My first Teen Titans fic.

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BB x Rae, as it shall always be!

With hints of Rob x Star, of course!

Oh, and for the record- the dog in this story is based on a character in Tamora Peirce's "Protector of the Small" books,along withmy aunt's dog, Jangles, who I think is freakishly smart.

Okay, folks

This is gonna be a good length fic, at least ten chappies, I hope.




"Bored. Adjective. Definition: Wearingly dull, repetitive, or tedious. Synonyms: unpleasant, tired, weary," Beast Boy recited from memory, chomping on his day-old piece of now-flavorless gum. "Bored…that rhymes with…hoard, lord, cord, gourd, and pord…wait, I'm not even sure if 'pord' is a real word," he sighed. "It sounds like something Starfire would say. She'd be all like, 'Beast Boy, you are such a pord-nac!' Hmm. I'll have to ask her about that…" He rolled onto his back and spat his gum into the air, catching it moments later with accuracy gained from practice. His eyes flicked to the clock. 4:30 AM.

He had officially been lying on his back on the floor of his room for two and a half hours exactly. His room was less cluttered that usual. Raven had been angry at him the other day, and chased him into his room; her anger caused quite a few items in his room to explode, and Cyborg had helped him rid his room of the charred remains.

"Okay," he said quietly to him self, pulling the gum out of his mouth and throwing it directly upward so it stuck to the ceiling. "I'll make up a song to pass the time…" And so he began to make up a song off the top of his head and sing it quietly.

(a/n: to the tune of: "Baa, Baa Black Sheep.")

"Beast Boy, Beast Boy, have you any gum?

Yes sir, yes sir, I have some.

One's on the ceiling, one's on the wall

One's for Raven, who won't return my calls

Beast Boy, Beast Boy, have you any gum?

Yes sir, yes sir, I have some."

He chuckled to himself as he finished the song, and nearly died of a heart attack when a voice entered his ears that belonged to none other that Raven.

"What was that about you trying to poison me with the gum stuck to your wall because I won't call you?" She asked in her usual monotone, her tired eyes flashing.

"Um…" Beast Boy decided that their was only one way out of this, and answering her question wasn't what he was going for. "Your cloak is looking especially, um, cloak-y on this fine, fine, morning."

"Heh. Nice try. What time is it? My clock's batteries died."

He glanced at the clock and announced in a British accent while carefully standing up, "Time for tea, my good lady! Come, come, now! We shall- hey! What are you-? Put me down! C'mon Rae- I'm serious-"

"So am I," She drawled. Raven had simply lifted up 'The Annoyance' as she liked him called, and held him in the air while she looked at the clock on the cluttered floor that his head had been blocking seconds earlier. 4:32 AM.

She nonchalantly let him fall to the floor with a small "thump" and stepped out of the room.

"Rae, wait up! Where are you going?" Beast Boy asked, desperately scrabbling to his feet to follow her.

"Tea, then bed," she answered dully.

"Um, can I come?" When Raven shot Beast Boy a warning glare, he realized what he had said. "I mean, can I, uh, come to get tea with you!"

She sighed. "Must you?"

Beast Boy proudly puffed out his chest. "Yes."


"Yes!" Beast Boy whispered loudly. "Go Beast Boy, go Beast Boy, it's ya birthday-"

"Do you mind?" Raven snapped. She's been a little edgy lately, Beast Boy thought with an inward sigh. Wonder why…

"Maybe I'm a little edgy because you won't leave me alone," Raven said crossly as she stepped into the kitchen and sauntered over to the cabinet where she kept her tea.

"I uh…sorry, Rae. I'm not trying to bother you," Beast Boy said. He could feel his cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

"Then what are you trying to do?" Raven asked coolly as she put water on the stove to boil.

Spend time with you, Beast Boy thought, But I can't say that to Raven- she'll hate me! It only took him a second to realize his mistake: Raven could read his mind, and knowing his luck, she had.

"Whoa, Rae, I didn't mean-" The tea pot whistled right then, and Beast Boy let out a grateful sigh.

As Raven took the tea pot off the stove, she drew her hood over her head. Beast Boy immediately assumed she did it because she was about to hurt him fro thinking what he had, and quickly stuttered, "I'm uh…going…now…on a walk…BYE!" he rushed out of the kitchen, into the elevator, out of the elevator, and through the front doors to freedom.

He quickly changed into a sparrow, and flew off the island and away from Titan's Tower. Maybe I'll go to the dog park, he thought glumly. Anything beats staying here getting pounded into dust by the girl I like.

Beast Boy flew over Main street and toward the park, where he went occasionally during the day to get away from things. Sometimes he would morph into a dog to get attention or to play with the little kids, but surprisingly, some people had a strong disliking for green dogs; go figure.

He glided to a halt, and landed noiselessly on the ground. He changed back into his human form and gazed up at the fading stars. Just then a near-by bush rustled.

"H-hello?" Beast Boy called meekly.

The bush rustled again.

"I-I'm in the Teen Titans, so don't mess with me-"

Suddenly, a brown-and whit-blur flew out of the bush and onto his chest, licking him madly.

"Hey, quit it! That tickles!" Beast Boy laughed as he picked up the furry mass of slobber. Upon closer inspection, Beast Boy decided it was a dog. A dog that had been very poorly cared for.

It was white all over except for his ears and legs. The poor animal was dangerously underweight. He had small yet bright black eyes and an arched snout. His tail was crooked in two places where it had probably broken and not healed properly; one of his ears had a large bite taken out of it, which was probably the result of a fight he had with another dog.

All in all, the dog was a complete mess.

Beast Boy, being the animal-lover that he was, couldn't resist the stray.

"Hey fella!" He said, rubbing the dog's belly, "You've got no home, huh? I think I'm gonna take you with me!"

The dog licked Beast Boy's hand, as though it were some kind of doggy blessing.

Beast Boy picked the dog up (it was extremely light) and set it down on its feet. "Don't move," Beast Boy warned. The dog cocked its head, as though it understood. Beast Boy quickly changed into a pterodactyl, and scooped the mutt up in his claws. He flew back to the tower without a doubtful thought in his head; he knew his team would the dog…wouldn't they?


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