Warning: Shonen-ai and strong language

Pairings: Dark x Riku, Dark x Daisuke, Krad x Satoshi



This fic has point of view changes and all flashbacks are in third person point of view.

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Japanese Terms:

Onegai – Please.

Itsumo – Always.

Together Itsumo: Chapter Twelve

(Daisuke's P.O.V.)

Dark and Riku were suspended for three days…I still had to come to school… We were allowed to go home as soon as the meeting was over. I feel sorry for Dark…his parents both looked pissed.

"Daisuke!" Emiko called out.

"Yes, Mother?" I politely replied.

That's right, if I suck up enough, maybe she'll go easy on me.

"You're grounded for the next three months."

Okay, maybe not. We got into the car and drove home. I knew I'd have to talk to her when we got home… I tried to stall, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house. Damn!

"Daisuke…what has been going on with you and Dark?" My mother asked quietly.

"Um…well…he's my boyfriend…" I muttered.

"I have no problem with you dating a boy…"

I sighed with relief. I was glad she didn't care I wasn't into girls… I don't know what I would have done if she had wanted me to break up with Dark.


Oh yeah… I was hoping she'd forget…

"We only did it a couple of times…" I muttered.


"It's a little late! I already lost my virginity months ago!"


"Yes! It was months ago! I love Dark!"

"That doesn't mean you should sleep with him!"

"It's my body; I'll do what I want!"

"I'm responsible for you! I know what's best for you! I'm your mother!"

"I know what's best for me!"

I just keep burying myself deeper and deeper…

"GO TO YOUR ROOM!" She yelled.

"FINE!" I shouted back.

I slammed my bedroom door. It just seems like teenagers always do that, so I did it too. I couldn't believe I was grounded! I've never been grounded! Oh…and everyone heard… ARGH! Why do these things always happen to me! At least she wasn't too mad and she doesn't want me to break up with Dark. Maybe things will be better after I take a nap…

(Dark's P.O.V.)

I knew I was in huge trouble when my mom let my dad into the house. My father hadn't set foot in this house since he was caught having sex with his secretary by my mother.

"Dark…did we do something wrong? Is that why you're…doing things…with this boy? Do you want attention?" My father asked.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" My mother asked.

Oh boy… Maybe I can have fun with them… Freak them out a little…

"Nope!" I cheerfully replied.

"Then…why are you doing things with that boy?" My father inquired.

"Well…you see…" I said with a smile. "I saw Daisuke at a party and he looked sooo adorable that I just had to fuck him. It was really good too. He can get very loud and you wouldn't believe how soft he is. Oh and-"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" My father shouted.

His face was red and he looked furious. I guess Dad didn't want to hear the details…he he he….

"Don't talk to my son that way!" Mother shouted.

"He's my son too!"

"Ha! Why don't you have your whore make you some new children!"

"Don't talk about Karin that way!"

"I'll do what I want!"


My mom hit my dad over the head with a dictionary…is he still alive? Oh wait, he's getting up. Oh my god! My dad has a baseball bat! Never mind, my mom kicked it out of his hand. I watched my parents try to beat the crap out of each other with random objects they found around the house. It was amusing, but I was starting to get bored. I left the house without them noticing…they were a little busy, I guess… I think I'll go visit Daisuke…

(Riku's P.O.V.)

As soon as we walked in through the front door, my parents got into a discussion over Dark.

"I knew that Dark kid was suspicious!" My father exclaimed.

"I never liked him," my mom muttered.

"He cheated on my baby!"

"Didn't his father also cheat?"

"That whole family is bad!"

I agree. I bet Dark gets it from his dad.

"What did Dark mean when he said you were spreading pictures?" Mrs. Harada suddenly asked.

"Er…well…someone's been spreading pictures of Dark and Daisuke making out…and stuff…" I muttered.

"What does that have to do with you?" Mr. Harada asked.

"Well…I was the one…that took the pictures…" I muttered.

"WHAT!" My parents exclaimed.

"Did you spread them around school too?" My mother asked.

"NO!" I replied. "I don't even have them anymore! It wasn't me!"

It was true. The pictures went missing. I can't find them anywhere. Someone must have taken them!

"We believe you," my parents stated.

No one knew about the pictures… Who could have taken them…maybe I dropped them somewhere and someone picked them up… NO! I counted them every day and I made sure they were in my bag at all times!

"Riku, why don't you go take a nap. You look tired," my mother suggested.

I nodded and headed towards my room. Maybe a good night's sleep would help.

"He said that!"

"No way!"

"I was like, yeah right, and he was like, it's true!"

"Who's cuter?"

"Oh, like totally the blonde!"

"He is!"

Okay…so maybe I won't be getting much sleep… Ever since Risa met that girl…Himeko, they've been attached at the hip. I swear. It's like having two annoying sisters, one was enough. Himeko has come over to our house every day since they've met! At six, her mother and cousin come pick her up. I can't wait until she leaves…sometimes, I actually believe Himeko and Risa are plotting something. They always look so sneaky and stuff, but that's just my imagination…right?

(Daisuke's P.O.V.)

I was having this really weird dream… I was in a dress…but that wasn't the most surprising part. I was in church and I was getting married to Dark… As embarrassing as this is…I've had this dream before…not that I'd admit it out loud…especially to Dark… Anyway, it was all good until Riku showed up. I'm sure she wasn't invited… She started ranting about how we were both boys and couldn't get married.

That's when the yaoi fan club showed up… Bryttaney started arguing with Riku…and knocked her teeth out… All in all, it was a very disturbing dream. It had just gotten to the part where Dark and I were about to kiss, when I heard a noise. It sounded like someone was tapping on a window. I would have cared, if I wasn't too tired.

My legs felt as though they were made of lead; I just couldn't get up. Then, the noise stopped. I heard soft footsteps coming closer. I was about to get up when I felt a person lay down on top of me. I was officially freaked out. I opened my eyes and saw purple hair. It was…oh no…


"What are you doing here, Dark!"

"I missed you…"

"DARK! My mom will kill me! I'm already grounded for three months!"

"I just saw her leave."

NOOOOO! Dark and I alone can only mean one thing… Sure enough, the guy tried to pin me to the bed. I was at a disadvantage, since he was already on top of me, so I rolled back and forth until I fell onto the floor. Then, I crawled under the bed. That pervert!

"Come one out, Daisuke," Dark requested sweetly.

HA! Like I'm falling for that!

"No!" I replied. "Make me, you pervert!"

"I'm not going to do anything. I promise."

"As soon as I get out from under the bed, you're going to jump me!"

"No, I'm not!"

"Yes, you are…you perverted…um…pervert!"

Silence. Had Dark given up? No…Dark wouldn't give up… He'd do anything do get into my pants. It wasn't like I disliked sleeping with him, I was just tired. I slowly got out from under the bed. I didn't see him anywhere. This is very suspicious…


ACK! Dark had been sitting on my bed. He flung himself on me as soon as he saw me get out from under the bed. Damn!

"DAISUKE! I brought home dinner! It's pizza!" Emiko called from the front door.

I'm in enough trouble as it is. I'm going to be killed once she finds Dark in my room!

"You have to hide!" I hissed at Dark.

"Where?" He whispered.

"Um…the window!"


I shoved Dark out the window. He hit the ground with a loud thud. Okay…so many I shouldn't have pushed him out a second story window…but he shouldn't have snuck into my room!

"Hi Daisuke!" My mother said, as she stood in my doorway.

Good thing Dark isn't here.

"Hi Mom!" I called out.

"Dinner's ready, let's go eat."


I looked around nervously. No sign of Dark… What could that idiot have been thinking!

(Dark's P.O.V.)

I am an uke deprived seme…things are going to get ugly! If it weren't for Riku, I would be in Daisuke's pants right now! Because of her, Daisuke and I are both grounded. I could have gone on a date with Daisuke! I hate you Riku Harada! What do I do now? You know…that fall kind of hurt…maybe I'll punish Daisuke later…he he he… WAIT! If he's grounded for three moths…I can only see him at school…and we'll never be alone… NOOOOOOO!

I wanna cry… I'm an uke-less seme… I guess I should just go home. My parents are probably done arguing… OH SHIT! I have to get back! I ran as fast as I could, but when I saw my mother in the doorway, I knew I was busted.

"Where have you been?" She snapped.

"Um…out for a walk…" I mumbled.

"I'm sure. Oh, I've set up an appointment with Dr. Aizawa. Emiko recommended her. I think you need therapy."

"WHAT! Where's dad! He'll never agree."

"Your father isn't here, he left. It's not up to him anyway."

"But Mom! The lady's a hack!"

My mother looked at me like I was stupid.

"She is a well respected psychologist," my mother stated. "You're going and that's final!"

AHHHH! I cannot believe this! There should be a law against this…it's child abuse! Okay, so, not really…but still… I really don't need therapy! This sucks! The world is against me!

(Daisuke's P.O.V.)

I tried to convince my mother to let me stay home, but she said no. Three days! I won't see Dark for three days! Sure, he's a pervert, but he's also my boyfriend and I love him a lot. Come to think of it, we've never been apart this long before… Even when we were small, we would spend the night at each other's house and talk to each other at school. What am I going to do without him?

"We're here."

I looked at my mother with pleading eyes. She looked away. DAMN! She figured out a way to counter my unbeatable super cute chibi uke eyes. She'll have to look me in the eye sometime, and when she does, I'll be ready.

"I'm going," I muttered as I stepped out of the car.

I watched my mother drive away.



I was tackled to the ground by Krad. Why does everyone have to knock me down!

"I heard everything! It was a good thing I had my tape recorder! I wanted Satoshi to hear it too!"


"Why did you have a tape recorder?" I asked.

Really…why is it that people seem to have the perfect items to help embarrass me?

"Oh, I was going to find dirt on Dark and blackmail him, but this was way funnier," Krad replied.

"Why would you want to blackmail Dark?"

"Because it's fun!"

"Never mind…"

"Let's go to class!"


ARGH! Not again! More rumors…just what I need…


No…it can't be…it's…not her…


(Krad's P.O.V.)

I watched this girl run up to Daisuke. She looked familiar… OH HOLY CRAP!

"Daisuke…let's run…" I whispered.

"Why?" He asked.

"Do it! Oh no…it's too late…"

The girl had already approached us and it was too late to run for our lives like cowards.

"Hi!" The perky girl greeted.

"Er…hi Bryttaney…" muttered Daisuke.

"I heard everything! I also head Krad-chan has a copy, can I have one! Please Krad-chan!" Begged Bryttaney.

"S-Sure," I dumbly replied.


I saw her bounce her way to her next class.

"Krad-chan?" Snickered Daisuke.

"Laugh all you want, but this is a serious matter! Do you know who that was!" I exclaimed.

"Um…a yaoi fan girl?" Guessed Daisuke.

"NO!" I shouted. "She's not like the rest of them…"

"Did you hit your head or something?"

"Listen to me! She's not just the president…she's the ultimate fan girl!"

"Ultimate fan girl? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"

"It's true! Rumor has it she has magical powers and can make any straight guy into an uke or seme."

"Rumors are never true!"

Poor naïve Daisuke, I guess I'll have to teach him.

"You see," I whispered. "She controls all the fan girls."

"She's a fifteen year old girl!" Argued Daisuke.

"A girl with the full support of millions of fan girls!"

"I'm leaving! This is all crap!"

It was true. I shook my head as I watched Daisuke walk away. Bryttaney controlled everything yaoi and shonen-ai related. She was the most popular girl in school. Daisuke had probably never heard of her…well maybe because no one but Dark ever talked to him… Everyone feared her and her powers… I don't think Dark knows either, guys are afraid to talk about her. One wrong move and she'll make it her personal mission to turn you into an uke or seme.

Take for example, Kira. He was a nice young boy, always polite and courteous. One day, he made the mistake of looking too cute. Bryttaney had turned him into an uke by the end of the week. A week later, he had a seme. Kira was never the same. He started wearing these cute little outfits and acting like a school girl…he was exactly like those cute ukes in animes…

In fact…I hate to admit this…but Bryttaney was the one that introduced me to Satoshi… DAMN! Now, I owe her big time! Oh crap! More fan girls! I have run!

(Riku's P.O.V.)

BOOOORRRING! I am sooo bored. My parents are at work, Risa is at school, and I'm all alone. This is so unfair! Dark got me in trouble! I hate that jerk! I should find something to do…maybe I'll go play video games… Hey! Where's my Kingdom Hearts! I bet Risa took it! I bet it's in her room. I got off my bed and headed to Risa's room. Risa loves that game. Her favorite character is Kairi. When she read this story about Riku and Sora hooking up, she became an anti-yaoi fan. She loves Sora x Kairi. I could care less, it's just a game.

When I opened the door, I was confronted by a huge mess. YUCK! Didn't Risa clean! I think there's something growing on her wall… Ew! I just stepped on something squishy! Now…where's my game?


Ouch…I tripped over Risa's bag. Funny, she usually carries it around everywhere, it's like her life. I wonder why she didn't take it to school. Hey…what's this…I looked at what was in Risa's purse and my eyes widened.

"N-No way! Risa! I can't believe this! Oh my god! My own sister…"

I was going to confront Risa as soon as she got home. I wasn't going to let her get away with this!