Pause For Effect

Herbal Tea

Genre: Fluffy

By Shyro Foxfeather


A soft whistling announced that the water had reached the perfect temperature for a steamy cup of Tea on a rainy April night. With a fluttering cobalt cloak adorned upon her shoulders, Raven swept up the teakettle—halting the mild whistle—and poured a good amount into her small black coffee mug.

She padded across the linoleum and flicked open a cabinet. As a hand reached for her box of herbal tea it froze. Only the nearly empty cupboard greeted her and she hesitated after slowly shutting it as to not disturb anyone who actually slept at 1:37am.

Pausing, her aura rose in irritation, discontent with the fact that she could not enjoy her favorite drink. It was a calming brew, herbs that guaranteed to sooth a tired soul and qualm any aching worries. Without it… Raven shook her head. It seemed useless to be so melancholy over something so trivial.

Despite Raven's constant suppression of all emotions she still felt them. Timid would shriek at her as a villain leapt her way, Rage would boil in her veins at an insult or a meaningless jeer, Brave would toss her into battle and essentially danger without warning, and Happiness would flood her thought process with murmured compliments and cheers of joy. Her emotions existed and thrived within her and as much as she denied it they were there.

Herbal tea. It was more soothing than just the herbs that were grinding and placed into the small cloth-like packet. It was normal, it was unchanged, and it was soothing because it meant that they'd be all right.

A light flickered on and Raven jumped as a puzzled Beast Boy looked at her with a cocked head. "Why are you still up?" He asked.

Raven composed herself quickly and replied, "I was about to drink some tea."

Beast Boy walked over to the fridge and as he ducked down and scrounged for food. He chuckled and said, "I told you earlier today that we were out. I thought you knew."

She stared unwavering at his form and vaguely remembered him coming up to her to say something. Many times that night. The first twenty or so times he approached her, she listened to him babble about a new cheat code or a gadget Cyborg made and so on. Then, like anyone would do, she tuned him out. "Oh."

He snickered as he came forth from the fridge with a packet of Udon in hand. He then noticed the still steaming cup of water sitting on the counter, abandoned. "Er… Maybe you could drink some hot chocolate instead?" He asked her as he snatched a pot and filled it with water to cook his meal. "I'm going to have some."

'A hot drink is a hot drink I suppose. Even if it does taste like melted plastic.' She thought to herself and nodded in his direction. Then, noticing that his back was to her, she answered with a short, "Sure."

He grinned idiotically at his small victory and opened another cabinet (this one mostly containing Ramen and Glazed Donuts) and plucked a box of hot chocolate from its shelf. He poured some into hers, grabbed a butter knife, stirred, added a small amount of milk (with her consent of course), and handed it to her while getting himself a cup and water from the quite full teakettle before repeating the process (minus the milk of course).

She now looked down at the murky cup or dark liquid and reluctantly took a sip. It was sweet with a rich chocolate taste and a subtle amount of underlying flavors that created the unique taste. It was obviously not a regular brand name type.

Beast Boy grabbed his bowl of Udon noodles, his cup of hot chocolate, and made his way to the maple golden colored dining tables and slid onto the cushiony long booth.

A fleeting glance was sent her direction and she sighed and walked over to the table. She slid in beside him—not really all that close together—and sipped the warm drink.

A long and somewhat peaceful silence filled the air and neither one wanted to break it.

Inside her Raven felt her riled emotions calm and now knew that those odd commercials and sitcoms about girls liking chocolate was right for a reason. Happy would've hugged Beast Boy with unbridled joy. Bravery would have congratulated him on finding such a nice drink and asked him where he had gotten it. Even Timid would have at least gave a small shy smile in his direction…

And yet Raven did none of this, for she was content with the calmed air and the occasional noise of a sip of a drink or a quiet slurp of noodles.

And it was nice sitting there. Peaceful, contented, and calm. Beast Boy, weary with a need of sleep, was more subdued and even he was aware of the serene and relaxed feeling and was in no hurry to interrupt it.

And they enjoyed each other's company, for they were friends and it was nice to know that to be true.


Disclaimer: Teen Titans does not belong to me and I won't own them ever. You may not realize this now but somewhere, someone does own them or has taken a part in their creation and is beaming with pride at how they've created something so loved by the fans.

Heh heh. New disclaimer. :Grins:

This was sweet. I liked writing it. This is going to be a collaboration of one-shots that will somehow string together to form a nice little series. They will probably consist of sweet ones like this, humor (for it is my forte), maybe romance (maybe), and angst once in a while. This one will just be 'Fluff'.

This isn't really a BB/R one-shot and yet at the same time it is. It depends on what you think it is and not me because, honestly, I have no say in the matter. For people who don't essentially care for BB/R it can be just a friendship fic and for those who are hardcore BB/R shippers this can be a waffy little fic for them. It's cool either way.

I had a mocha. I thought about making the hot chocolate a mocha and decided not to. Maybe I'll write one like that but not yet.

Oh, and also, Udon is a Japanese noodle thing kind of like Ramen. I had it once, didn't like it, and never ate it again, sadly enough. I think it might be tofu, I have to check, but I seriously doubt that. Also, I'm pretty sure there isn't anything that was once alive or something in it, however, I could be wrong. Let's just assume I'm not, okay?