Summary: Yay! It's a Squaffie! Featuring one HOT Gunblade fighter and everyone's fave spicy lil' ninja as they struggle to rebuild their lives between Hollow Bastion and Traverse Town.

Things to remember:

Yuffie is 19, Squall is 26 (I changed the ages a bit)

Leon and Aerith are running Traverse town

Yuffie and Cloud have been running Hollow Bastion- Yuffie didn't feature with the group when KH was on, she's never met Squall but did meet Sora at the Games and so on

Yuffie and Cloud are going out (she likes him but obviously doesn't love him- it's more of a you're-my-best-friend-hey-let's-date sort of thing), Aerith and Cloud know each other very well, Leon knows Cloud a bit (from KH and Aerith), Aerith and Yuffie have met once or twice

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Kingdom Hearts- if I did, no. 2 would have been released in Australia first and I would have cardboard cut-outs of all the characters up in my room, but none of this has happened so I guess I don't own it.

Rubuilding New Lives

Chapter One- To Traverse Town

Yuffie yawned. "Finally!" she muttered, twisting around impatiently in the co-pilot's seat of the gummi ship.

"Yuffie," Cloud warned in an absent tone, fiddling with the controls of the ship. "I'm trying to land, here. Can you be still for just a few seconds?"

"No," Yuffie complained under her breath. "We've been on this ship for nearly five hours. I can't be expected to stay still for that long, can I?" she added to herself.

"How do you think it will look if we crash-land into Traverse Town, Yuffs?" Cloud pointed out dryly. "I think they'll be thrilled to find out how amazing our piloting skills are- if they judge us by the crash, we'll be outcasts before we actually meet anyone."

"Aww, you're just saying that," Yuffie responded, pretending to be shy. "Besides-" she bounced about in her seat to get a better view of the world they were approaching,"- from what I remember of Aerith, she's not that type of person, and if this Leon is anything like her, he won't, either."

"That's the thing, Yuffie." The handsome blonde tried to explain. " Leon, he- he's nothing like her. She likes flowers, he likes fights. She wants to be friends, he wants to kick ass. She's the loveliest girl ever, he's the one and only Tall, Dark and Brooding." (1)

"Sounds like you like her," the dark-haired ninja teased.

Her long-time best friend and occasional date blushed. "Well, she is nice," he defended himself. "You met her once, remember?"

Yuffie did remember. The one day when Hollow Bastion had had clear blue skies, a ship had flown in, bearing the gorgeous brunette Aerith and another former inhabitant of Hollow Bastion, Cid. It had been he who had piloted the ship, and he had the foulest mouth Yuffie had ever heard. Even his greeting had contained several profanities that Yuffie was sure weren't suitable for anything less than an R-rated scene.

She remembered Aerith clearly. Her beautiful green eyes never showed a hint of malice or ill-will, and it was clear she didn't have a mean bone in her body. Yuffie did, though (well, not mean, just mischievous), and knew that if this Leon was anything like what Cloud had said, things were about to get very hot around here…

"Yuffie, press that button." Cloud commanded, breaking into her thoughts. She did as she was told and smiled with anticipation as the ship glided to a halt.

Yuffie was out of the ship before the doors were fully opened, and Cloud wasn't far behind. "Finally!" she yelled, excited. "So, where are we meeting them?" she asked of the agitated Cloud.

"Over there," he replied simply, pointing to where two small figures stood waiting.

"Great!" Yuffie looked slyly at the blonde warrior. "Race ya?" without waiting for an answer, she took off.

Cloud still beat her, despite the slight head start, and was shaking hands with the man as he hugged Aerith. Yuffie still recognized her after six years, and gave a loud whoop of excitement as she slammed on the brakes beside Cloud.

"Yuffie, hi," Aerith greeted her warmly. She had barely changed- she still wore all pink and her hair in a log braid with her fringe parted in front.

"Hey, Aerith," Yuffie responded cheerfully, hugging her briefly. Then she turned as Cloud called her name.

"Yuff, this is Squall Leonhart"

"It's Leon." The man interrupted.

"Sorry. Leon, this is Yuffie Kisaragi."

Yuffie looked at the guy who had just interrupted Cloud so rudely… and felt her knees go weak. Oooh, he is so hot! She thought, struggling not to flush or do something embarrassing. "Um, hi, Squall." She managed to say. Lame there, really lame, Oh Greatest-Ninja-In-The-World.

Squall Leonhart had the handsomest face she had ever seen, and that included Cloud. Piercing blue eyes were framed by a perfect length of dark brown hair, looking windswept. Finely chiseled features accentuated a seriously sexy body, and he was holding- her eyes widened with surprise- a Gunblade over one shoulder. This combined with the black leather he was wearing and a really cool scar running diagonally between his eyes made him one totally gorgeous and mysterious guy.

"I said before, it's Leon." He said coldly (hot voice, too, Yuffie noted before she realized what he had said), and stalked off towards the buildings in the distance.

Yuffie's goodwill immediately vanished. Her dark violet eyes narrowed indignantly as she watched the tall young man walk away. This is going to be a long stay, she thought as she and the other two followed him towards the town.

(1) Okay, this comes from Buffy, but it still seems appropriate since the voice of Leon is the actor of Angel, who this comment was directed at.

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