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Chapter 22: Weariness and Trust

Kyler looked up as the door to his cell opened. He expected to see Cray or some other Sith standing there. Never would he thought that Caylee would be the one that was thrown into the cell.

She moaned softly as she hit the floor and the door was slammed behind her. She slowly lifted her head and looked at Kyler before allowing her head to hit the floor again. Kyler strained against the chains that held him to the Durasteel wall. He had to make sure that Caylee was all right. He reached out and tried to grab her hand, but with both his arms chained to the wall, it was virtually impossible.

He had to get at least one of his arms free. With every ounce of strength, he pulled against the bonds. He turned around, placed his feet against the wall and pulled against the chains. He tried both chains at the same time then each on their own. Slowly he could feel them both giving out. After his struggles, the chain snapped and his left arm was free. One arm was better then none. Kyler reached out for Caylee and grabbed the edge of her tunic. Inch by inch, he pulled her towards him.

After a few times of stopping to rest his arm, Caylee's head rest in his lap. He slouched back against the Durasteel wall and gently brushed the hair from her face. He sighed in relief that she was still breathing. It was slow and steady, but at least she was alive.

He could only imagine what had all been done to her.

"Something's not right." Luke wearily said.

Anakin turned to look at his son. "What do you mean?"

"Just that. If the Sith had Caylee and Kyler then we should have known by now. And if they were dead, we should have felt it." Luke said, starring up at the stars. "Then there is this foreboding feeling. I felt it when the Vong invasion occurred."

"Call the council together and see how they feel. Then action should be taken."

Luke nodded in agreement.

Caylee's eyes slowly opened. She let her eyes adjust to the darkness, slowly making out the walls of the cell she was in and a human figure that was holding her close. Kyler was holding her in a protective embrace as he slept. She smiled softly and snuggled closer to him. She reached down and entwined her fingers with his loose hand.

Above her, she felt Kyler slowly wake up. She pulled his hand close to her and kissed it. As she kissed it, she noticed that there was dried blood around his wrist, where a shackle was still around his wrist.

"Kyler what happened!" she said sitting up next to him.

"Hun what?" he asked a bit groggily.

"What happened to your wrist?" she asked, trying to examine it further in the dim light. "You have a huge gash in it."

"I was trying to break free to make sure you were alright when the Sith threw you back in here and I must have cut it when it finally broke."

Caylee sighed as she ripped off a piece of her tunic sleeve and wrapped it around his wrist to stop the bleeding. "I'm going to need you in one piece if we're going to get out of this alive."

"And how do you plan on doing that?"

"Still working on it."

These last comments sounded odd to Kyler. They didn't sound like the way Caylee had been talking, but instead this sounded like the Caylee of old.

"Caylee can I ask you something?"


"How did we meet?"

"Your sister Caitlyn is my best friend. We all grew up together and became Jedi. Besides you and I are dating and have been for a while."

Kyler didn't say anything as Caylee finished doctoring up his wrist.

"I remember most everything. A lot of recent stuff is bit blurry but more and more is coming back," she softly said. "I remember Cray, my mom, them dying, growing up on Courscant, Yavin 4, Naboo. Then I remember meeting you and your family, I remember Tara and my grandfather saving my life…."

She stopped.

"You remember Chewie and Anakin's deaths don't you as well as the entire Vong invasion?"

She sniffled and nodded yes.

Kyler pulled her close to him and held her in his arms. "What was the last thing you remember me telling you before the accident?" he softly asked.

"That you loved me and you wouldn't loose faith in me," she whispered looking up at him. He smiled at her and for the first time in months, they shared a softly tender kiss.

Maybe, just maybe they would now be able to get out of this situation alive.

Leia watched her brother stand on the balcony of his apartment on Denon and stare up at the stars. She knew exactly what he was thinking about. And she wished she could reassure him that Caylee and Kyler would be all right. But she knew that she couldn't.

Even the Hendrixs were taking the news about Caylee and Kyler a bit better. But then again they weren't able to feel what a Jedi could.

"Luke you really need to get some sleep." Leia said walking up to him. "You are no good to anyone worn out."

Luke just looked at her.

"Come on now!" Leia said practically pushing him towards his room. "If anything happens you know that I will be the first to tell you."

"Promise?" he tiredly asked.


He turned and walked into his room and shut the door. Leia sighed in relief as she turned her gaze up to the stars.

'Wherever you are Caylee, please be all right. For everyone's sake…'