Hi There I'm back. I decided I wanted to write a Kingdom Hearts fic. I just want to say You don't like Kairi and you love Riku Sora pairings then you are just perfect for this fic had you going there didn't I.

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AN Note: My thoughts shall look like this/ ../. The song lyrics shall look like this /.../

So have fun guessing I hate the way the editing thing does it

/Riku's thoughts/

;Soras thoughts;

Don't Let Me Fall For You

Sora opened his eyes and stared at his roof. ;Why him? Why always him? This is wrong and that's that. Then why do I still dream of him. It was so long ago guess I just want things the way they were.; He stood and brushed his brown hair out of his face. ;Pointless; "Sora, you up there?" Sora smirked ;No I'm off dying or getting raped what do you think woman?; "Yea I'm up mom."/ I made Sora a sarcatic little bastard didn't I/ He pulled a black hoodie over his body the words "I see stupid people" written in red letters across the front. The blue jeans he pulled on where old and faded and riped at the knees. He pulled on an assortment of chains including his favorite silver crown necklace. He picked up a diamond stud and shoved it into his newly periced ear.

He jumped down the stairs backpack dragging behind him. "Good morning Sora sleep well?" ;Yea if you like dreams of screwing a guy to Kingdom Come; "Nuh." "Sora you can at least say more than nuh. I'm worried about you you know." "Yea gotta go." ;You don't care about me how could you. What am I saying god I'm not like this. It's all because of that damn dream.;

/There you are here I am

Acting like I don't give a damn

I watch you walk right by

You look at me and I look at you

Just like that I became the fool/

"Sora! Sora? Earth to Sora you there." Sora shook his head and looked at the hyber redhead that was now staring at him. "yea fine." ;If you like a red headed misquito sp bugging you; Sora flashed her a chessy smile. She returned the smile. ;you stupid little bitch I hate you. Why did I ever like you? Oh yea I was desprete cause I couldn't get him.; Sora walked while lost in thought when he ran into to something big. He fell back cursing under his breath. "Yo Sora watch where your going k. " Sora looked up into the sea green eyes he dreamed of. "Yea..Sorry." He took Riku's hand and brushed his butt off. He looked at riku before relizing that he was still holding his hand. Before he could say anything Riku let go./ God am I going crazy. Note to self stay collected in public Rape him in your mind later/ Sora looked over to watch the ocean send gental waves crashing into the sand.

"Sora... you ok?" Sora shrugged, "Define ok." Riku smiled. ;God he's bueatiful when he smiles; "You've been quite lately and avoiding Kairi. She's worried about you you know." ;Like I want her around me; "I'm fine ...as..long as your around." Sora's words were almost inaudiable but Riku heard./ Was he talking about me or Kairi? He is definitly lost lately /"Come on Sora, Riku we gotta go Wakka and Tidus are waiting at the park." The little red head grabbed Sora's hand. At the touch of her skin touching his he stiffened. Kairi didn't take notice but Riku saw the look of hate cross Sora's blue eyes./ What the fuck. Am I seeing things./ Riku shook his head. /Sora can't hate Kairi he loves her right/ "Come on Riku." Kairi's voice sliced through his thoughts. "Coming."

Sora walked behind the two keeping his distance. Riku glanced back before turning hishead quickly./ Is Sora mad at us. I'm so lost/ Riku slowed a bit till he was walking in step with Sora. "You ok?" "Yea fine." the boy never looked up from the ground. Riku taking this as a hint walked back up with Kairi.

/Walk right past me

Don't look back to see me

cause I don't know what I'd do

Don't let me fall for you/

Wakka and Tidus looked up at the three apporoching teens. Wakka let out a shrill whistle as Sora came closer. Tidus hit him playfully in the ribs. "What Sora looks hot today. Gothic but still hot." Sora looked at him his eyes some what dull. "Wow he didn't blush." he turned to Riku and Kairi, "what did you two do to him?" riku shrugged and Kairi looked back at Sora who turned his head away to hide his disgust. "Well are we going to eat or what?" tidus's stomach howled to be filled. Riku and Kairi came closer but Sora walked off. "Where ya going Sora?" Kairi stared after him. ;I'm going to hell where you belong you stupid whore.; /I really hate Kairi/"Nowhere I'm not hungry." He walked to a tree a good distance from the group he knew as his friends. Pulling out a cd player and headphones he wispeared" Three friends and a red headed bitch." He turned the volume all the way up to drown out the laughter coming from the red head.

Riku stared over to the tree where the brown haired boy sat. He was about to go over to him when Kairi grabbed his hand. "Where you going Riku." Riku looked at the girl who sora seemed to hate now. "I was going to check on Sora." Kairi looked down, "I don't think that's a good idea he seems upset it's best if we leave him alone." Riku look from the red head to Sora and sat down. Wakka looked over to Sora and stood. "I'll go check on Sora." Riku waited for the red head to give Wakka the same speech that she had just given him but none came. Wakka leaned against the tree and listen to Sora's voice as he sang. "Can you leave me here alone now. I don't wanna hear you say.That you know me. That I should be .Always doin what you say

Cuz I'm tryin to get today. And there's one thing I know. I don't wanna think about you. Think about me. Don't wanna figure this out. I Don't wanna think about you. Or think about nothin.Don't wanna talk this one out. I won't let you bring me down. Cuz I know. I don't wanna think about you. Don't wanna think about you" Tears started to caress Sora's cheeks,"When I wake up here tomorrow. Things will never be the same. Cuz I won't wait. Cuz you won't change. And you'll always be this way. Now I'm gonna get through today. And there's one thing I know. I don't wanna think about you. Think about me. Don't wanna figure this out. I don't wanna think about you. Or think about nothin. Don't wanna talk this one out. This time I won't let you bring me down. Won't let you shut me out. This time I know. I don't wanna think about you. Run away. Run away. Running as fast as I can. Run away. Run away. I'll never come back again. Run away. Run away. Don't wanna think about you. Think about me. Don't wanna figure this out. Don't wanna think about you. Think about me. Don't wanna talk this one out. I don't wanna think about you. Think about me. Don't wanna figure this out (figure this out). I don't wanna think about you. Or think about nothin. Don't wanna talk this one out. This time I won't let you bring me down (bring me down). Won't let you shut me out (shut me out). This time I know. I don't wanna think about you. Run away. Run away. I don't wanna think about you. Run away. Run away. I don't wanna think about you. Run away. Run away. I don't wanna think about you." Sora's voice faded away as the song ended,

/We've been friends for god knows how long

Falling in love would be all wrong

I don't want what to lose what we have

But when you look at me

Your all I need/

Wakka tapped Sora lightly on the shoulder. "You ok ya?" Sora shook his head. " No I'm not ok." Wakka looked at him. "What happen to you. You dress like a gothic. hot or not. and yoor avoiding your best friend. So you gonna tell me now what's wrong." He sat beside Sora. "It's all the red headed bitchs fault." He shoot a glare at Kairi. Wakka had to do a double take. "Wait you hate Kairi? Sora everyone thought you loved Kairi. What happened?" Sora smirked; Loved Kairi yea when Hell freezes over I only put up with her spoiled ass because he seemed to like her; " I never loved Kairi. I've been in love with...Riku." wakka looked at him then looked over at Riku who seemed unaware of the red head who was trying to get his attention. "Maybe you should tell Kairi then she'll back of.." sora looked at him.

"That little bitch knows. she found out when she tried to rape me." He covered his mouth eyes wideing. Wakka turned to him, "She did what!" Sora looked down ;Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap; "You heard me. she came to my house when my mom was out and tried to kiss me. I told her that the feeling wasn't mutual and she got pissed. She's a strong little bitch. She couldn't pin me down long enough though so.. she pulled out a knife." He rolled up his sleeves reveiling several deep cuts in his wrists."That little bitch cut me and it distracted me long enough for her to tie me down. She would cut deeper and deeper asking me who I loved so she could kill them. I tried not to tell or cry but then she started to pull off my pants. I didn't mean for it to slip. i had mumbled Riku I thought I had just thought it until she looked at me. She smiled that sweet smile and kissed me. She told me that she would have me soon enough after she got rid of Riku. I told her not to hurt him. She said she had other plans but if I went near him she'd kill him. i didn't know what to do so I've been keeping my distance, and the only way I can ever go near him again is if I sleep with her. And I can't do that."Sora buried his face into his sleeve.

"She's evil ya." wakka looked back to the girl laughing with Riku. "Don't act like you know cause she'll hurt him. Promise me." "I promise. Get with Riku if you love him before she gets him." Sora kept his face down," I'll try." wakka hugged Sora close before walking back to his friends. "How is he?" Riku looked at his friend. "Oh he's fine ya. Just a little tired and didn't want slow us down. He says he's sorry for worrying us. He might join us later." Wakka smiled at his friends who seemed relieved. Riku took another glance at Sora./ Somethings not right. Wait is he crying/

/Walk right past me

Don't look back to see me

Cause I don't know what to do

Don't let me fall for you/

Night creap along the sky as the temperature dropped. Sora had told the group that he was going home over an hour ago.Riku sighed as he waved goodbye to Kairi, Wakka, and tidus who waved back. Sora./ Where are you now. I know you didn't go home. So where did you go /then it hit him. "The secret place!" Riku ran to the cave. When he reached it there was Sora curled up against the wall throwing rocks of the picture him and Kairi made. "Sora?" Sora stiffened. ;No not here. Please God no; Sora looked at him then buried his head in his sweatshirt.

/Don't look me in the eye

Don't try to see how I feel inside

Just keep walking away

Let me keep my heart free

Don't let the confession pass my lips/

"Sora are you mad at Kairi?" Sora looked at him. "No I'm not mad at her. I'm pissed." Riku looked at Sora./ He's so different./ "Where's the carefree Sora I knew. Why are you dressing different and avoiding me. Sora I'm your best friend. What are you mad cause Kairi won't go out with you or something?" sora looked at him anger written on his face." No if anything she's mad at me cause I won't go out with her cause I love you!" Sora's face grew a bright red. Riku's eyes got wider. "You what.?" Sora looked at him. "You heard me. I love you Riku and not Kairi. I never loved her I only put up with her cause you seem to like her." Sora lowerede his face. Riku cupped Sora's face and wispeared into his ear," I love you Sora. only you."

/Just keep walking

Don't look at me

Cause I don't know what I'd do

Don't let me

No Don't let me

Don't let me fall for you/




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