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Chapter 7

Death seemed the only escape from that hell. Or insanity. It was close, I could tell. Death and insanity. That was what caused it. I was reaching, snatching at the darkness, but just as it was in my grasp, it slipped through my fingers and I was back in the world.

The world was exactly where I did not want to be. There it was pain. There it was complete loss of control. Someone took it from me. Someone took it and gave it to everyone else. They yelled and tied me down and would not let me go. It was like when Hiei caged me, just with his arms. I could scream and beat at the restraints, but nothing broke them. I was trapped, staring through bars at life and unable to attain it. Death was at the other door, but I couldn't reach that either.

It circled.

Round and round and round and round and round and round.

Reach for escape. Scream for release.

Try in vain to sink into oblivion. Beat at the cage bars.

And around and around and around andaroundandaroundandaround…

The darkness broke. I almost did not notice. It came as warmth, spreading through my chest and into my arms and legs. It was not the fiery pit of before, but peaceful warmth. Intrigued, I sought out the source, but it seemed to be external. I tried to reach for it, but something held me back. Accepting that, I settled back and let it happen. Whatever this was, it was better than the never-ending spiral of madness.

And then there were whispers. Familiar, yet not familiar. I heard them, saw someone I knew, but nothing said made sense. Frustration, then weary acceptance. I fell away.

Then, like someone throwing a brick through a glass window, it broke. The barrier holding me in shattered and fell like the glass shards of that window. I jumped, startled by the sudden leap to awareness, and stared blankly at the ceiling above me.

The ceiling was lined by bright lights. Confused, I blinked to clear my vision—how strange that my eyes had already been open—and looked around. It was an unfamiliar room. At least I knew that person in the chair by the wall. Head bowed in a light doze, he looked as though he had been sitting there for quite some time.

"Yu-yusuke?" The question came rasping and sore. I needed something to drink. But it brought the desired effect. His head snapped up, startled eyes turning to me.

"Kurama?" he asked uncertainly. As if he thought someone else would be speaking through my mouth. I smiled at that, tried to sit up, then noticed something a little upsetting.

There were restraints on the bed. Padded bindings held my arms and legs in place, rattling slightly when I tried to move. That was not good. I had been certain it was done. If this was just some hallucination—

"Hey, hold up." Yusuke was there in an instant, hands on my shoulders, gently pressing until I sank back against the pillow. I looked at him, demanding to know why this had been done. He smiled, but it was forced and filled with something dark, something haunted. "It's okay, Kurama. They had to do it. You were going crazy."

"I was," I agreed emphatically. I still wanted the restraints removed. "Yusuke…"

"Just settle down," he ordered. "Here." There was the distinct snap of leather and chains, and my legs were abruptly free. He freed my arms, and I lurched up, determined to be away from that prison. But Yusuke was immediately there, creating a new cage, his arms around me refusing to let me run. "Not so fast."

"Don't," I jerked against his grip uselessly. If fighting Hiei was a vain endeavor, fighting Yusuke was like a single ant taking on a brick wall. That wall would not be moved. "Don't don't don't…"

"It's okay, Kurama." He was hugging me. It's been awhile since anyone has hugged me. Not just that half hug, or a slap on the shoulder, but a full out embrace. And I thought maybe it was okay. Like Yusuke said, it would be fine. "You're okay here. We fixed it. You're okay now."

I believed him. Yusuke was many things, but a liar was not one of them. I relaxed until he deemed it fit to let me lay back again. He did so with caution, holding my shoulders and searching my face for signs of resistance. I shook my head, telling him I was okay. He sighed and sat back.

"Where am I?" I asked finally.

"Hospital," he answered. "Psych ward."

"Psych ward," I echoed dimly. "Now I'm crazy. What did I do?"

"You?" he smirked, then immediately scowled. "More like what was done to you. The doctors say that guy injected something into you." He touched my arm. It was bandaged and sore. "They don't know what it was, and they couldn't do anything about it, so they brought you here instead of ICU."

"I feel better now," I told him.

"Yeah," he looked relieved at that. "Yukina came and got the poison out of you."

"And the—" I glanced down at the restraints. They looked strange, even for what they were. It looked more like Medieval chains than a hospital restraining device. "Why?"

Yusuke knew what I was talking about. After a surreptitious glance to the restraints, he turned to me solemnly.

"They couldn't do anything," he explained. "We couldn't get you to calm down. You broke the normal restraints—nice display of otherworldly strength, by the way."

I groaned and closed my eyes.

"They're writing it off to extreme levels of adrenaline in the blood," he said. It sounded as if he was quoting someone. I sighed gratefully.

"They brought in the stuff they use at the zoo," he said wryly. "They held."

"I'm so happy for them," I muttered.

"You think?" Yusuke didn't laugh. He just looked at me, searching, maybe thinking this was only a reprieve. If it was, I would not be pleased. That would be a cruel joke.

"What?" I demanded. He grimaced and glanced at the restraints again.

"Yukina named it," he said. "We think it's the same stuff that Kitagawa guy had. But this guy injected it right into you."

"Minamigawa," I murmured.

"We're looking for him," Yusuke nodded. "So are the police. You scared the hell out of your entire school."

"What?" I didn't like that. I stood out enough without something like this hanging over me. And just as I thought I had averted the crisis connecting me to Kitagawa. "How do you mean?"

"Well, other than the fact you had a—what're they calling it?—a psychotic episode in front of the principal's office?" he asked. I stared at him. Surely not. Well, maybe, if I remembered correctly. But it could not have been that bad.

"Psychotic episode?" I echoed warily.

"Took five big guys to control you," Yusuke explained, equally uncomfortable with the topic. He winced and shook his head. "I thought you were dying on us with how you were screaming."

Like that girl in Kitagawa's house. I shifted uncomfortably, then shrugged and smiled weakly.

"Well, it's over now," I murmured. "Yukina fixed it."

"…Yeah." He was watching me still, probably afraid I would launch into another 'episode.'

"Yusuke, I'm fine," I assured him.

"Yeah," he said again. His hand found mine as he stood. Squeezing lightly, he smiled finally. "Yeah. I know."

"Good," I pushed myself up on the pillows. "So now I've just got to get the doctors to release me."

"Yeah," Yusuke said a final time. "But first I'll get your mom."

"My mom?" I asked blankly. Shiori was here?

"She's been here since you went nuts," Yusuke nodded. "Three days ago."

Yusuke was easy to convince compared to Shiori. Once she found out I was fine, she was by my side constantly. For awhile I was uncertain whether or not I would ever regain possession of my hand. It was rather embarrassing. Usually Shiori did not become involved when I had bad encounters with other youkai. I was fairly adept at the healing arts, at least when it came to helping myself, not to mention my accelerated healing rate. To try to explain away this attack was impossible, so I just played dumb. No, I didn't know who the guy was. He must have been some sick man who fixated on a random person over his loss, and he happened to take it out on me. That was the theory the police had, so I went with it.

They wouldn't let me leave that night. The recovery had been too swift, and they wanted to keep me for observation. Toward the end of visiting hours, Yukina stopped in and, to Shiori's eyes, held my hand for awhile and cheerfully asked how I was feeling. Better than ever, I told her, which was close to true. With her soft healing power coursing through me, it felt as though I was floating on cloud nine. She only stayed a few minutes, but I felt well enough to be up and about for awhile. That is, I felt well enough until I saw the other people who shared the unit. After that, I hid in my room, grateful I was not one of them.

The next day, Shiori kept me from school. I was a little annoyed at missing so much class, but she was worried about how well I would be reintegrated into a classroom setting. Something about possible overload after such a stressful event. No doubt it was a doctor's recommendation.

Despite my frustration, it was fun. Hatanaka took the day off, pulled Shuichi from school, and took us all out. We drove into the city, had lunch at a nice restaurant and went shopping. Shuichi got a new video game, I picked up some books and poked through the jewelry shop with Shiori. There was an interesting moment when the sales clerk was pushing Hatanaka to purchase a ring for well over its worth. Some creative maneuvering (and a suggestion that Shiori would hate it) got him away from that little scam. I glared at the clerk, who probably wondered why some teenage boy had it in for her, and guided him to a better display. Shiori got a nice set of earrings that day.

I was still glad to be home that night. For all the activities we did, all the walking, and the occasional bout of roughhousing with Shuichi, they treated me like an invalid. Somewhere along the lines, I think Shuichi was scolded for the playful shove (nearly into a rather well-endowed young woman) which had me chasing him across the park threatening him (not seriously, of course). After that, if he forgot himself and poked at me as he was prone to do, he immediately skittered away at a look from Hatanaka. For the fairly active life I was accustomed to leading, I was irritated with the numerous times the questions, "How are you feeling?" and "Would you like to stop and rest?" came into the conversation that day.

After warding off my mother's offers to draw me a bath and Hatanaka's offer of a nighttime tea, I thanked them for a lovely day and retreated to my room. Just to spite their cautions, I did give Shuichi's head a rough push when I bounded up the stairs past him. He followed me, shouting, and I thoroughly enjoyed the scuffle we had before Hatanaka yelled at us to settle down.

Then it was night, and everyone was asleep. In pajamas, on the bed, I pushed the window open and let the cool air wash into the room. It was still a bit of a shock to think that three days had passed without my knowledge. From what I was told, most of it was spent in a semi-wakeful state. The doctors had been baffled when I finally dropped into sleep on the third day. They assumed exhaustion had taken its toll, and that I had fainted. In actuality, I believe I did pass out, but it was not until Yukina worked her magic that I was able to accomplish that. It was right after that healing warmth filled me that I was able to rest. So to give credit where credit was due, without Yukina, I probably would still be in the hospital psychiatric unit. I would have to send her some flowers in gratitude.

He came silently and suddenly, as was his wont. Though weary from the day, I was awake, leaning on the window sill and admiring the night. My eyes were drawn to the additional shadow in the cherry blossom tree which grew near the fence. Its branches spread to the house, one of them near my window, which was how he usually gained such easy access to my room.


Pulling back to allow him room to enter, I sat cross-legged on the bed and watched him. He slipped in like a wraith and took up post at the foot of my bed.

"Kurama," he said simply. We studied each other for awhile, silently. Until he finally shifted forward and, shockingly, held a hand to my face. I watched him uncertainly, and he smirked. "Let's go hunting."

That brought a grin to my face.

"Yes," I agreed, and shot to my closet for some fighting clothes.

The school looked like a prison at night. Lights out, gates locked, it could have been some penitentiary as opposed to the learning center it was in daylight hours. I could understand how some kids were intimidated. But at the moment, it was just another building. It was our starting point, to be more precise. We would not even have to breach the gates.

Not entirely, anyway. We crouched atop the brick portion of the fence, eyes sweeping the surrounding neighborhood.

"The detective said you had a name," Hiei said, setting us into a familiar pattern of curt conversation.


"The humans knew and could not locate him," Hiei said.

I nodded, knowing Hiei had heard all of this from Yusuke already. And he accused me of being to talkative. When it came to conversation, he was terrible, but in situations like this, he was downright chatty.

"What am I looking for?" he asked finally.


There was a brief surge of alarm from him, his head whipping around to stare at me.

"Kitagawa is dead," he firmly stated.

"He's the same." I looked at him, willing him comprehension. The same, as in soon they would both be mere memories. "Why differentiate?"

"Hn." If possible, Hiei's expression became more grim. He pulled the ward from over his third eye and turned toward the city.

I waited. Sweeping slowly in a circle, Hiei searched. His own power crackled around us, a defensive embrace of fathomless heat wrapping about us. I gathered it close, as if I could physically hold it in my hands, and kept it. Hiei did not mind or he never would have allowed the action. That he was flooding the immediate area with so much youki was indication enough that he knew I needed it. My own power was yet weakened, having battered itself into submission in my recent descent into hopelessness. It would be weeks before I could force it back to where it needed to safely be. And Hiei's endless electric power barely missed what I took.

"Found him."

He tied off the bandanna and leapt from the wall. The chase was on. Aware of my human limitations, Hiei matched my pace, remaining close enough that I could sense and follow him. We ran for miles, testament of just how powerful the Jagan is. Hiei could spot a demon the size of a beetle three miles away. Assuming that beetle-sized bugger had enough youki to register. Minamigawa was not the most powerful of demons, barely topping out at a low C-Class, but it was plenty for Hiei to locate.

We came upon him just outside of town. He was walking alongside a brook, stopping at intervals to throw rocks into the current. The stream drained into an enclosed everglade a short distance down, which seemed to be his destination. Hiei looked and nodded. It was safe—probably why Minamigawa was headed there in the first place. We waited for him.

He really was just like Kitagawa. He was plain and painfully average, and for as intimidating as he had been in a setting where I was unable to fight back, he did not look half as scary in this isolated marsh. To give him some benefit of a doubt, he did notice us before he was close enough to step on our feet. He was in range of my rose whip, however.

"Who's there?" he demanded gruffly.

I smirked. This was going to be good. Hiei nodded when I touched his shoulder, and he stood back as I took the stage. It was rather satisfying to see Minamigawa's eyes bug out when he saw me.

"You!" he blurted. "You're—Minamino!"

Circling him slowly, I took in every aspect of him. He really was not very impressive. He had had the advantage before, pushing me into a situation where I had an enormous handicap, but here we were on equal footing. Except for the fact that I could kill him before he ever raised a hand to plead for his life.

"Y-y-you—!" he stammered incredulously. He was terrified. It was so strong I could smell it. "You should be brain-dead by now!"

Had I been a normal, weak human being, I might have been. In fact, a normal human probably would not have lasted a day, let alone three. A demon's powers of resistance and regeneration were what allowed slavers to utilize the pheromone in subduing their victims. Otherwise there would be a lot of dead slaves out there. (Not that there were not already, but this was pretty fast-acting.) However, this declaration of his told me he was not half as informed as he should have been.

"Pity I'm not," I said softly. "If you had done your job properly, you might yet live to see another day."

"That's impossible!" he yelped, staggering back when I took a step forward. "You—how did you—?"

I had yet caught no scent of the pheromone. That was very interesting. Was it that he was incapable of releasing it as an airborne element? More than likely he was only capable of using it through direct contact. It was a rare peculiarity in his kind, and how fortunate for me that this was the case.

"Was he your brother?" I asked finally. "Cousin?" That made him mad. Not mad enough to actually attack me, but it was a start.

"Kita was my brother!" he growled. "And you killed him!"

"No, someone else did," I countered. "Actually, you screwed up pretty badly."

"You were there!" Minamigawa insisted. "I saw you!"

I lifted my eyebrows askance. That was impossible. We would have noticed if he was there. Kuwabara would have felt him. Or Hiei.

"I saw the video!" he continued angrily. My skepticism was quickly replaced by frank shock. Video? Had that sick bastard actually set up a device to record whatever he was planning to do to that poor girl? "The girl was in it, and you." He jabbed his finger through the air at me. Voice shrill, he said, "If it wasn't you, then it was the girl, and I took care of her too!"

Behind me, Hiei raged silently. I could feel his anger at that declaration just as sure as I felt my own. This monster had just admitted to killing an innocent human girl.

"She had nothing to do with it," I murmured. So furious was I that I was incapable of speaking louder than that.

"You were the only two!" Minamigawa hollered. "The only two!"

His protests were nothing to me. Shoving away the anger, knowing it would blind me to possible attacks, I reached for a rose seed. Crushing the blossom in my hand, I pushed some youki into the petals and watched them hover just barely above my palm. He saw it as well, and judging by his paling face, he was starting to realize his own mistake.

"Tell me, Filth: What do you know about suffering?" He was beyond frightened. His legs trembled visibly, and the front of his pants darkened. It was fitting that his end be so undignified for what he had done.

"You… you're not human," he moaned.

"A lot of people make that mistake," I said. I let the petals go, and they flew forward as though drawn to his fear.

Minamigawa's screams did not bother me one bit.

Minamigawa was recorded as a missing fugitive, charged with murder and attempted murder. It bothered me that we didn't save that girl in the end, but I had the grim satisfaction of seeing him reduced to the weak, sniveling bastard that he was. Hiei was the perfect companion for the gruesome task of killing Minamigawa. Kuwabara and Yusuke only ever stared at me in utter horror when they saw me behave like that. Hiei knew what it was like. He understood why I did what I did. Kuwabara and Yusuke never understood.

Sometimes they forgot. I was good at being human. I had been living as such for nearly eighteen years, so why shouldn't I have been? But eighteen years could not wipe out a millennium of demonic existence. As much as I loved my family and friends, it was difficult to overcome the darker aspects of the soul.

And quite honestly, I did not want to.

A week later, I met Hiei. Rather, he showed up of his own accord, crouching in my open window and looking down at me in amusement.

"Rough day?" he asked, drawing attention to my bone-weary sprawl. On my back on my bed, I had been staring blankly at the ceiling, pretending the world did not exist.

"Long week," I replied. Which it had been. Missing four days of school was not something I recommended. I had a ton of makeup work. Then, there was the parade of worried classmates and teachers lining up to be certain I would not shatter at a touch. At least there were no bullies to taunt me over my apparent screaming fit in the hallway of the school. Or if there were, I had set up enough of an intimidation factor over the years that they no longer picked on me.

"The detective said you were looking for me," he remarked. He slipped into the room, glanced around for a hesitant moment, then went and sat in my desk chair. I seem to recall being the one sitting in the chair while he sat on the bed last time. "Before."

I looked at him, surprised he had brought it up. This mess with Kitagawa and Minamigawa was a perfect excuse to go back to how everything had been. We could easily pretend nothing had happened between us. Or that somehow it had been a bizarre side effect of the demons' powers.

He was watching me. That startled me as much as his words. Previous encounters suggested he would stare off into the distance at some unknown point rather than at me. But he was defying this logic.

"I was," I said eventually. Even then, I could not say what should have been said. It just was not that easy. "You left your book."

"It was useless anyway," he said, and we both smirked, though it was an uncomfortable situation. "You spent all night looking for me to give me a book?"

It sounded so ridiculous when he put it like that.

"…No," I mumbled. He was still looking at me, so I gave in and averted my eyes. I watched the sky slowly fill with gray white clouds. "I never wanted you to leave."

"So you've figured out what you want?" he asked boldly.


He scoffed, and I was tempted to throw my pillow at him. Instead, I glared at him heatedly.

"What did you expect, Hiei?" I demanded. "A declaration of my undying devotion? How about I like you well enough? Does that suit you?"

"You're getting temperamental," Hiei observed. I bit back an irritated retort. Sucking in a deep and, hopefully, calming breath, I turned my eyes back to stare out the window. Hiei remained where he was, only rocking the chair slightly on its back legs. It was probably a good thing that he had not moved yet. "What's the matter, Kurama? I thought you were cool in any situation."

"Everyone has a breaking point," I replied quietly. That had not been what I intended to say, but once out the statement could not be retracted. If anything, at least Hiei seemed to approve.

"I've seen yours, fox."

Those were not words anyone liked to hear. Not anyone I knew. And I certainly did not care for it. It left me feeling intensely uncomfortable. Truly, Hiei had seen my weaknesses, just as I had seen his. But a weakness was not the same as a breaking point. One might argue that I knew his breaking point, but in reality all I knew was where to place some pressure. Actually undertaking that task would end up with Hiei either breaking or killing me. It was not worth much thought since I knew I would never stoop to such levels of treachery.

Somehow I ended up on my side. My back was to Hiei, which went against every instinct I ever had. But I trusted him, so I just sighed and closed my eyes. He did know, which made it that much more disturbing. How do you look anyone in the eye when they have that kind of knowledge? Only defiance worked, but I was not feeling particularly daring after that solemn and painfully sincere response.

"That's why you can't answer the question, isn't it?" he asked after awhile. I tensed, not liking the sound of that. He laughed softly. I was so glad to be the source for his amusement. "That's the only thing I've seen you fear."

Maybe if I stayed very still and did not answer, he would think I left. Yeah. That could work. In a dreamscape.

"I won't let it happen again." Laughter apparently forgotten, he sounded completely sober. A hand fell on my shoulder, and I jumped. I had not heard him approach. "No one has the ability to control you, Kurama. Not ever."

"Isn't that what you want?" Even as the question was voiced, I flinched. It sounded pretty pathetic once said aloud.

"You're the one person I can't control, fox." His fingers curled around mine, and I instinctively grasped his hand. Realization brought a flush of heat to my face, but I didn't let go. "That's why I want you as opposed to the detective."

That made me laugh. The image of Hiei holding Yusuke's hand would not come. At least, not in any scene that had the pair of them looking content. I could easily picture Yusuke dragging a snarling Hiei around, all the while snickering at his own ability to drive Hiei up the wall. Still, one had to tease.

"Are you sure it's not just my good looks?" I murmured. Hiei was bent over the bed, trying to meet my eyes, so I humored him and looked up. He was smirking.

"It doesn't hurt," he muttered. Then he fixed an uncompromising stare on me and asked, "What do you want?"

"I want you to stay."

"Good enough," he decided. With some interesting maneuvers, and one less-than-graceful flop, he took up post with his back to the wall. It put him noticeably close to me, but then that worked better while he held my hand between his, clasped loosely on his lap. I would have hated to be forced to reach. He grinned suddenly, showing me sharper than human teeth. "So will you return that chapter you tore out of my book?"

"I think you've got to work a little harder before you even get to think about that," I said wryly.

"I thought that fourth position was particularly intriguing."

Wow. That brought a rather erotic thought forth. I groaned and closed my eyes.


"You were the one who was open to casual sex," he calmly reminded me.

"But that's without strings," I protested. "When there are strings, it gets messy. You get tangled up."

"Maybe I don't mind the thought of being tangled up with you."

"I think a lot of people don't mind that thought," I retorted with a cheeky grin.

He blinked dumbly for a moment. Then, he scowled at me.

"You're vain!" he accused. I continued to grin. This was just too fun.

"Is that a problem?"

He considered me for a long minute. His eyes traveled to our hands, linked together, then raked down to my feet and back to my face. Then, his gaze shifted very slightly, enough so he wasn't looking at me and yet was. The expression he wore was alarmingly predatory.

"Hiei?" I asked warily.

His teeth were starting to show again. His lips curled up in the barest hint of a smile.

"Hiei." The warning was as clear as I could make it.

He reached forward. Concerned as to his intentions, I scrambled back, but my hand was still caught in his. And the other hand came to a rest atop my skull.


With a sudden flurry of movement, he pressed his hand down and proceeded to make a terrible mess of my hair.

"Ack! Hiei!" Though I tumbled off the bed and hit the floor, Hiei followed, along with my pillow and a tangle of sheet. "Hiei, stop it!" Which, of course, he didn't. I don't know why but it didn't surprise me that he showed this sadistically playful side. Maybe it was the 'sadistic' part to that equation. "HIEI!"

He pulled back, abruptly finished, and smirked triumphantly. A little dazed, I sat up and touched my head with a grimace. That would take ages to brush out.

"It looks good," he remarked.

"The hell it does," I groaned. It probably looked like the Bride of Frankenstein on a bad day.

"You let me kiss you, I'll brush it for you."

That one stunned me into complete silence. I gaped at him, not quite reconciling the words with the mouth from which they had come. And dumbly, I found myself nodding.

Hiei smirked and leaned forward. And just as his face drew too close to possibly be ignored, he said:

"Vanity at its best."

I punched him full in the face.

Final notes: This is the first time I've ever tried to write a story which is pretty much focused on romance. Which, of course, I managed to do without any citrus whatsoever. Yes, there was all this stuff with the demons going down, but I only put that in because I could not make myself write something that was pure sap and romance. It gets cliché and boring (to me anyway). So back to the point—the song title.

A couple people pointed out that my title doesn't make much sense, but I wasn't going by the song title, I was going by the lyrics of the song. Namely, the chorus. Which is:

Chorus 1

Ma, he's making eyes at me,

Ma, he's awful nice to me,

Ma, he's almost breaking my heart,

I'm beside him, mercy let his conscience guide him;

Ma, he wants to marry me,

Be my honey bee,

Ev'ry minute he gets bolder,

Now he's leaning on my shoulder,

Ma, he's kissing me!

Chorus 2

Ma, he's making eyes at me,

Ma, he's awful nice to me,

Ma, he's almost breaking my heart,

If you peek in, can't you see I'm goin' to weaken,

Ma, he wants to marry me,

Be my honey bee,

Ma I'm meeting with resistance,

I shall holler for assistance,

Ma, he's kissing me!

---It's a song from the early twentieth century (The 1920s if I'm not mistaken), and I first heard it while involved in a high school production of Dirty Work at the Crossroads. The concept of Kurama freaking out over all these weird things Hiei is trying to get across to him just amused me. Then I added the parts with Kurama's mother listening to his complaints, thus this story came into being. I hope it was enjoyable. I had fun writing it. The entire song is as follows:

Ma, He's Makin' Eyes at Me

Verse 1

Little Lilly was oh so silly and shy,

And all the fellows knew,

She wouldn't bill and coo,

Ev'ry single night some smart fellow would try,

To cuddle up to her,

But she would cry:

Verse 2

Lilly was so good, every body could tell,

You'd never see her roam,

She'd always stay at home,

All the neighbors knew Little Lilly too well,

For when the boys would call,

They'd hear her yell:

Chorus 1

Ma, he's making eyes at me,

Ma, he's awful nice to me,

Ma, he's almost breaking my heart,

I'm beside him, mercy let his conscience guide him;

Ma, he wants to marry me,

Be my honey bee,

Ev'ry minute he gets bolder,

Now he's leaning on my shoulder,

Ma, he's kissing me!

Chorus 2

Ma, he's making eyes at me,

Ma, he's awful nice to me,

Ma, he's almost breaking my heart,

If you peek in, can't you see I'm goin' to weaken,

Ma, he wants to marry me,

Be my honey bee,

Ma I'm meeting with resistance,

I shall holler for assistance,

Ma, he's kissing me!