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Prologue: When Harry Potter just wants to grieve for his godfather he realizes that the world will go on with or without him.

Chapter 1: Stranger and Powers in the Park

A lone boy sat in a deserted park a few blocks from Privet Drive. With his head hung low and his body shaking it was obvious that he was distressed. Few would know why, because here he was an outcast. This boy was none other than Harry Potter (also know as the Boy-Who-Lived) who had recently lost his godfather in the Department of Mysteries incident.

When he reached the park a few hours ago he had claimed the only swing that Dudley and his gang had managed to not break. As he set he let his emotional control go and let himself fall into a fullblown crying fit. The weather itself seemed to accompany him in his mood as it started to lightly drizzle and slowly progress into a raging storm.

For hours he sat in the pouring rain blaming himself for the death of Sirius and longed for the presence of the only real father figure of his short life.

He slowly started to collect himself and noticed that it had been hours since he had arrived. If he didn't get back to Number 4 soon the Dursleys would certainly lock him out.

Pulling himself up from the swing he managed only a few steps before a sudden gust of wind knocked him from his feet. As he landed face first into a mud puddle he thought of the unfairness of it all and let his anger grow. "Why me?", he exclaimed as his suppressed feelings rose to the surface. "What have I done to deserve this?"

"That foolish old man threw me with the rest of my family, all those adventures at school, and that damned Voldemort! I put up with it all!"

"What the bloody hell do you want from me?", he shouted and it seemed as if something sympathized with him because the storm started to slacken. The rain calmed down to a slight drizzle in moments.

As he sat up the first thought to strike him was 'what the hell just happened?'.

"I want nothing from you.", said a raspy yet gruff sounding voice behind him.

He twirled around and went for his wand only to realize that it must have fallen from his pocket when he fell.

"Looking for this?" The stranger was dressend in what appeared to be makeshift cloak of a large grey cloth with the endings frayed. All that was visible beneath what he thought was some type of smashed cone shaped Asain style straw hat was a white chin and not grey, but white hair and Harry's wand in his open palm!

"Who are you?" This was said with a slight tinge of fear in his voice. As soon as the sentence left his mouth a bolt of bluish-white came from the now rain free, but cloudy sky and struck the man. For a moment he appeared to have vanished but when Harry's vision cleared the strangers frayed gray cloth and odd hat were gone. He was now wearing a pure white robe that blended with the shockingly white hair and made his electic blue eyes very noticeable and eery bright.

"Wha-", was all that Harry managed to stammer out. "H-how are you still standing? Are you okay?"

"Heh heh heh..." The odd mans only reply was a short laugh and a small smile.

Harry had completely forgotten his earlier troubles and was freaking out when the stranger spoke again.

"At the moment my name is of no importance and I am fine. Sorry about that but I counldn't resist..."

"Sorry about wha-", was all that Harry managed to say before the man's eyes filled with what looked like raging bolts of electricity.

Needless to say that all Harry managed to do was to gape like a fish.

Before Harry collected himself the stranger spoke again. "I came here to give you a gift, Harry Potter." At this the man pulled a book from nowhere and handed it to Harry along with his wand. Harry glanced at the book and was about to ask what he was talking about when he noticed that he was now alone in the darkened park.

'Always me' Harry thought before walking back to No. 4 and going straight to bed.