagers that seem to draw great pleasure out of inflicting pain on the child.

"Serves you right demon," one of them commented and kicked the little boy in the ribs again.

The boy yelps in pain and crawls closer to the wall hoping to at least shield some of his body from blows.

"I think it's trying to run away."

"As if we'll let it," was the snickering reply. The onslaught of kicks continued until a particularly loud crack was heard and the teenagers realized that they had kicked the blond boy's head against the wall hard enough for blood to spill out.

"With the way blood's pooling I think we killed it."

"Great! Now we can go enjoy the festivities for real!"

The four teens left after that and soon after a person dislodged himself from shadows of a far wall. He pulled out a small scroll, unraveled it, and channeled his chakra into it. A thin blue line of chakra stretched out from the scroll and linked with the blond boy's stomach.


"You're sure this will work?" asked a man with long silvery hair.

The other man sighed; they had been through this already, "Yes, I'm sure. The jutsu sealed into that scroll will dislodge the seal just enough to allow for contact and ability absorption."

The long-haired man didn't let up, "How can you be so sure that the jutsu will find its target? If it misses we won't have another chance like this for at least a couple months."

"That part's easy, you're the one doing the jutsu," replied the spiky-haired man.

"And exactly how much are you dislodging the seal by?"

"Same amount as with the other one," was the simple uncaring reply.

"What? That is entirely too much! Especially since this is an unsupervised event. If something happens, if something goes wrong we will be completely out of options."

The spiky-haired man looked up in confusion, "Why are you getting so worked up? The other survived it no problem. Not only that, but I had to dislodge it further because it wasn't enough. This IS the Kyuubi we're talking about, a half-assed, half-done, and overly cautious dislodging is out of the question. You really want to go back and do a secondary dislodging? Not to mention the fact that the second time around the Kyuubi will be watching; we, or rather I, don't want to be revealed four years too early."

)))))Flashback End((((((

'I hope he's right,' though the silver-haired man. 'It found its target quite easily, and I can sense the Kyuubi's chakra much more clearly.' The man waited for a couple minutes after the jutsu had taken effect to make sure the blonde's broken skull had healed before vanishing.

Four Years Later

Naruto sat on the swing outside the ninja academy seeming heart-broken to the outside world, but actually he was in the deep recesses of his mind.

"Hey Kyu, why couldn't I just make the clones? Why did you have me do it wrong?" asked Naruto disappointed that he had to play this part again.

"Because of that other teacher... Mizuki, I believe his name is..."

"Yes, I noticed the glare too," said Naruto calmly, "but it was just like any other."

"No, I believe he will be of much use to us," stated the Kyuubi.

"He does seem like a selfish one," said Naruto.

"And that is going to be his downfall," concluded the Kyuubi.

Naruto felt the familiar tugging feeling that accompanied urgent situations in the real world. He snapped out of his trance and saw Mizuki approach him. After quick exchange, he followed the chuunin to a place where they could talk.

Naruto knew Mizuki's purpose wasn't anything kind, but he just played along for curiosity. Soon Mizuki offered him a special second chance for passing the Genin Exam, to learn a special jutsu that was in a certain scroll in the Hokage's personal scroll room. Naruto, always being up for learning new jutsus, accepted the offer and went off to the Hokage's house.

"Hey Kyu, what do you think of this whole scroll business?" asked Naruto inside his head.

"If this scroll is what I think it is, then we may have just hit jackpot," responded the Kyuubi.

Naruto managed to get inside, surprised that he encountered minimal resistance. Even then, the guard that was guarding the entrance didn't see Naruto's shadow as he ran up the wall. A part of Naruto felt as though this was a trap, 'Why else would they have let me in so easily?' he pondered as he cautiously made his way through the building, hoping not to meet up with the Hokage.

But it seemed that his luck had run out when he heard a stern voice behind him asking what he was doing here. Naruto knew that he no match for the Hokage in combat, so he decided to improvise and 'cheat' a little.

"Sexy no Jutsu!" he yelled and transformed into a completely naked, well-rounded blond girl. The Hokage was down on the ground with blood gushing out of his nose faster than Iruka. Naruto raised his eyebrows, "Are all adults perverts or something?"

The blonde left the Sandaime to bleed profusely from his nose, while he quickly made his way to the scroll room to find the right scroll. After finding it Naruto went over to the window and opened it. After making sure that the scroll was tightly strapped to his back, he jumped out and ran towards the forest as a solitary figure watched from behind a nearby building.

'He better have gotten the right scroll,' thought Mizuki. 'I didn't put up all those high-level, not to mention chakra exhausting, genjutsus around the Hokage's house for that idiot to grab the wrong scroll.'

Immediately after arriving in the designated area, Naruto opened up the scroll and began reading.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu," he said.

"This is it!" said a very happy Kyuubi chuckling darkly.

"What?" asked a bewildered Naruto.

"This is the Forbidden Scroll of Seals," the Kyuubi chuckled evilly.

"Meaning all the techniques in here are forbidden," concluded Naruto.

"Precisely… and IT must also be in here," said the Kyuubi.

Naruto knew that he probably would never get another chance like this again, so he quickly learned the first technique as a cover. He then quickly flipped through the entire scroll looking for one particular jutsu; he stopped as soon as he saw the familiar design.

"So this is how it works…" mused Naruto. "It is placed over my navel, so that our chakras integrate better, and because the seal is so close to the chakra system I can communicate with the Kyuubi through meditation," thought Naruto while scrutinizing the scroll. "Or through near-death experiences," he smiled bitterly, "which ever comes first."

"Kit, leave this for later, you got company," warned the Kyuubi.

Naruto instantly heightened his senses to notice a familiar chuunin making his way towards him. He rolled up the scroll and waited patiently for the arrival, and within a minute Iruka leapt down from a nearby tree and questioned Naruto as to what he was doing. Naruto calmly explained to Iruka that Mizuki told him about the scroll and this place; at the same time he felt Mizuki's presence in a nearby tree.

"So he has finally come," thought Naruto also wondering what Iruka would do.

Iruka then sensed the projectiles coming at him and pushed Naruto out of the way. Naruto was faking absolute confusion while watching the exchange between Iruka and Mizuki, that is, until Mizuki started talking about the Kyuubi.

"Shit! How am I supposed to react to this?" panicked Naruto.

"Relax kit, just react the same way you did when you first found out," advised the Kyuubi.

Naruto mentally thanked the Kyuubi and painted absolute fear onto his face. He was so engrossed in his acting he didn't realize a large shuriken was flying straight at him. He scrambled to get out of its way, but quickly realized it was too late. He shut his eyes waiting for the pain, but it never came. Slowly he opened his eyes to see Iruka over him, protecting him from the large shuriken.

Naruto was truly shocked. "Why did he protect me?" wondered Naruto, "This is illogical… he should hate me, along with the rest of the cows." Naruto had long ago started referring to the villages as 'cows', meaning that they were all part of a big herd; stubborn and stupid. He clearly heard Iruka's words, "he cares…?"

The Kyuubi then decided to intervene in this mushy thought process, "No kit, he doesn't care; his job is to get that scroll back… and while he might not hate you as much, who do you think he blames for the death of his parents?"

Naruto's face hardened, he knew this was the truth and decided to get the hell out of there. So he ran, trying to get away from both Iruka and Mizuki, only to find himself behind a tree listening in on their conversation about him. Naruto was shocked once more, "what's this, Iruka is acknowledging me?" wondered Naruto.

"He knows you're here, do you really think that he would say the same thing if they were alone?" the Kyuubi once again countered Naruto's argument.

Naruto looked over at the pair of chuunin once more and decided to end this whole charade. Mizuki's charge was his cue, he jumped out and kicked the chuunin, throwing him back and making him lose his large shuriken in the process. Mizuki got up and said some shit about Naruto being a lousy ninja and what not, so Naruto decided to try out his new move.

He positioned his hands into that cross-like seal and yelled "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," using up quite a bit of chakra to make a thousand clones appear. Naruto grinned evilly at Mizuki's terrified expression and allowed his clones to attack, making sure to contain his killer intent since there was someone watching all of this. He was finally satisfied when Mizuki lay on the ground half-dead. Naruto released his clones and went over to Iruka and in several minutes was informed, through a special ceremony, that he had passed the Genin Exam and was now officially a genin; he jumped for joy and requested Iruka to treat him to ramen.

"Well, that went fairly well. But I can't have the boy thinking that those pesky humans care about him. After all, that path will only end in heartbreak for my poor kit," mused the Kyuubi, knowing that Naruto could not hear.

While they were eating, Iruka filled him in on all the information he had given out to the other new genin. Naruto wanted to vomit when he heard all the shit about protecting your home village, either that or wring Iruka's neck for feeding him this bullshit. "As if I would want to protect this fucking village," thought Naruto all the while keeping his hands from shaking in frustration. A little while later they parted, Naruto going home and Iruka going to take care of some paperwork to truly make Naruto a genin.

Arriving home, the blonde took a quick shower and fell on his bed, completely tired. He looked at the tattoo on his right arm and was instantly reminded of that one fateful night.


Naruto watched through blurred vision as the four teenagers walked away thinking, "Why me? Why is it always me and only me?" As he embraced the enclosing darkness a final thought plagued his mind, "What have I done to deserve such punishment? Why do I not remember doing this?"

Naruto was surprised to wake up in a dark hallway; he was even more surprised that he was lying in a puddle of water, but his clothes weren't wet. He slowly got up and found that all his injuries were all gone. "What is going on here?" he wondered.

Suddenly he heard faint laughter coming from somewhere in the darkness in front of him. Curiosity overwhelming him, Naruto made his way toward the laughter and had soon made it into a large open room with humongous barred gates on the opposite side. "Am I in some sort of prison?" he wondered out loud.

"No, you're on the right side of the bars, kid," bellowed a voice from within the bars.

Naruto looked in awe and fear as giant red eyes opened up and looked at straight at Naruto.

"W-W-Who are y-you?" asked Naruto nervously.

The red eyes narrowed a little and a row of very sharp teeth and fangs became exposed as the giant creature laughed. "Little human, I am Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Naruto's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets in fear and shock, "y-y-y-you a-a-a-are..." The Kyuubi continued laughing.

Naruto was starting to get frustrated as the demon fox kept laughing at him, "Hey, god damn it! Mind telling me what's so funny, and where the hell we are?" yelled Naruto.

The Kyuubi reduced its laughter to a grin with its fangs still bared, "What's funny is that we are inside your mind," replied Kyuubi answering both question.

"In my mind, but then that means that you are trapped inside of me," reasoned Naruto.

"Hey, you're not as stupid as you seem."

"Shut up!" yelled Naruto. "So this is why the villagers call me a monster."

"That's right kid you're their new monster to blame shit on."

"But it's not my fault, it's not like I asked you to be trapped inside of me."

"Humans are fucking idiots like that. However, forget all that for now, your body is dying in case you don't know."

Naruto suddenly remember what had just happened to him, "D-Dying, but I don't want to die," he said in a shaky voice.

The Kyuubi smirked, "Of course not, but such things are inevitable for humans," it emphasized the last word.

Naruto stared up at the fox curiously for a moment, "You can't die, can you?" he asked in awe.

"That's right kid, now I could heal you too, but not without a deal."

"What kind of deal?"

"Oh it's very simple," the demon fox grinned, "I'll heal you and guide you in life so that you can become strong and in return all you have to do is what I tell you to."

"That's it? I just have to listen to you and follow your directions?" asked Naruto in an already happy tone. "Kind of seems like a small price to pay."

"Yup that's it, now, do we have a deal?"

Naruto thought for a moment, after all this was a demon that he was talking to, "You won't ask me to like massacre everyone in the village, would you?"

"Would that really be so bad?" countered the fox in an amused voice.

"Well it's just that all my friends would be gone then…" the blonde trailed off at the end as he realized just how long, or rather short, his list of friends was.

"What friends kid!?" growled Kyuubi. "Face it! You have no one! Except me, no one cares about you. This whole village would celebrate if you died."

Naruto looked at the floor, "Well, there's that old man…"

"The Hokage?" Kyuubi scoffed. "If that geezer actually cared for you, don't you think he would have taken you in? And given you more than crap hole to live in and barely enough money to survive on?" Naruto couldn't find a response to that logic. "If you're wondering why he comes to talk to you, I can explain that. He's just doing it to check and see if you're a danger to the village."

"That is why you cannot tell anyone that we have met," Naruto looked up at Kyuubi in confusion. "If you do, then the geezer will think, just like all the others, that you have turned against the village and then," the fox paused for effect, "he'll truly have you killed."

"Ok," Naruto said after a little silence, "I agree to the deal."

The Kyuubi chuckled darkly, "Good, but remember, unlike humans, demons always keep their word."

Naruto nodded, "I won't back out."

The Kyuubi then sent a stream of red chakra right at Naruto, "That should be enough to heal you."

Naruto woke up to find himself back in the alley, only this time the walls seemed to be lit up in red. It took Naruto a little moment to realize that it was in fact the red chakra swirling around him. He looked down at his battered body and noticed that his biggest wounds were closing in several. He could also hear and feel his broken bones popping back into place and growing together effortlessly. In several minutes he was back being completely healthy.

"Now kid, get out of this place before the ninja come," ordered the Kyuubi.

Naruto looked around for the fox, until he realized that the voice was inside his head, "Is it bad that the ninja come, after all I could tell them to arrest those mean people?"

"First of all, you can just think and I'll hear you," sighed the fox. "And second, the ninja are much better trained to kill you." Naruto gulped and quickly jumped out of the trashcan and made his way home.

Once back at home, he instantly discarded his smelly clothes and went to take a shower. In the shower, he suddenly noticed some sort of black marking on his right elbow. It started as a dot, one inch in diameter, in the middle of the inside of his elbow and then spiraled twice around his arm to end in the bushy end of a tail, about halfway up his biceps. He tried to wash it off, but it just wouldn't go.

"Kid, that's a tattoo that I gave you, it cannot be washed off."

"A tattoo? Why did you give it to me?" inquired Naruto.

"It symbolizes how much you have mastered," calmly replied the fox. "The first black one indicates that you have made a pact with an elite demonic entity and have survived having its chakra poured into you."

Naruto looked at the tattoo in wonder, "So you mean that there will be more?"

"Yes, others will be awarded for certain accomplishments."

"For a total of nine, am I right?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, though it really depends on the entity that your pact is made with… but more about that later."

Naruto was so lost in his thought about everything that had transpired that he completely forgot that he was only allowed a limited quantity of water per day, and that he had used up all of it. He swore quite loudly and with words that not even most teenagers knew.

)))))End Flashback(((((

There were now three tails on Naruto's arm; separate yet entwined in some places. They all started in the same one inch, in diameter, circle and ended the same was a tail would. The two new ones were gray and brown in color. The brown one started at Naruto's shoulder bone and spiraled downwards to end in the middle of Naruto's triceps. The gray one started out halfway between the endings of the black and brown ones and just went around the arm connecting the black and brown.

The Kyuubi had said that the brown one wasn't complete yet and would grow to be a double tail, extending in the other direction. It symbolized Naruto's connection to the earth. Since Kyuubi had been given control over Doton and Suiton, those would be passed on to Naruto in time.

The gray one was simply a chakra connection, so that Naruto could use demonic chakra when doing Doton jutsus. As the Kyuubi explained it, the initial black one controls all the chakra that Naruto can use, safely that is. Naruto can of course pull the Kyuubi's chakra through the seal, but that ultimately tears apart his chakra pathways. The Yondaime was an idiot to put such faith into a completely experimental seal.

On that note, Naruto realized he hadn't asked the Kyuubi about what they saw in the Forbidden Scroll. "It's hopeless," replied the fox. "The seal is held in place by the Shinigami. He would have to release his hold on it before we could even try and figure out some way to break it."

Naruto sighed; perhaps the Yondaime wasn't such as fool, after all the main object of the seal was to keep the Kyuubi imprisoned. The blonde genin shook his head to clear his mind and rolled over to face away from the window; he was asleep within a minute.

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