"I can't do this. I can't do this. Oh Merlin Ginny." Hermione was pacing Aubrey's bedroom, with her long white gown trailing behind her. "I think I'm going to–" she bolted off to the bathroom. When she finally returned, her face was the color of her wedding dress.

"Was that the baby, or nerves?" Ginny asked gently. Poor Hermione, this second pregnancy had not been easy on her at all. In the two years since Aubrey had been born, Hermione and Severus had rekindled the flames of love with even more passion than before. Now, they were getting married, and unbeknownst to Severus, Hermione was pregnant again.

"Oh, who knows any more Ginny, I'm just surprised that Severus hasn't noticed me sneaking off to the bathroom every morning..." She nearly laughed. When she had discovered her pregnancy two weeks ago, she had decided to break the news at the reception later that night, just to add more excitement to the already bustling day.

Taking another gulp of the gin that Albus offered him, Severus muttered "Why am I doing this? I have never been more nervous. I think I would rather face Voldemort again."

"Oh calm down my boy. You are getting married today, to the woman you love. Everything will be fine," Albus gave his almost-son a reassuring grin, while his eyes twinkled excitedly. There was nothing like a wedding to pique his excitement, it was as if he was a little boy on Christmas day.

Although he rolled his eyes, Severus knew that Albus was right as always. He was marrying Hermione, and he most certainly loved her more than anything (except perhaps Aubrey). Since they had gotten back together, their relationship had been stronger than ever. He still remembered the day he proposed, six months earlier.

"Come on Hermione. Ginny said she would watch Aubrey, so we could have a night out to ourselves," his black eyes had shone mischievously, but she hadn't noticed the look.

"Well...I don't know, I mean we haven't left her at home before..."

"And it's high time we do, she's almost a year and a half old. She'll be too dependant on us, and that could delay important emotional developments." Facts about Aubrey's mental growth always changed Hermione's mind.

"Oh. Well then...I suppose. It will be nice to get out for a change." Hermione picked Aubrey up off the floor, where they had been playing with building blocks, and laid her in the crib for a nap.

Three hours later, Severus and Hermione were enjoying dinner at the new restaurant in Hogsmeade. It was a small French place, very warm yet elegant. He noticed how beautiful Hermione looked, her curly hair had been tamed into lovely ringlets that cascaded down her back and she was wearing a Muggle dress, red with little stringy straps. Her eyes were glowing as she animatedly talked about her latest Potions discovery. She loved bringing Aubrey to the lab and teaching her little things.

Finally, after they had finished dessert, Severus could feel his mouth drying. It was now or never, and he had to do it before they reached Hogwarts. He reached across the white-clothed table and took hold of her hand. "Hermione," he began, his voice more unsteady than it had been the first day he taught at Hogwarts. "I love you,and Aubrey, so much. More than...anything. And I want everyone to know how much I love you. I want you to...to...marryme." He hurried the last part off, blushing in embarrassment.

Hermione sat there for a moment, not believing her ears. He wanted to marry her? The question she had been longing to hear for months had finally left his lips! "Yes!" she exclaimed, breaking into a grin of pure joy. "Of course I will marry you!" She then proceeded to claim his lips as he slid a gorgeous engagement ring on her finger.

If he had been nervous then, it was nothing compared to now. His hands were shaking, palms sweaty, and he was having difficulty breathing in the correct manner. He was wearing brand new robes, even though he had agreed to a Muggle-style ceremony, he insisted on having his own choice of outfit.

Molly Weasely plucked and picked at invisible dust particles on Hermione's dress as they awaited their cue to enter the Great Hall, where the marriage was taking place. She could smell the gardenias and orchids from outside the massive wooden doors, and Hermione began to shake nervously. "Now dear, are you ready?" Molly asked in her motherly way.

"I...I think so," Hermione answered, voice shaking like the rest of her.

"Good, then go!" And the doors flew open magically as Hermione began her long ascent towards her husband-to-be.

He gasped as he saw her approach. Her red-tinted lips and blush-filled cheeks contrasted her porcelain skin. Her hair hung in large, loose curls underneath her veil. Her white dress was simple, a sleeveless, v-necked affair, but its simple beauty only complemented her. She was too gorgeous for words.

She saw the simple, elegant, man that stood before her. His hair was shiny – clean, not greasy, and it had been tied back at the nape of his neck. Because of Aubrey, he had been spending more time outside, so his skin was not sallow, and had a rather healthy glow. He looked positively handsome.

Finally, they were standing together at the end of the hall. Cinnamon eyes met onyx as they held hands while Albus read the marriage decree. Finally the part came for Hermione and Severus to say the words that would magically bind them for eternity. "I do."

The reception was filled with laughter and joy. The entire staff of Hogwarts was there, along with Harry and the Weaselys, Hermione's aunt and Uncle and of course Aubrey.

As the dancing began, Aubrey escaped the clutches of Molly Weasely and shot off towards her parents who were dancing happily. "Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed as she grabbed onto his leg. He grinned and took his arms off of Hermione to pick her up and toss her into the air. Her halo of curly black hair bounced her as she squealed in delight. Finally, the wedding party sat down for dinner.

Harry was given the task of toast-maker. "When I first met these two, just about ten years ago I had very different feelings for them. I thought that Hermione was a stuck-up know-it-all, and that Severus was an evil, overgrown bat. And I believe they rather resented each other also. But as the years passed I learned that although Hermione is a bit of a know-it-all, she is a loving, true, loyal and compassionate friend. And Severus, even though he seems evil at first, he is a brilliant wizard and...um...a great dad. But I should stop before I offend one, or both of them. So raise your glasses to, what I believe we can safely call, the oddest couple in the history of Magic!" Light laughter accompanied the murmurs of congratulations.

After the chatter from the toast had died down, Hermione stood up and clinked her fork off her wine glass. "Um... I have an announcement to make myself," she blushed slightly, as she was getting a little nervous. "Severus, you don't know this one either but I am pregnant!"

Cheers went up as she sat down, beet-red. Severus, who needed a few minutes to recover from the shock, gave her a fiery kiss on the lips. "I love you so much," he murmured into her mouth.

"I know," she replied. "I love you too."

10 years later

"Sammy! Get down off your father's work table!" Hermione yelped at her 2-year-old son as she grabbed him off the stone table. "You know that there are dangerous things up there that could hurt you. Go play with your toy broom in the living room sweetheart."

The chubby young boy, who was almost a spitting image of Severus toddled off to where his toys were. He had straight black hair, dark eyes and (luckily) Hermione's nose. He even had the brooding pout when he didn't get his way. But with regard to his constant curiosity, that was all Hermione.

After a few minutes of cleaning up after the toddler tornado an exasperated "Muuuuum!" hit Hermione's ears. She sighed, Aubrey was such a drama queen that it was almost always comical. Almost.

"What is it Aubrey?"

"Sam got into my bedroom and he messed up my potions!" the tall 12-year-old exclaimed to her mother, eyes rolling. She held her struggling brother by his armpits as he grunted, attempting to escape her grasp.

"Let your brother go, I'll take him. And Aubrey, he doesn't know any better–"

"Ugh. Whatever." Aubrey was more like Hermione, physically, than any of the three children. Although her hair was black, it hung in usually manageable curls down her back. She had her mother's face entirely, eyes, nose, mouth, shape. Her limbs were her father's though, long and loose. Despite the different features she had, she was already turning the heads of third and fourth years at Beaubaxtons, even though she was just starting her second year.

Aubrey had chosen Beaubaxtons over Hogwarts because she knew exactly how students would feel about her being the daughter of a professor, and she also did not want to be chosen into a house that would displease either of her parents. So she simply chose another school, where she was very happy.

Severus and Hermione's other child, Saxen, was nine years old. He was (though nobody ever admitted it) a favourite of the family's friends. He was a quiet, shy boy, and when you did get him to open up he was cuddly, affectionate and loveable. He had a mix of both Severus and Hermione's features, her eyes and hair, his nose and mouth and pale skin. Everyone could see that he was brilliant at everything he did, giving each lesson at school his all, each experiment with potions his best. But Saxen was shy and modest, and he preferred to let his extraordinary talents go unmentioned.

And baby number four, well, he or she was on the way. Hermione was four months in, and she discovered that each pregnancy was better than the last, and by this point she actually enjoyed the state that she was in, minus morning sickness. And according to Severus, she was the sexiest pregnant woman he had ever seen.

To think, that just '10 years', 15 chapters and a whole lot of typing ago, Severus was a lonely man, who thought he was perversely pining for an ex-student. Hermione was an independent free thinker, who had no cares for men. You see what a little creative thinking, a lot of free time, and two of the most interesting characters in the history of literature can brew up. Hey, who knows, maybe JKR will shock us all and they will end up together. After all, in the world of Harry Potter, anything is possible!

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