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Notes: Prologues arefun. Doesn't have much relevance until the end of the story though. Kurama's POV.

Warnings: This is Shounen ai (albeit very mild). That is, this story involves a homosexual relationship involving two of the main characters. If that's not your thing, you may want to find another story to read. If you do like it, or if you don't care one way or the other, hop on in.

Otherwise, no notes for now. Onward!


There's a certain sense of vanity which dwells within a beautiful creature. It really cannot be helped. To be completely oblivious of ones own looks is to be alone in a world without reflective surfaces.

Take the girl who sits behind me in my homeroom class—Miki or Mayo… or something. She's gorgeous. Her hair is long, brown, wavy, and kept in perfect condition. She needs glasses, but she took to wearing contacts years ago. Before that, you never would have known here eyes were blue. Her face holds an innocent beauty that makes half the guys in this school trip over their own feet just to get a look at her. So she's tall, thin, her bra size highly impressive, and struts about this school like a supermodel.

Not a day goes by when someone does not comment on how stunning she looks. As if she does not know that. She certainly checks herself enough in that mirror she hides in her pencil case. It could be marked as insecurity that she maintains such a perfect appearance. Of course, there is nearly always doubt in the heart, no matter how lovely a person may be. She would not check herself so often if she was positive she looked fabulous. If she was so confident, she would not go through so many boyfriends. Little-known rumors state she's a bit of a hussy, but I argue I know nothing of that. Not only is it none of my business, but it could do a great deal of damage to my own reputation to say anything on the matter.

Not that I'm worried about my reputation.

Vanity has its uses. One without it would be very lonely in a material world such as this. To take pride in oneself is not a shame-worthy act. Awareness of appearance is important. The first thing a person sees when they meet someone new is their face. So cleanliness is important. Then, hair must be in proper array lest the newly met acquaintance think you louse-ridden. Clothes cannot be neglected any more than hygiene. Proper attire (along with appropriate charm) makes for success. All taken into account, the first impression is made. Whether it be for an interview or talking to a girl at a bar, a good first impression can mean scoring the job or gaining a night in the girl's bed.

Not that I would ever encourage such debauchery.

It seems a mere justification. However, when one lives a life very similar to Mina (or was it Makoto?), it becomes a necessity. If not for vanity, many of us would not have advanced to where we sit today.


Notes: Story title equals title of old song. Anyone heard of it? I heard it while working on a play called "Dirty Work at the Crossroads" 'Twas fun.