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Note: It's ratedTfor light cursing,ok.

Means expressions ex. Sigh , Cough etc.

() Means my thoughts.

888888888 Means when something has passed (like 30 min or an hour)

Chapter 1: "Welcome to My World and Bye-Bye My World!"

I woke up and stared out the window and sighed. "Time for another day in the life of me." You could see me as a 5'5 Filipino boy with messy black hair, very dark brown eyes and a laid-back optimistic attitude. I got up and got my towel from the closet. I took a shower and changed into my day clothes. I got my black jeans and put on my red ecko T-shirt. While going downstairs for breakfast, I was greeted with the annoying sound of my little twin sisters.

"Francis, mom says you havta go and mow the lawn today"

"What? But I just did it last week! Isn't it dad's turn?"
"Nope, he did it last week. You were downstairs playin video games ALL day again."

"Oh yeah now I remember. Fine I'll go mow the stupid lawn…" And with that I left to get my shoes.

(Man, I stuck with mowing the damn lawn again!)


"Ok I'm done mowing the lawn!" I yelled as I ran into the house. Strange thing is nobody answered. "Hmm, that's strange. Where'd everybody go?" I walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock. It was quarter past 2. I looked at the counter and saw I note. I picked it up and read it.

Dear Francis,

We've all gone to the supermarket for food.

There's some leftover sandwiches in the fridge so help yourself.

Be Back Soon,


"Oh well might as well eat something today" I sighed as I made my way to the fridge. I put the sandwiches on a plate and went to my room to play video games. I put the plate down and turned the PS2 on. All that was left was what game to play. I picked up Kingdom Hearts and put it in. I was about to beat it on expert and was about to fight the final battle. I put in the disc and played on.

I had finally reached the very last part of the boss. I just needed to beat the crap out of Ansem one last time. Just when I hit him once the game seemed to freeze.

"WTF happened! Damn it stupid used game!"

I tried to reset it but the screen wouldn't turn off

"That's strange, what's up with this?"

Then suddenly I heard a crash that scared the crap out of me.

"What the hell is going on now!" I put on my shoes (I have the Spree's. You know, the ones with the spinners. I got them in black and white.) and went outside to see something I never thought really existed.

"………….oh shit………this can't be real…….."

There was a towering Darkside standing in my street looking down on me with its fist in the air, about to come down on me.

"Damn it, my life can't end this way!" I yelled as I raised my arm in the air for useless protection

There was a crash, but I was still alive but how? Then I looked beside me. The Darkside has not hit me but the ground and it was oozing out a dark liquid. I looked up and there was a dark portal beginning to suck up everything. Then it hit me, the heartless did exist, and earth was their next target!

Suddenly I felt myself being lifted off the ground. The portal was sucking me in! As I was pulled toward it, the Darkside continued to beat into the ground and more dark liquid swelled out.

(so this is how my life, and everyone else's life ends……..this is the end of the earth…….)

And with that I was sucked into the darkness.

End Chapter

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