White Rice


Warning: For Beast Boy being something of a pervert. My bad.


Beast Boy was not a contemplative person normally. His level of introspection tended to go far enough to inform him of things like desire for food, shelter, and sometimes a sorely needed bath. Yet, that was just who he was: simple, animalistic, and content.

So… why was it that his range of desire was beginning to melt into other areas of his life?

It was that kind of thought that alerted to him to the fact that he might need his brain checked.

Simply put, the object that had created these thoughts and many others that were unwarranted sat there obliviously enjoying her lunch. This lunch was the source of the actual problem.

They had ordered sushi and Starfire had attempted to make chocolate-covered fruit for dessert – Beast Boy, of course, opting for a more creature-friendly meal – and, although Raven showed little to no interest in the rolls of raw fish, this did not stop her from partaking in a bowl of steamed rice and some vegetables.

How could one person make misplaced rice so dang sexy?

Dark powers or not, this did little in telling her that she had a couple of tiny flecks of rice stuck stubbornly around her mouth. Had she known, she was sure to be terribly embarrassed or so Beast Boy assumed, since she prided herself for being neat and orderly and chided Beast Boy for being the 'messy one'.

He didn't find the poor grains of lost rice to be that bad.

In fact, he found it… endearing.

Which, is why he was having such a hard time acting calm and normal and eating his food like a good little Titan… because, when you're one step away from licking rice off a girl's face it's not a good time to bring attention to yourself.

So, someone else did.

"Heeeey." Cyborg poked Beast Boy's unusually immobile form. "Are you okay? You look worried. Constipated? Is it that time of the month?"

Robin frowned at the immature behavior and Starfire giggled simply because she didn't know what he was talking about. Raven looked over blandly – stubborn bits of rice still stuck, Beast Boy noted grievingly.

"No!" Beast Boy bit back, waving away Cyborg's hand away. "I'm eating."

Cyborg looked amused. "Since when is 'eating' a state of being? I asked you if you were okay." Beast Boy gave him a 'look', raised eyebrow and all. "You haven't moved or spoken for the past ten minutes."

Beast Boy cursed internally. He has tried so hard to act normal that he forgotten to actually act like himself. Which wasn't normal.

Raven gave something of a tiny smirk. "You even stopped eating. Besides… She paused, drawing Beast Boy's gaze back to her… and the ever-present rice that mocked him so. "You have soy sauce all over your face."

Beast Boy flushed in embarrassment and wiped it off with a napkin. He was sure this was a trap! She wanted him to reveal the rice on her face in retaliation. And she would accuse him of staring at her. And then—and then… She would have won because she made him fall for her trap!

"Yeeees. I see that I dooo." He replied, smirking in a manner that he hoped would tell Raven he was on to her scheming ways.

Cyborg bopped him on the head, assured that whatever moronic thought the changeling had would be knocked loose. He was a good friend.

Robin shook his head disapprovingly. It made Beast Boy think of what a parent might do. "You guys are making a mess." Were they? The green Titan hadn't even noticed… "If you want to goof off go do it somewhere food-free."

"Free food!?" Beast Boy yelped, hoping his ears had not deceived him.

"No. You don't listen to me, do you?" Robin sighed. Beast Boy just grinned back.

"You contain nourishment upon your plate Beast Boy. Why do you have the need for more?" Starfire piped up.

Beast Boy shrugged. She was right after all. He was already very much excited about what he…had… to eat…

He stared.

Raven had wiped away the bits of rice. That wasn't so much the problem now…

Instead of small grains of rice, small drops of chocolate became residents on Raven's face as she made an effort to try Starfire's chocolate-covered fruit dessert.

Beast Boy wasn't sure what was making Raven eat so messily today…

All he could do was sink in his seat and whimper.


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