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Friday: Wow.

Kyou Souma hated the fact that he could never beat his cousin, Yuki Souma. It hurt his pride to know that no matter what, the nezumi always won. Well, not this time, he would screw the nezumi before he could be screwed himself.

So Kyou did everything he could to ignore Yuki all day. If Yuki came into the same room as him, Kyou would quickly leave. If Yuki looked at him, he would look way. And Kyou could tell, this was pissing the nezumi off. Kyou was finally winning, and he wouldn't have to take anymore of Yuki's bullshit (or cock for that matter).

Yuki was irritated, and very on edge. They had only three days before Shigure and Toru came home, and Yuki was planning to use most of that time on fucking Kyou. But if the kitty ignored him and dodged him, how would he possibly do that? So Yuki now made it his mission to corner Kyou, and just screw him.

He slunk through the house, ever watchful of Kyou. When Kyou entered the kitchen, Yuki knew there would be no means of escape. Yuki entered the kitchen, to find Kyou leaning against the kitchen table drinking milk out of the carton. As much as Yuki despised that nasty habit, he pounced.

He glided across the room, stopping before the bewildered kitty and pushing him back on to the table. Kyou yelped, flinging his arm and letting go of the milk cartoon, getting milk everywhere. "Kuso nezumi! Look what you made me do!"

"Oh shutup." Yuki said, crushing his lips to Kyou's and rubbing himself against the neko. Kyou made a muffled sound and tried to push Yuki away, but Yuki held strong, directing his lips to Kyou's neck and nipping lightly. Kyou moaned with that, now bucking his hips against Yuki's. "Fuck you."

The nezumi grinned, finally getting Kyou's shirt off and flinging it into the sink. "No my precious kitten, I believe I'm fucking you." Kyou hissed in reply, working on getting Yuki's own shirt off. "Must we fuck everyday?" He pulled Yuki's head up to French kiss, then breaking apart to lift Yuki's shirt off, before resuming the kiss. Yuki once again pushed Kyou back onto the table, climbing on top of him and straddling his hips. They finally broke apart, Yuki running a hand through Kyou's hair and smiling. He could feel Kyou's erection rubbing against his.

"See, you like fucking everyday." He said, undoing the belt of Kyou's pants.

"Fuck off." Kyou growled, avoiding Yuki's gaze.

"That's why I have you." Yuki smirked, getting through the buttons and working on the zipper. He lifted his hips to remove Kyou's pants and boxers, then his own, before resting back on his kitten. Kyou lifted his hands, running them over Yuki's arms and then chest, up to his face and ghosting his fingers of Yuki's lips. Yuki took Kyou's thumb into his mouth, sucking on it, before Kyou pulled it out. Yuki smiled and Kyou grimaced, before Yuki climbed off of Kyou. He rummaged around for his clothes, found them, and then pulled out a tube of lube.

He made his way back over to Kyou, opened the lid and smeared a generous amount of lube on his fingers. Kyou was glaring daggers at him. Angry at his body's responses and the fact he enjoyed these bouts of 'love making'. He hissed as Yuki inserted a finger, and then another, scissoring Kyou's entrance and hitting a certain spot inside of Kyou. Kyou moaned when his spot was hit, and he rocked his hips against Yuki's probing fingers.

Yuki removed his fingers, sure that Kyou was ready, and Kyou's body should be used to the entering by now. Kyou scooted up so Yuki could climb onto the table, and sit on his knees, his cock at Kyou's entrance. He looked to Kyou's face quickly, before entering smoothly. Kyou arched his back, pain etched on his face, before he became used to having Yuki inside of him, and moved his hips to encourage Yuki to move.

That was all the sign Yuki needed, before he pulled out the best he could, before going back in. He did this repeatedly, finding it too hard to stay on his knees, so he climbed off the table, pulling Kyou's body back and standing. He could thrust deeper and harder now, driving the neko wild.

Kyou was arching his back and crying his name, moaning and shaking his head. "Harder!" He screamed, meeting everyone of Yuki's thrust with his own. Yuki lifted Kyou's hips, hitting that spot and driving Kyou over the edge. Yuki continued to hit the spot, and he could feel Kyou's body tighten around him as Kyou screamed his name one last time and released. Yuki thrust two or three more times, before he spilled himself inside of Kyou. He collapsed on top of the cat, pulling out gently and pulling Kyou into his arms. Kyou gave a weak protest, but before he knew it, Yuki had pulled him off the table and they were laying on he floor, Kyou's head resting against Yuki's chest, arms and legs tangled together.

"I hate you for this." Kyou breathed.

"I hate you as well." Yuki replied, closing his eyes and feeling Kyou snuggle closer.

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