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"Forty-seven, fifty…twoo, sixty foooouuuurr-" Beast Boy yawned. He'd been counting sheep for hours. Or had it been days? He was so tired at this point he didn't even remember what a real sheep looked like, let alone how long he'd been counting them. There was only one thing (person) on his mind- and she was the reason he hadn't really slept in over a month. She meant the world to him. WHY WON'T SHE GO OUT WITH ME? he thought angrily. But the anger was only momentary, and he was quickly washed over with a feeling of intense depression. He sighed and turned over onto his back.


Raven gazed over her book shelves, plucking out the books she wanted:
A-Z Demons
The Beginner's Guide to Knowing and Recognizing Demons
Demons for Dummies
Demons- Friend or Foe?
Dictionary to Backyard Demons

And so on.

She surrounded each book in her regular black aura, sending each one, in turn, flying onto her bed. When she decided her shelves were stripped of all demon books, she cleared a spot for her to sit on her bed and opened the first book, A-Z Demons. Flipping to the "D" section, she fingered through the pages. "Dabmet, Daccth, Dahfno….Dahjo!" Raven frowned slightly as she read the passage.

Dahjo demons, known on most planets other than Azarath as "Kimpho Demons," have the power to change their form, but their true form is usually that of an Earth animal. They have the power to possess people, read their thoughts, and even use their powers. These demons should be approached and dealt with carefully. Thankfully, though, they were over-hunted for their leather-like skin, and went extinct ages ago.

Raven marked the page and moved on to the next book.


Raven glanced at the clock. She had been reading for over four hours. It was already 6:15 AM. She had a feeling Robin may wake up soon, but the other three would be awhile.

Rising stiffly to her feet, she strode over to the table she had tossed her cloak on, and sauntered out of her room to the kitchen. When she got there, she wasn't surprised to see Bounce sitting on the floor by the fridge.

He whined at her. Help me.

She raised an eyebrow.

It won't open. He gestured to the fridge door with his nose.

So? What do you want me to do about it?

Open it…please.

Fine, but don't get used to it. What do you want?


Raven swung the door open (purposely not warning Bounce before hand, and smacking his curved nosewith the door), pulled the smallest bit of meat out and dropped it in front of the dog.

Great, thanks. He flashed her a toothy grin and, picking up his snack in his mouth, headed back to Beast Boy's room.

Raven shook her head. She still didn't trust that thing.

She let out a long sigh as she put the water for her usual tea on the stove to boil.

When her tea was all set, she took it with her in its usual cup to the same place she went every so often to sort out thoughts- the roof. She stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the roof. She shifted her weight from foot to foot as she waited for the elevator to stop. When it finally did, the doors swung open to reveal the rooftop- and….a person?

Without turning around, the person said, "Hey Rae."
Without thinking, Raven lost controll of her powers for a moment and her teacup shattered in her palms. Wincing as the glass left cuts on her hands, she stepped out of the elevator and waiting until its doors slid shut before muttering, "Beast…Boy..?"

He turned to look at her. Even in the dim morning light, Raven could tell Beast Boy had lost sleep. There were dark circles forming under his no-longer-bright eyes. He was standing by the edge with his arms behind his back. She walked next to him. "Hey BB…you okay?"

He grinned sleepily at her. "I am now."
She blushed. Beast Boy snuck his arm around Raven's waist. Raven heard something shatter somewhere in the tower, but didn't care.Slightly tired herself, she leaned into Beast Boy's strong grasp and rested her head on his shoulder. After a bit, Raven straightened up again and turnedaway from the suniseto look at Beast Boy. Beast Boy turned to face her as well. Their lips were so close...just one more inch and..


Raven sqiveled around to glare at the animal that she loathed now more than ever, only to see Robin standing behind him.

Robin grinned sheepishly. "Uh...I was hoping to talk to Beast Boy, but I can see that you're-"

Raven glared at Beast Boy. It was HIS fault the dog was there! "Actually, Robin, I was just leaving."
And with that she strode across the rooftop, tears of mixed emotions already stinging her eyes.


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