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Ch. 1:

A scream floated through the silent night. It was no terrifying scream, but more of a call for someone to answer. It almost sounded like and eagle, but more majestic. As far as anyone knew, this one might have been the last of its kind. For as the rumors went; this one had been the only survivor of a massacre years ago.

A young child, covered in the blood of his own family, desperately shook an older woman, trying to bring life into the cold body.

"Mama… Mama… Wake up, mama… Please wake up…"

Those were the words repeated over and over again. Tears ran freely down the child's cheeks as he tried to understand why his mother wouldn't wake. From behind him a pair of deep blue eyes watched in sorrow, until finally the owner of those blue eyes made her decision and moved forward, placing her hand on the small boy's shoulder.

As she had expected, the boy flinched and looked at her with fear.

"Shh… Calm down, young one. I will not hurt you," she whispered with a soft smile. The boy did not trust her, but he seemed to calm down at least a little.

"Is that your mother," the woman asked, nodding towards the dead one. The boy nodded.

"Yes… But she won't wake up," he said sadly, too young to actually understand what was wrong.

"Then we should let her sleep," the woman said. "She's probably very tired."

The woman lifted the boy into her arms and turned around to see three pairs of eyes watching her.

"We cannot keep the boy," a man with red hair and green eyes said. The woman walked up to him, still carrying the child.

"But he is so young… We cannot leave him here," she said. "Please, love… Bury his parents and I will take care of the boy. Alone if I must…"

With a sigh the man nodded and motioned the older of his two companions to come and help him with the task. The woman felt someone tug at her tunic. Looking down, her eyes met ice blue ones.

"Is he gonna stay with us, mom?" the young boy with the ice blue eyes asked. The woman nodded.

"Yes, he is…" Then she turned to look at the child in her arms. "What is your name, young one?"

The boy answered and was rewarded with a soft smile.

"That is a nice name… You are a very brave boy, you know that…"

The call echoed through the night once again, a bit more urgent this time. It had yet to receive an answer.

Soon a wolf's howl could be heard from not far away. That was the answer the bird had been waiting for. The answer from his brother.

Or as the rumors had it, the last person to ever be counted as his family.

"Run, my children! Flee! The hunters are here!" the woman with deep blue eyes shouted. She had three children; two of them her own, one adopted.

The oldest one, of her own blood, was helping the others defend their home lair. Her job was to get her two younger children to safety. The two boys ran with the woman following close after, until an arrow was shot into her leg. After hearing a thump from behind them, the boys stopped and looked at their fallen mother.

Ice blue eyes widened and one of the boys ran back to the woman, closely followed by his brother.

"Mom! Get up! We have to run!" he shouted, trying to make the woman move. She only smiled.

"I will not be able to run anymore. But you have to go… Now," she said. The blue-eyed boy shook his head in denial. Seeing her son hesitate she grabbed her adoptive son's hand and said:

"Take your brother and run. Do not look back. I need you to survive."

"Yes, mother," the boy with deep red eyes answered. Then she hugged her children.

"I love you both," she whispered. "Now go!"

"Mom!" the blue-eyed protested, but his younger brother grabbed his hand and started running. Behind them they could hear the hunters kill anything that wasn't human.

The sun was rising over the mountains, as well as the small village hidden among them, the village named "Daemon".

Slowly the beings in the village started to wake.

"Rise and shine, baby-bro..!" After a small pause the teen added: "Mr. Dickhead is waiting for us, you know."

The redheaded teen as currently addressing a middle sized lump on a bed, covered by a thin blanket. A muffled "What th' hell are ya talkin' 'bout" could barely be heard. The redheaded boy pouted slightly before his blue eyes lit with mischief and he pulled the blanket off his 'brother', and the bed, only to find a pair of deep red eyes glaring at him.

"Get up, Kai. I'm serious," the older teen said. "Dickhead's already got the group waiting for us."

The younger teen named Kai sat up and rubbed one crimson eye before running a hand through his messed-up, two colored blue hair.

"At times, I find you truly annoying, Tala," he said with a sigh.

"I know," Tala answered, smirking. "And I love you too, baby-bro…" Still smirking, the redhead ducked from a pillow that was sent flying his way and fled from the room.

Commonly, these two "brothers" were known to be cold and heartless, but that was only the image these teens gave to the rest of the villagers of Daemon. When alone in their home, they were actually quite… normal… in lack of a better word.

The village they lived in was filled with demons, hiding from the human hunters that threatened to exterminate them. Of course there lived a few humans in the village as well, but only because they had either been friends or happened to fall in love with a demon, and because of such a crime been banned from the human society.

Kai and Tala, two brothers of different parents, were now to attend a quest that would change the faith of demons. A new adventure was about to begin.


The village name, Daemon, is Latin, meaning demon. So… what did you think? I'm going to be following a certain Dungeons and Dragons book at the beginning, but then I'll go completely solo, I promise…