Keiy: A little treat for you all, ain't I nice?

A seven-part smut thing, written by me, for you. So please enjoy as much as you can. Ha, like you can.

Monday: The Beginning

"Okay Yuki-kun, I'll be back in a week." Tohru said happily, as she smiled and grabbed her bags. "I left enough food in the fridge for Kyou-kun and you. And Shigure-san will be back in a week too." She smiled and turned to make her way to the car. She was going on a one-week vacation with her grandfather. They were going to Osaka to spend more time together, and Shigure was going on a 'writers convention' with Ayame, even though they would spend more time in the hotel room then at a convention. And that meant Yuki and Kyou would be spending a lot more time together.

Yuki watched as the car pulled away, and he shut the door with a light smirk. Now that she was gone, even though he didn't like the thought of cleaning and cooking, he could spend a lot more time indoors with his neko. And speaking of said neko, where was he? The last time Yuki had seen Kyou was when he woke up in the morning and had surprised the neko with a passionate kiss just outside of Tohru's room. And that had angered the neko so that he had disappeared for the time being, but Yuki knew he could lure the cat back any time he pleased.

"Here Kitten, where are you? Psst. Kitty." Yuki called as he walked through Shigure's house. "Kitten?" He asked, hearing a light sound from the living room. He slid the door open with ease, only to see a scowling Kyou. "There you are Kitten. I've been looking everywhere for you." Yuki said smirking at the vein popping across Kyou's head.

"Don't call me 'Kitten'!" Kyou hissed, glaring at the kuso nezumi. He removed his gaze from the nezumi, and went back to reading the book he had been reading before the interruption. He flipped a page, trying to ignore the ever-lurking gaze of Yuki. Kyou was aware of exactly where Yuki's vision was going. Tracing over his back, shoulder, stomach, his ass, and even his groin. And Kyou was particularly sure, that the nezumi shouldn't be looking at any of these places. "Would you stop that?" Kyou yelled, jumping to his feet and crunching his fist into balls.

"Stop what Kitten?" Yuki inquired, putting on the innocent act only to anger the cat even more. That was Kyou's weakness, he would yell so much that he would wear himself out, making him an easy target for Yuki's sexual acts, and Kyou knew he enjoyed it in every way.

"You know what you're doing! And it's not gonna work! We're not having sex right after Tohru and Shigure leave!" The neko hissed, keeping his eyes on the nezumi. He was advancing forward, his bottom lip pressed out in the cutest way (which Kyou was certain he learned to do from observing Momiji and his fan girls).

Before Kyou could do anything, Yuki had firmly planted them both on the floor in one graceful sweep. He had positioned himself between the neko's leg, rubbing his groin up against the cat's, and he held Kyou's arms down to the floor. "Now Kitten," he started, his lips brushing against Kyou's every time he talked, "we've haven't done this in a long time, and I've been patient in every way possible. And it isn't right after they both left, just right after Honda-san's leaving." Yuki pointed out in the ever-innocent way he could. And these actions made Kyou whimper and blush deeply.

"No! I'm not going to-" Before his protest was even protested thoroughly, he let out a loud moan. Damn that Yuki, he had gone right and grabbed Kyou's penis. "Kitten, see, you like this." The nezumi said, smiling and kissing Kyou passionately on the lips. His tongue pressed against Kyou's lips, pleading for entrance. And finally the lips split, allowing Yuki to explore the favorable cavern of taste. Their tongues were locked in a waltz now, moving faster and faster, pleeing for more and more.

It took only the need for breath for the two to part, each gasping for breath. "Upstairs. Now." Yuki stated with authority, grabbing Kyou and racing up the stairs. Kyou followed after Yuki, even though he would hate to admit with the same pleading desire. He was getting harder and harder at each stair, at each step leading to Yuki's room.

And it was almost funny, to think about where they had sex. It was always Yuki's room where they fucked, always the dominate one's. And it was a battle in sex, really. Each one fighting for dominance, only to let Yuki win and be the one to fuck.

The door was slammed forcefully, and Kyou was thrown (with passion and his own will) to the bed. Yuki took his place on top, as always. It was always the way it started, only for them to wrestle and flip to having Yuki back on top.

Their lips locked again, this time with wanting and needing. Twisting and waltzing their tongues danced, only to pull away in a gasp, then start all over again.

Kyou, with disgust and anger, was trying to undo the buttons on Yuki's Chinese shirt. Why the hell did he have to wear these damn fucking things? It was finally till Yuki broke the kiss and undid the buttons himself. Getting the shirt off the nezumi would be up to Kyou. "Why must you wear the fucking things?" Kyou hissed, ripping the shirt of the girly body and throwing it to the side. "And now you sound wanting." Yuki replied in his sarcastic way, only to smile at the irritable look on the neko's face.

Kyou crunched his face up, and then sighed. "Just shutup!" He yelled, yanking Yuki's head down fro them to kiss once again. Yuki smiled threw the kiss, reaching down and undoing Kyou's belt, then the zipper, and finally the buttons to let Kyou's erection pop out of his pants. He was satisfied at what he had done to the neko so far; just wait till he had that groin of Kyou's in his mouth.

The kiss was broken, and Yuki ran his tongue from the edge of Kyou's lips, up his check, then to his ear. He nipped then neko's lobe, then licked the sensitive skin right behind his ear. Kyou arched his back against all the sensation running down his spine. He whimpered when Yuki finally pulled away, his lips turning into a sudden frown.

It was hard to be patient in this kind of situation, especially when his body was crying out for the pleasure of Yuki's dick inside of him, feeling him with cum and something else, something they would love to call love, but just couldn't. It was mainly because outside the time they spent together, they had to hate each other and want to kill each other.

Yuki pulled off his pants and boxers, only to remove Kyou's pants and boxers. His shirt went soon after, leaving the two but naked pressed up against each other, both very horny.

Kyou lifted himself to his elbows, wrapping his arms around Yuki's waist, and then swiftly flipping them over so he was on top. He placed sweet, wet, kisses all over Yuki's chest, twisting the pink, erect nipples. Yuki moaned, digging his hands into the sheets and rubbing his body against Kyou's. Kyou moaned himself, leaning himself down and licking the top of Yuki's erection. Yuki arched his back, and then shoved his hips towards Kyou's mouth.

Kyou ignored Yuki's feeble attempts, grabbing Yuki's hips and pushing them back down to the bed. "Wait Rat." He said sharply, rubbing his cheek against Yuki's hip. Yuki scowled, releasing the sheets and very powerfully, grabbing onto Kyou's shoulders and pushing him onto his back. Then quickly, positioned himself on top. "No," He said, almost out of breath. "You wait Kitten. I'll be the one doing the fucking." He said, reaching under his bed and pulling out a blue bottle. Kyou scowled himself, repositioning himself for what would come. "Damn you kuso nezumi! Kuso nezumi!" He spit, turning his head from the side not to look at his kuso nezumi. He could hear Yuki smirk, then felt a warm hand be pressed on his stomach, and a very cold, wet, finger be pressed against his opening.

He arched his back against the cold finger, only to be pressed back down by the hand. Yuki was relaxing the ring of muscles, the telling it to relax and get ready for something even bigger then a mere finger. And said finger went straight in, only to have the neko yelp in uncertain pain, then relax only to yelp again as another finger entered him.

"Hurt it up!" Kyou said through clenched teeth. He had already ripped through the sheets, and was now clinging helplessness to the torn cloth, hoping it would be over soon. "You need to take these things slow, remember Kitten?" Yuki replied, satisfied with the opening being just right, and removing his fingers. "And you remember the safe word, my little Kitten?" He questioned, rubbing some of the lubricant onto his erection.

"Kyuki." Kyou replied, rolling his eyes then looking to the nezumi. "Be patient." Was the only reply he got from Yuki, who had a little smirk over his features. And Yuki had his own plans of making this simply much, much, more easy. His hand reached down, squeezing Kyou's penis and making the neko instinctively spreading his legs as far apart as he could make them go.

"See, good Kitten, very good Kitten." Yuki teased, stroking the orange locks that belonged to him, before positioning himself between Kyou's legs and pushing inwards with a hard thrust. Kyou moaned in pain and pleasure, arching his back as far as he could, before resting back down and becoming used to Yuki being inside of him. Yuki let go of Kyou's penis, and grabbed Kyou by the waist. He lifted the limp Kyou, still half recovering from the thrust, onto his lap.

Kyou instinctively wrapped his arms around Yuki's shoulders, placing his head on top of Yuki's. Yuki pulled out a little, and then thrust back in, only to make his Kitten moan in pleasure. He continued the rhythm, both of them moaning in unison, then with one last thrust, they both cummed.

Kyou feel limply in Yuki's arms, until Yuki laid him flat on the bed. Kyou was soon joined by the nezumi, who pulled the covers up over both of them, and then wrapping his arms around the kitten, pulling him close.

Kyou on his own accord pressed his hands up against Yuki's chest and burying his head into the crock of the nezumi's head. "That was fun…" He breathed sleepily, closing his burning red eyes and falling into a peaceful sleep. "I'm glad." Yuki replied, and then fell into a sleep along with his neko.

Keiy: Okay I decided to make a chapter for each day of the week. You know Tuesday and such- but it doesn't mean I'll put it out on Tuesday –sweatdrop- So there will be seven chapters, each ranging from angsty and fluff to smutty!