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The house was dark as Lydian Valerious, widow of the late Velkan Valerious, entered. In the half-moon the outline of the Valerious Castle was just visible. Lydian and Velkan had lived in the guest cottage on the grounds since they had gotten married just over six years ago. She could scarcely envision what her life was going to be like without him. He had died almost a week ago, although to Lydian it felt like it had been a year. She had buried both him and his sister within days of each other. Now she would have to leave Transylvania. She had just come to the house to pick up the deed so she could sell the grand old mansion and the small cottage where she and Velkan had lived. She had no desire to live in there without him, it wouldn't feel like home. Although her husband had been gypsy royalty she was not since she had simply married into the family rather then having bona fide gypsy blood.

Behind her she was followed by Van Helsing and his partner Carl. Years ago, in the years before she had met Velkan, she used to work for The Holy Order along with the two men. In the past week the three of the had been united to help destroy the most evil being to ever live, (or not to live as the case was), Count Dracula. Even though it had been Count Dracula who had turned her husband into a werewolf Van Helsing had been the one to shoot Velkan with a silver bullet to protect innocent people from his possessed evil rampage. Lydian was heart-broken that Velkan was dead but she couldn't blame Van Helsing. Maybe another person would blame the man who had pulled the trigger but Lydian had worked for The Knights Of The Holy Order and knew more about the reality of the possibilities in a struggle like this one had been. Van Helsing had been forced to do it because of what Velkan had become. They could not have saved him. Lydian knew this, Velkan had told her himself the last time she had seen him.

She had been at their summer home, deep in the mountains near a river. He had come floating down the river, he survived only because of the werewolf venom flowing through his veins. With only one night until the full moon Velkan told her there was nothing that she or anyone could do to save him. When she woke up the next morning he had left.

"Hurry up and find the deed to the house," she heard Carl whisper, "it's really dark in here." His voice brought her back to the present and back into the dark house where she and Velkan had built up a life. A life of their own that now she would have to walk away from. But when Velkan had died it had ended this life for her too.

"Are you afraid?" Lydian couldn't see Van Helsing but she could make out the gently mocking tone in his voice.

"No." Neither Van Helsing or Lydian believed the friar from the way his voice quivered.

"Don't worry I've got it here," said Lydian as she grabbed the deed out of a drawer, "now all we need is the last spare key."

"Please tell me you don't keep that in this creepy house."

"Don't worry Carl," Lydian assured the frightened man, "we keep it out in the Valerious Family Graveyard." Van Helsing laughed out loud as Carl made a whimpering sound.

The Valerious Family Graveyard was connected to the Town Graveyard but separated by a fence. The wind whipped the trees into a frenzy and blew Lydian's cloak back until she tightened it around her. Van Helsing had to hold his hat tightly so it wouldn't fly away into the sinister night. Lydian walked over to he statue of an angel over top of Velkan's mother's grave. She bent back the left wing and pulled out a large gilded old-fashioned key. Silver had worn through the thin gold covering on several parts of the intricate designs that surrounded the Valerious emblem. A black circle surrounded by a silver rope with a winged serpent in the middle, it's mouth parted in a fierce snarl.

"I suppose you are leaving us Madame Valerious." Lydian, Van Helsing, and Carl turned around to see a withered old women approaching out of the shadows. Her hair hung in gray strings emerging from under her bonnet cap. She leaned on a walking stick that was as knotted and twisted as her arms which stuck out from under her traveling cloak.

"I'm sorry Madame Vouyent but I must. I can't stay here anymore."

"Well before you leave would you and your two friends like to come to my house for a cup of tea? Or maybe something stronger?"

"That would be wonderful Madame Vouyent. Thank you."

The Vouyent house had at one time been full and bustling but over the many years, after her children had left and her husband had died, only Madame Claire Vouyent was left. She was the town fortune teller and as Lydian went to put her tea away in the sink Madame Vouyent took it from her.

"Allow me to read your tea leaves. As a parting gift." Lydian nodded and handed her cup over. Madame Vouyent took the cup and peered at the contents. ""Let's see what the future holds for you."

It was several minutes before the old woman spoke again when she did it was in a voice that seemed to come from deep within her, an ageless wise voice that echoed through the room.

"You are about to start a new chapter of your life. You know this but you are not yet aware of what this will be or how vital it will prove to be. At this moment it has already begun even though you do not realize it. Within you is the last remaining heir of the Valerious family. With werewolf venom in her veins yet since she was not bitten the venom does not effect her the same way. She will retain her humanity and free-choice while enjoying the talents of a werewolf. She is an imperative part in the battle against the evil that destroyed the Valerious family, her ancestors." Madame Vouyent blinked and collapsed onto the floor as she often did after giving readings. Van Helsing rushed to help her back into her seat as Carl hurried to catch Lydian who had also fainted to the floor, though she had fainted from shock not exhaustion.

"What did I say?" Asked Madame Vouyent in her normal voice, "is she okay?" She peered over at Lydian with concern.

"You told he she was pregnant," Van Helsing informed the woman, " she'll be okay I think you startled her a little bit."