Title: Close Your Eyes

Author: Sablecain

Spoilers: Season one, episode "Hide and Seek"

Disclaimer: All things SGA belong to MGM, Gecko, Showtime, the Sci-Fi Channel

Summary: Trilogy of missing scenes & follow-up tag for "Hide and Seek"

Thanks to: NT…with a lot of prodding and encouragement she helped me turn one small missing scene into three and…Tipper-She's to blame you know! All mistakes – they're mine.


Rodney looked at his watch and then down to the device in his hand, his heart beating faster as he paced the hallway outside the main science lab. Ten minutes. He only had ten minutes left before he could test the small device, before he could check to see if Beckett's ATA gene therapy had worked on him.

His hands twisted around, flipping the small piece of ancient technology over and back again for the umpteenth time. The dull green crystal mesmerized him. The ancient texts he'd found with it hadn't been as difficult to decipher as he'd originally thought. The concept amazed him—a personal shield. If he was right, if the gene therapy had worked then, when he placed the small piece on his chest, it would create animpenetrable force field all around him, protecting him from everything that might do him harm. He grinned at the thought as he turned and paced past the labs doors again.

He knew he could go in, should find someone to help him test out his theory but—there just wasn't anyone in there that he wanted to share this with, and what if the gene therapy hadn't worked on him? He didn't want any of his fellow scientists to see his disappointment. He sighed anxiously and looked again at his watch. Seven more minutes. Damn, why did time have to pass so slowly when you really wanted to do something? He stopped pacing and tried to settle himself, forcing himself not to move at all for a couple of seconds.

He didn't really feel any different, he thought, closing his eyes and concentrating hard. No, he didn't feel different at all. Should he? The device felt slick in his sweaty grip. He wanted so much to be able to test ancient technology. Just to be able to work it on his own and not have to go running after Major Sheppard or Carson whenever he wanted to try something.

"What are you doing?"

Rodney opened his eyes, startled by Sheppard's sudden appearance and thrown by his question. "I uh…I was just…uh. What are you doing here?" he fumbled around for an answer, trying to decide how much he wanted to share with the Major.

Sheppard raised an eyebrow as if to indicate the obvious. "Trying to walk through the hallway." He looked from Rodney to the doors of the science lab. "They kick you out already?" heasked with a wry grin.

McKay scowled. "No. They did not. I just didn't feel like going inside."

"Oh." John nodded as if Rodney's answer made all the sense in the world. John couldn't guess why McKay didn't want to hang out with the other scientists, but he didn't blame the man. His run ins with some of the scientists had left much to be desired. Most of them treated him with an obvious measure of disdain as if they were better than him. The rest were just too uptight for his liking. So far McKay seemed different. Sure he acted like he was smarter than everybody else, but he probably was. Other than that, McKay seemed to treat everyone the same. Maybe heshould give Rodney a chance before he lumped him in with all the other stuffed shirts.

"What's that?" He gestured toward the device.

"This?" Rodney unconsciously tightened his grip on the mechanism. "This? It's just something I'm going to test out in a minute here." He looked at his watch again, ignoring the way Sheppard's eyes narrowed at him.

"Wait." John snapped his fingers. Rodney jumped. "Beckett was going to tryhis gene therapy on you today, wasn't he?"

"Yeah. So."


"Well what?"

"Did it work?" John rolled his eyes but Rodney didn't miss the excitement in them. It took him a moment to realize the excitement was FOR him.

"Uh, I was just about to test it," McKay admitted nervously.

"With that?" John motioned to the device again.

McKay nodded. "Found it in the lab and think it's a personal shielding mechanism of some sort." He rattled off a few more facts he'd learned from the ancient texts he'd found with it until John jumped in, interrupting impatiently.

"Go on then."


"Try it already!" John waved at the green crystal, almost as anxious as McKay himself had been only a few minutes earlier.

"Oh. Right, right." He didn't know Sheppard that well yet—but he could use help with testing the device and Sheppard wouldn't care if it failed to work. Plus, if it failed, maybe he could convince the Major to try it out. Rodney checked his watch again and grinned. "Right," he repeated then closed his eyes, took a deep breath and raisedthe device to his chest.

There was a weird sensation, like chills running all through him for a moment and when he opened his eyes and pulled his hand away…the device stayed attached to his chest, glowing brightly.

"Do I look different?" heasked seriously.

Sheppard smirked. "Nope. Though you appear to have questionable fashion sense for jewelry," he teased, enjoying Rodney's scowling reaction.

"Ha. Ha."

"What now?" John questioned.

"Um," Rodney grinned. "Hit me."

"What?" John shook his head.

"Hit me! It'sthe perfect first test." Rodney motioned for Sheppard to comply.

John shrugged and threw a half-hearted punch at Rodney's arm. He hit resistance as a glowing green perimeter blocked his hand. His fingers stung from the impact. "Cool!"

Rodney nodded. "Ok. Ok. Ok, now something more." He glanced around the hall, searching for an idea.

"I know." John turned and ran down the hall a few steps, stopping by a dead looking tree. He grabbed a decayed branch and broke it off with a sharp snap. He returned to McKay waving the branch like a baseball bat.

Rodney laughed. "Give it a good swing."

Sheppard pulled back and swung with obvious force. McKay closed his eyes and tensed up at the last minute, expecting a painful blow to his side. He felt nothing and heard John yelp. Opening his eyes he found John hopping around, shaking his hand. "You okay?" Rodney asked with concern.

Sheppard nodded. "Sprung back on me. You?"

"I'm fine."

"What now? Want me to throw you into the wall?" John asked eagerly.

"You're enjoying this," Rodney accused.

John waggled his eyebrows as he grabbed McKay's arm. "A bit. Ready?"

"I'll remember this." Rodney threatened, nodding. "Go."

John spun Rodney around, gaining momentum before hurling the scientist into the wall. He cringed at the sound of McKay slamming into the metal, but laughed as Rodney simply turned around making a face that assured the Major he was fine. "That is really amazing." He stared at the small device, marveling at how thoroughly it was protectingMcKay. "What next?"

You could…" Rodney paced a few steps away from John and then stopped, spinning to face the Major again. "Shoot me!" His eyes glistened mischievously.

"No way." John shook his head.

"Come on!" Rodney pleaded. "You just saw how well it works. Wing me or something. You're a good shot. I trust you…please."

John's eyes widened as he debated inwardly. Rodney stood, hands outstretched, nodding encouragingly. Slowly Sheppard grinned and reached for his sidearm. "If this doesn't work."

"It will. It will," Rodney cut him off.

"IF it doesn't…." John raised his voice, as he turned the safety on his weapon off. This was crazy. McKay was crazy. He couldn't believe he was doing this.

"Don't worry. I won't blame you." McKay smiled.

"Yeah right." John leveled his gun and aimed at Rodney's thigh. "Ready?"

"Yeah, yeah. Shoot already."

"You make it so easy." John remarked sarcastically. "On three."


The shot echoed in the hallway, surprising them both. They stared as the shield activated, stopping the bullet instantly. The tiny shaped ball of metal dropped to the floor with a harmless clatter.

John's eyes lifted to meet McKay's. "Did you see that?"

Wide eyed, Rodney nodded with awe and then burst into a smug smile. "Didn't feel a thing."

The lab doors opened suddenly. Dr. Kavanagh poking his head cautiously into the hallway as Sheppard nonchalantly turned away and holstered his weapon. "What the hell is going on out here?" Kavanagh looked from one smiling man to the other. They both looked guilty as hell.

"Nothing." John managed to keep his voice even.

"But I thought I heard…" The tall scientist frowned disapprovingly as McKay tilted his head to the side as if bored. "Never mind. Keep it down out here. Some of us are working."

As soon as the door slid closed again, McKay sneered. "Some of us are working" he mimicked, his head bobbing back and forth.

Sheppard laughed, positive now that McKay definitely didn't fall into the 'uptight scientist' category. John was nearly bouncing in place now. "Forget him, follow me." He motioned for Rodney to come with him and started toward the center tower and the gateroom. "I've got an idea."

Rodney followed easily, feeling exuberant. This was turning out to be a lot of fun, a lot more fun than experimenting with someone like Kavanagh. He was enjoying this new aspect of friendship with the Major, and on top of that-- Beckett's gene therapy had worked! It'd worked on him. He'd tested his first piece of Ancient technology and now…now he was invulnerable. A feeling of power swept over him along with a renewed confidence in his place on this mission. He was safe from everything…from anything. Nothing could stop him now. He smiled widely as they entered the gateroom and Sheppard pointed to an upper balcony with a questioning look. Rodney nodded. "Let's do it," he said even as he mentally measured the distance he'd fall. It didn't matter; he could do it, he thought. He'd just close his eyes and enjoy knowing that he was invulnerable.