Rated R for brief romance, action, gruesomeness, and some frightening scenes

Action/Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Angst, Romance. NO SEX

Pre-LOTR. Recommend reading Lost in My Mind before this. What ever happened to the Queen of Mirkwood? And if Nendir is the oldest prince in the royal family of Mirkwood, how can Norui be the Crown Prince? Nendir, recently married, begins to experience strange and frightening events that leave him confused and bewildered. Killings in the Mirkwood palace begin and no one knows who the murderer is. But what happens when the Crown Prince wakes up to find himself covered in that is not his own? Follow Nendir on this tale of life before everything came crashing down around him.

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Chapter One- Enough with the Grandchildren!

Clapping and cheering filled the ears of the two newlyweds. Birds chirped happily in the trees above and they dived down above the heads of the elves. Both ellon and elleth stared lovingly into each other's eyes, relishing the moment they had been waiting for for so long now.

Everyone laughed when he swooped down and claimed her lips again. She flung her arms around his neck and pulled him close. The sound of whistling caught the ellon's attention and he broke his kiss, looking in the direction of the sound. He laughed when he saw that it was his two younger brothers.

"Norui! Legolas! Stop that!" Nendir shouted through his laughter, but they only did it more. "Norui, just wait until you marry Glithiel! I will be doing the same thing!" He warned and Norui shut up immediately, a blush creeping up on his face. The maiden, Glithiel, was sitting next to him and she blushed a nice shade of pink. Legolas laughed all the harder. Nendir shook his head with a smile, and then turned to face his new wife again.

"Le melon." The elleth, Ethiriel, cooed. She gently traced down from the tip of his ear to the lobe with her finger, emitting a moan and a shiver from Nendir. She smiled, biting her bottom lip. This must not have gone unnoticed because suddenly, all of the cheers had turned into wild calls and pounding of the feet. The couple blushed.

"Well, perhaps that wasn't the best idea." She whispered. Nendir smiled and, once again, claimed her lips.


"I am so proud of you, my son." Thranduil, the Elvenking of Mirkwood, said as he embraced his eldest child. "I could never be happier for you."

"I am happy with my decision, Ada. I look forward to a happy life with Ethiriel." He said, hugging his father back tightly. Slowly, the two pulled apart and smiled. Ithilwen, the Queen of Mirkwood, then came between the two and placed a hand gently on Nendir's cheek.

"Oh, my boy is all grown up now." She said happily through her tears of joy. "You have taken a wife and you are ready to start your own family." Nendir smiled and brushed away the tears on his mother's cheek and brought his forehead to her's.

"I love you so very much, Naneth." He said, still smiling and he put his arms around her back, rubbing comfortingly. "And I always will."

The family stood in happy silence, praising their son and telling him how much they loved him and how proud they were. Nendir was about to turn and seek out his four other siblings, but the whispers of his father stopped him.

"Ithilwen, love, how many grandchildren do you think we are going to get?" He said quietly into her ear and the prince blushed. Ithilwen chuckled femininely.

"Hmm, well, by the display they put on at the altar, I believe we are in for many grandchildren." She giggled. Nendir then turned a very bright shade of red, causing his two parents to laugh. He grinned embarrassedly, and then ran off down the hall as quickly as he could.


The day passed quickly. Nendir had found his siblings, but quickly wished he hadn't. Almost as soon as he stepped in their midst, he was bombarded with the most personal questions the elf could think of.

"So, are you going to have children?" Legolas, the baby of the family, had asked him. Nendir just stared at the golden haired elf and paled. Without saying anything, he quickly exited the room and ran to his chamber, leaving his laughing siblings behind.


A few weeks passed in the realm of Mirkwood. The recent wedding of their Crown Prince Nendir still radiated throughout the kingdom. The elves would run up to the brunette haired prince and congratulate him, telling him how happy they were. He smiled and thanked them, but his heart was feeling different.

About a week after their wedding, Ethiriel had to travel outside of the palace and was not expected to be back for quite a long while. This saddened Nendir and his heart wept for her presence. He longed to hold her in his arms again and kiss her sweet lips.

'Only for a little while.' He told himself, 'Soon, she will back by your side.' With this thought in mind, he began to weave his way through the halls to his room.

Nendir leapt onto the bed, his dark hair cascading down his shoulders and over his blue eyes. With a sigh, he brushed this hair out of his handsome face and rolled over onto his back.

"We have been apart for longer then this, Ethiriel, but why does my heart yearn for you so?" He asked, voicing his thoughts aloud. At that, he curled up on his side and pulled the pillow that his wife had used many times against his chest. He closed his eyes and took a heavy breath, willing himself to inhale the flowery scent. He smiled as her image appeared in his mind, but immediately his smile faltered.

"What is wrong with me? Why do I feel such craving for you?"

"It is called desire, my son." Nendir's eyes sprang open and he shot up to face the intruder. His faced flushed when he saw that his father stood in the door frame with a smile across his face.

"C-Can I help you, Ada?" He asked nervously, but Thranduil just shook his head.

"Nay, I just came to check on you." The king strode forward to sit by his son on the grand bed.

"I miss her so much." Nendir whispered, staring down at his shaking hands. Thranduil nodded and put a hand on his son's shoulder.

"Do not worry; it is normal to feel like this." He said, "After I married your mother, she left for only a few days, and I was going absolutely mad. As soon as she returned, I grabbed her in my arms and gave her the best kiss I could muster." He said with a chuckle, blushing slightly himself. Nendir noticed this and smiled.

"Once I see her again, I am not sure if I would only kiss her." Nendir said quietly and immediately a rush of heat crept up his neck and his father laughed.

"So, I will be getting those grandchildren sooner then I thought?" He asked with a grin. Nendir choked on nothing, his face steadily becoming redder and redder. Thranduil laughed harder.

Once he composed himself, Nendir spoke shakily.

"Actually, Ada, Ethiriel and I have already talked about that."

"Oh?" Thranduil asked curiously.

"Yes, we have decided not to have children." He visibly saw the Elvenking's face fall and he quickly made up, "At least, not for a while. We are new to this. We don't want to rush into things." Thranduil smiled and nodded.

"That is very wise of you, Nendir. But whenever you decide to, I am sure you will make a great father." The prince smiled.

"Thank you, Ada." Thranduil smiled and stood.

"Well, I will leave you to your thinking." Stretching, he made his way to the door, his great, green cloak sweeping out behind him. He made to leave, but he stopped at the door. "Just remember one thing: Expect things when you least expect it." With that, he left, only leaving the faint padding of his footsteps behind.

Nendir thought on what his father had last said, but then put his head in his hands.

"Ai, I am so tired. I will sleep and then maybe I will understand what he meant." And the Crown Prince did just that. He laid down on his pillow, still clutching his wife's, and drifted off into elven slumber with a smile on his face.


Searing heat scorched through his body as he moaned loudly.

"Ai Elbereth, you are torturing me!" He shouted.

"Well, I can not let you off easy now, can I?" She teased. Still pinning his arms above his head on the mattress, she leaned down and kissed his flushed skin over and over again. He clenched his eyes tight, biting his lip to keep from waking anyone with his moaning.

"Why? Why do my dreams tease me so?" He cried. At this, the maiden stopped her advances and looked down at his face.

"Dreams? You think this is a dream?" When Nendir didn't open his eyes, she continued, "Love, I assure you, this is no dream. It is me, Ethiriel, and I have come back to you now." Nendir slowly opened his eyes and stared into the cerulean ones of his lady. She smiled. "See?" As realization dawned on him, his eyes opened wide and he took deep, heavy breaths.

"Ethiriel…what are you doing here?" She smiled mischievously and leaned down so her breath tickled against his skin, making him shiver.

"What does that matter? All that does matter is that I am here…" She smirked, "And you are under my control." Nendir's breathing quickened even more, if that was possible, and she instantly swooped down to claim his lips in a passion-filled kiss. The Crown Prince moaned deeply into her mouth, lips battling lips, tongues battling tongues, and he arched into her wandering touch.

And so the lovers continued to kiss for quite awhile, in ecstasy as being in each other's arms again. But they never broke the promise that they had made to each other that was to wait.

They lay under the blankets, arms entwined around each other. Neither spoke, comfortable in silence as they enjoyed each other's company. Nendir was about to speak, but a sudden pain surged throughout his body and he jerked, not unnoticed by Ethiriel.

"Melleth-nin, what is it?" She asked. Nendir grinded his teeth together, begging for this pain to leave him It felt like being stabbed by a thousand knives all at once over his entire body. "Nendir?" She called frantically. He didn't respond, but only gripped onto her clothing tighter.

"Ethiriel…" He gasped. The elleth shot up.

"My lord Thranduil!" She cried out as loudly as she could. Not a moment later, the Elvenking came bursting in the room and straight over to the couple. Nendir was twisted on the bed, nearly crying out in agony.

"Nendir! Son, what is ailing you?" Thranduil shouted worriedly as he grabbed his son into his arms. But his head snapped to the side when one of his flailing arms landed square on his jaw.

All of this commotion had woken all around them. Ithilwen, the Queen, came rushing in along with some other lords. Together, Thranduil and the ellons were able to restrain the prince and they carried him out of the room to the Healing Wing. Ethiriel followed behind and was met with the sorrowful eyes of the other two princes and princesses. Together, the five stood with their arms wrapped around each other, watching their pain stricken loved one be carried off down the hallway.


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