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Quick notes: Well the names are in the same way as they were in the first chappy, also I forgot to note that Bakura is Ryou and Yami Bakura is Bakura.

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Yugi would have been upset with Yami, he really should have been. I mean, he had just finished watching the news. He had heard about the McDonalds incident. It was so embarrassing and Yugi did want to cuss Yami out for it but . . .

When Yami walked into the house with that happy/dazed look on his face, Yugi felt awkward. Then when Yami walked past him straight into a wall Yugi felt he just couldn't yell, especially when Yami tried to back up, only to do it again.

It was when Bakura and Marik burst into laughter that Yami had, sort of, come back to his senses; at least enough to beat them to a pulp, then wander upstairs.

"What happened?" Yugi asked Bakura when Yami had wandered upstairs.

"Well you see Yu-gi . . ." Bakura said in an evil tone.

"Yami has a date with Kaiba!" Marik said happily, totally destroying Bakura's dark atmosphere.

"Baka!" Bakura screamed, "You ruined the mood!"

"Oops . . ." Marik said sarcastically.

Yugi blinked at them clueless. "What the hell are you two talking about?"

"He knows how to swear, I have to teach my hikari that," Bakura told Marik, who nodded in agreement.

"My hikari already knows how to swear, I'm so proud!" Marik said happily.

"Anyway! Getting back on topic, my Yami has a date with Kaiba. Kaiba, who everyone knows, hates Yami?" Yugi asked slightly shocked.

"I ask myself the same thing, but then this is the pharaoh we're talking about." Bakura said rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"Maybe the pharaoh has always secretly loved Kaiba and this hating thing has been a convenient cover up for his true feelings." Marik said thoughtfully, "and maybe they've been dating for months now, and this new show of passion is just to see if how we'll react."

Bakura and Yugi looked at him in shock.

"Or maybe not! Hey, do I smell cookies?" Marik said sniffing the air, and then ran off. He later ran by them carrying the cookies with Yugi's mom chasing after him yelling "Thief!"

Yugi blinked. "We had cookies?" He shook his head, "Never mind that. Bakura, when did this happen?"

"Oh don't you remember Yu-gi? It happened when you sent Yami on that 'babysitting trip'." Bakura said chuckling.

Yugi sweatdroped. "Bakura, stop that, it's creepy."

"Ku ku ku . . ." Bakura chuckled again.

Yugi hit him, effectively silencing him.

"Itai, you're a mean little runt aren't you?" That earned Bakura another smack upside the head.

Their argument was abruptly cut short when Yami came waltzing through, grabbing Bakura and Marik on his way and throwing them out the door. "I'm taking you two idiots home now, and if I hear one word I will horribly injure you." Yami said still smiling.

That's what scared them; hell even Yugi was a little disturbed.

Needless to say the trip to the two respective yamis' home was quite silent.

At Malik's house

Malik was sitting, basking in the peace and quiet of the absence of his yami. That is till he heard a door slam, and the sound of someone running upstairs, and then the door to a bedroom slamming shut.

"What's up with him?" Malik thought. "I better go check it out." He said to himself and headed upstairs. He knocked on the door. "Marik? You okay?"

"Perfectly okay hikari pretty." Marik said in eerie tone. One that would even had made Seto flinch.

"Whatever Marik, just don't do anything too stupid." Malik answered and headed downstairs again.

"Oh don't worry, we won't, isn't that right Mr. Re?" Marik said squeezing his Re doll and making it squeak. "That's what I thought!" Mr. Re squeaked again. "Excellent! I never knew you were so diabolical!"

Malik, who was downstairs, shook his head. "What are you up to now Marik . . ."

After a fit of hysterical laughter, Marik calmed down and set to work with his very, very evil plan.

At Yami's house, Yami suddenly sat up. "Why do I suddenly have the feeling of impending doom?"

The next day

"It's morning! The sun shining! The birds are singing! The Mariks are chasing the squirrels across my lawn . . .wait . . .Marik! Get the fuck off my lawn!" Yami yelled at Marik who was indeed chasing squirrels across Yami's lawn.

"But you don't have a dog to do it! The squirrels will get arrogant! They'll take over your lawn, and then . . .and then the world!" Marik yelled back, still running after the squirrel that is until he ran into the tree the squirrel ran up. "God damned squirrel! Just you wait! You'll get yours!"

"Chicker-chick-chippy!" The squirrel yelled back.

"What! What'd you say about my momma!" Marik yelled at the squirrel.

"Chicker-chick-chick-chippy-chicker-chippy!" The squirrel yelled again.

"Oh that's it! You come down here and say that you squirrel bastard!" Marik yelled up the tree till a rock hit his head.

"Baka!" Yami yelled at him. "What the hell are you doing here! Why are you only in your underwear, wait, I don't want to know . . ."

Marik grinned, the neighbours stared, and Yugi's mom shrieked at the half naked boy on her lawn.

Yami sighed in annoyance. He was about to throw another insult Marik's way when a Kaiba Corp. limo pulled up in front of the Mouto house. "Nanda?" Yami exclaimed.

The black tinted window of the limousine rolled down and one of the many cloned Rolands was behind the wheel. "Excuse me, does a Mr. Yami Mouto live here?"

Yami nodded in the affirmative "Yes, that's me."

"I have orders to bring you to the Kaiba Corp. towers to meet with Mr. Kaiba himself" Roland got out of the car and opened the passenger door awaiting Yami to climb in.

Yami stood gaping at the car. "Kaiba sent a limo, for me?" Yami thought.

The Roland looked at his watch. "Kaiba-sama is very busy, he doesn't have time to wait, and he has a meeting."

Yami looked back at his front yard, which had recently become a mad house, and decided he had nothing better to do and he really didn't want to be here, so he got in the limo.

Marik looked up, seeing Yami had left he pulled out his Re doll and began to talk to it, (AN: where the hell was he keeping that) "There he goes Mr. Re . . . we will have to follow if we want to put our plan into motion." He laughed insanely until Mrs. Mouto hit him upside the head with a broom and screamed at him for being half naked on her lawn.

At Kaiba's office

"Mr. Kaiba, your 'guest' is here." A secretary paged Kaiba.

"Good, let him in." Kaiba answered. He turned and looked as the doors were open and Yami was let in. "Hello Yami, I believe you wanted to speak to me. Well, you have the next 30 minutes, so I suggest you don't waist it."

Yami's eye twitched. "Oh course Mr. Kaiba."

Kaiba's mouth quirked into a slight smile. "Already our war begins." Kaiba chuckled under his breath.

Yami's eye twitched again. "God damned Kaiba!" Yami thought angrily. "Why the hell is he so arrogant!"

"Are you going to sit there and gawk or are you actually here to do something?" Kaiba asked bored.

Yami held himself back from throttling Kaiba. "No Kaiba, I won't waste your time." Yami said clearly upset. He turned on his heel, and went to leave.

Kaiba raised an eyebrow, "What? That's it? You've wasted, what, ten of my minutes now." He asked sarcastically.

Yami turned and faced Kaiba; "Well I was going to ask you out tonight, but considering how stupid you've been in the last few moments I don't think I want to anymore."

Kaiba blinked in confusion/shock. "What? You were going to . . .ask me out . . ?"

Yami stood shocked for a moment. "Wow Kaiba, that last insult didn't even faze you, you really are dense!"

Kaiba glared, "No Yami, not dense just curious."

"Right Kaiba." Yami said with a roll of the eyes. "Well, I was going to ask you out to a movie tonight, but . . ." Yami said.

"Alright." Kaiba interrupted.

Yami's eyes widened. "Alright?" Yami blinked a couple of times and pinched himself. "Itai, nope, not dreaming . . ."

Kaiba chuckled. "Well Yami, as much as I'd love to continue this conversation, I have a meeting in two minutes."

Yami's confusion turned to anger. "I will not be so easily sent out Kaiba!"

Kaiba stood up and walked over to Yami. "I wouldn't dream of it Yami . . ." He said in a purr and bent over, and swiftly captured Yami's lips before he could resist.

Yami struggled at first, but then melted into the kiss, clinging onto Kaiba's business suit for support.

After a minute Kaiba released Yami, (who was very flushed) and escorted him to the door. "I'll pick you up at 7."

Yami stood at the door in a daze for about two minutes before he realised what Kaiba had done. "Damn you Kaiba!" He thought then left for back home.

In a dark corner of Kaiba's office

"Ku ku ku . . ." Marik chuckled evilly. "This is working out perfectly . . ." He said and squeezed Mr. Re who squeaked. "I thought so too, but I don't think pudding works that way." Mr. Re squeaked again. "You're right, I'm getting of topic. I have to be there when they're date ends, to make the final part of my spell . . ."

Meanwhile Kaiba was looking around to see what that annoying noise was . . .

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