Ch. 10:

Mr. Dickenson smiled sadly at the filled throne room. He had personally invited the leaders of every clan, and their closest associates, to attend in a meeting. The guests were beginning to become quite nervous and Dickenson wasn't sure how much longer he could keep them there. However, as he was the current ruler of Daemon; the demon alphas could say and swear as much as they wished, but they could do nothing to him. A little bird, or a large eagle to be exact, had flown through the bedroom window some days ago, and dislodged a very pleasing letter in Mr. Dickenson's lap. By the calculations of both him and the one who wrote the letter had made, this would be the day.

Sighing slightly the temporary king stood up from the throne that wasn't his and raised one hand. The entire room fell silent at once. They were waiting for an explanation for the invitation, Dickenson realized.

"I have news," he began slowly, carefully considering every word. "Some time ago, I sent a group out to recover more treasures for the wraiths guarding our borders." The old man watched each face before him carefully. "It was a lie. This group was not sent to find lost treasures, but something far greater. Now, not too long ago, I received a message that they had acquired what they sought." The alphas waited, some more patiently than others as Mr. Dickenson thought of his next words. "They are to return today. Please, have patience."

Murmurs ran through the crowd. Some were frustrated, some curious. Mr. Dickens turned his head to look out of the windows covering one entire wall of the throne room. The sun was setting behind the mountains, lighting the entire sky on fire. And then, some time later, a smaller demon finally snuck through the doors in the far end and hurried up to the no longer king to announce the new arrivals before rushing back to stand by the doors. Mr. Dickenson smiled happily. It was about time.

"My dear ladies and gentlemen, alphas of the demon clans," the human's voice broke through the mutters and whispers in the room. As he once again gained the demons' attention the old man gestured towards the main doors. The smaller demon nodded once and then opened the double doors wide. "Our heroes have returned."

Not a sound was heard, not a word was said as Kai strode through the doors. The power of a young phoenix radiated from him, demanding respect. The crown, an eternal symbol of the royal bloodline, decorated his head as if it had been forged for that sole reason. The blue markings on his cheeks left no question as to who, or what, this young man was. Next to him walked Rei. The tiger held his head high and the smallest of smiles adored his lips. Behind them came Tala and Bryan, looking every bit as proud as the tiger. And then Kenny, who was blushing at the attention. Tyson, Max, Ivan and Spencer took the rear, all of them grinning as if coming home from a victorious battle.

Demons of all species gave way as the being of royalty and power walked past them towards the throne. Mr. Dickenson bowed to the new king in silent respect, and Kai nodded his acknowledgment. Regrettably, as Kai began to rise the stairs towards the throne, all of his escorts, save for Rei and Tala, had to stop. They could not follow him to the throne at this moment, and they all knew that.

Once reaching the top, Kai turned to look at the crowd. His companions at the bottom of the stairs kneeled, soon followed by Mr. Dickenson. Then, slowly, every demon in the room followed the example, kneeling down in the presence of a king. The blunette took a deep breath and sat down on the throne. Rei gave his mate-to-be a warm look before sitting down at his left side, on the seat of a queen. And Tala, smirking like only a wolf can, sat down by his brother's right side, on the small chair reserved for the main advisor of the king.

Someone raised their voice to cheer for the new King. Others soon joined. Kai watched silently, considering his responsibility. Now was the time to once again unite the clans. Now was the time to fight against the hunters. A new era was dawning upon the demons of Daemon.

The End.

My apologies for the short chapter. I'm beating my bare hands against an author's block. Nonetheless, I wanted to make this a beautiful, fantasy-like ending.