Isn't it sweet how Jesse always closes the window for Suze before she wakes up? Aww.

Ha. Well, there you go.

This, once again, popped out of my ass. Someone mentioned the whole window thing a while ago . . . I can't remember who, exactly. But there you go.

Another fictional fart.

- 8 -

The Window Was Open.

Fog rolled in one morning

The sun was barely dawning

I could scarcely breathe

My heart upon my sleeve.

- 8 -

Something wasn't right.

The sunshine wasn't bright

A bitter, endless cold

Had me in an iron hold.

- 8 -

Restless, still half-sleeping

My heart began its leaping

An absence made me shake

Tried breathing, for life's sake.

- 8 -

And suddenly, I knew

The absent thing was you

The window was open.

The window was open.

- 8 -

Air was choked with mist

My lips could not be kissed

My blood began to drain

And then, oh then, the pain . . .

- 8 -

I felt so very numb.

I called; you didn't come.

So scared, I screamed your name

I knew I was to blame.

- 8 -

The night before we'd yelled

No fury was withheld.

You told me to just go to bed

Your voice echoed in my head.

- 8 -

But then, I knew so well

You were gone now, I could tell.

The window was open.

The window was open.

- 8 -

I said I hated you.

I said you could get screwed.

I said things, well, I lied.

And now . . . I'm terrified.

- 8 -

My skin was cold and ashen

You offered no compassion.

How could you, since you were gone?

How could you have moved on?

- 8 -

I'm sorry that I hurt you

My shouts of rage were not true.

Without you, I can't breathe.

Why did you have to leave?

- 8 -

Pain fell from my eyes

I broke down and cried

The window was open.

The window was open.

- 8 -

And the cold was killing me.