Alone With Death

A fanfic from the slightly disturbed mind of the Californian who hates California.

Chapter 1: The Mystery of My Imprisonment

I felt numb. My head was pounding and it took a long time to realize that I was lying on the cold ground. I felt my cheek pressed against the smooth, cement surface of the floor. I slowly lifted my head from the ground and discovered that it was pitch black all around me. "Where am I?" I mumbled to myself, "Agh!" I screamed as I felt a sharp stinging coming from the back of my head. I gently touched the spot with my finger tips. It was bleeding. I pulled my aching body up from the ground, straining my eyes to see, but it was too dark.

I stood there, not daring to move. I was too scared. Where was I? What happened to me? "Hello?" I called out, "Anyone?" Shut up, Stan! What if there's a maniac in here that wants to kill you? I quickly covered my mouth and looked side to side, which of course was useless, because I couldn't see shit. It was so fucking dark and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster in my chest. This black surrounding gave me the most frightening feeling ever. Crap… what if I wasn't in a dark room… what if I had gone blind? Holy shit! I strained my eyes to see once more, but it was just darkness. I couldn't be blind… how the fuck could that happen?

I touched the wound on the back of my head again. I was knocked out? Yeah… yeah, I remember that…

It had been another long day at school. As Junior Class President, I'm one of the first on campus and one of the last to leave. That day I had stayed after school to review the profits our class had made during the week of Basketball Homecoming. When I was done with that I had to go talk to my coach. Football season had been over for quite some time, but he still bugged the crap out of me about my grades. I left his office and saw that Kenny was just down the hall. He glared at me. We hadn't been talking to each other for almost a year now. He thought I was some sort of traitor after being elected.

I walked past him down the hall, pretending that I didn't notice him and he did the same. I went to my locker to get my math book before I left for home. Cartman was there. Times had change since the fourth grade. I never really talked to the fat kid after elementary. He closed his locker, which was just a few lockers away from mine, and walked away not saying anything, like he had done for the past five years.

Walking down the halls, I could hear our high school's band practicing. I heard the jazzy solo of a saxophone player. It was Kyle. I smiled as I listened to the familiar sound. My grin slowly disappeared when I was reminded of the argument the two of us had just the other day. I'm sure he was still pissed at me for not attending his last performance.

The band's music slowly faded away as I finally reached the student parking lot. "Hey! Hey! Whaddya say? It's S-P-H-S!" I could hear the cheerleaders chanting. I looked up and spotted Wendy practicing with the rest of the girls. She saw me and winked, continuing her chanting, "It's S-P-H-S!" Amidst all her clapping and stomping, she was able to blow me a kiss, and I did the same. She winked at me again and I smiled at her. I had to get her some flowers or something… she was absolutely the best.

I finally reached my car and was shocked at what I found. My tires had been slashed. "Son of a bitch!" I yelled kicking the airless rubber. I started walking off the school's campus. I walked fast. I had to get home and explain to my parents that we needed to call tow truck because some bastard slashed my tires. When I was trying to decipher who would do something like that, I felt an immediate jolting pain on the back of my head.

And now I was here in the dark. Where was I? And who was keeping me here? And why? I stood completely frozen. I had to move. I couldn't just stand here forever. My heart was beating so hard and so fast I could hear it. I took a deep breathe, trying to shake off my fear. I closed my eyes tight and took one step forward. Holding my breathe, I waited for something to happen… nothing. I opened one eye, then the other. It was still dark as hell.

I stretched out my arms in front of me and continued to inch along forward. With each tiny step I took, my heart increased its tempo. At long last my finger tips finally touched something. I jumped back, imagining it to be a person, but it was only a wall. I felt along the wall, trying to feel for a light switch. I felt a crease. I ran my fingers ran along the line and I discovered that it was a door. I tapped on it gently. It was metal. I knocked loudly, "Hello?" I yelled. There was no answer. "Hey! I'm in here!" I screamed, "Somebody! I'm in here!" I pounded on the door until my hands throbbed with pain.

I thought that I heard something move behind me and I quickly whipped around. With all my might, I tried and tried to see something… anything. I turned back around and continued to beat at the door, "Help me! My name is Stan Marsh! Please, get me out of here!" I was now throwing my body against the door with every bit of strength I had in my body, "Please! Let me out!"

Finally there was a sign from outside. On the other side of the door I heard footsteps approaching me. I took a step back. The sounds of the footsteps grew louder and louder, as whoever it was got closer and closer. Then they stopped just on the other side of the metal door. I heard something gently sliding and then the footsteps came again, this time their volume was decreasing. The person was leaving.

"Wait! Let me out! Come back!"I screamed, "Please!" I pounded on the door, but stopped when I felt my foot slip on something. I knelt down and felt for the sole of my shoe. It was a small piece of paper.

I bet there was something written on it, but there was no way I could read in absolute darkness. I slid down the door, falling onto the ground. I was out of breathe from screaming so loud and my hands were sore. I sat there staring in the direction of where I thought I heard something. Maybe it was just my imagination….

I stood again. There had to be a way out of this place. The door was definitely not going to open, so there had to be another way. I pressed my hands against the wall again, my right hand still clenching the little piece of paper, and felt my way along the perimeter of the mysterious room in which I was imprisoned.

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