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Ch. #2: Family
(Titans Tower, Infirmary room)

The Titans all sat around Violet's bed as Cyborg checked her vitals. "She's ok." He finally said, "Although the storm DID take quite a number on her before she got here." "But what was she doing out in the storm in the first place?" Terra asked. Robin was the only silent one as all the other Titans discussed what could have happened to her.

Violet? Is it really you? How did you live…and why did it take this long to find me? "Robin?" Robin snapped back to reality, "Ya?" He noticed that the only one's left in the room were Raven, Violet and himself. "Are you ok?" She asked. He nodded, "Ya, just thinking. Hey could you do me a favour?" She nodded.

"Could you keep an eye on Violet for me. You know, tell me when she wakes up…and uh…could you…NOT tell her about me yet? Just act as if I'm another member of the team." Raven nodded and he ran outside and towards his room with a lock of Violet's hair, Oh Violet…I hope it really is you…



Violet slowly opened her eyes; the first thing she saw was Raven reading a book. "Good book?" She asked. Raven looked up quickly and put her book away, "So your awake good, now can you remember anything?" Raven helped her sit up in her bed, "Yes I can, well…most of it anyways. I remember asking someone at the pier to help me get to Titans Island but I don't remember how I got here." Raven noticed how soft her voice was.

"What's your name?" Raven asked checking Violet's vitals. "My name is…Violet. Violet J. Grayson." Raven smiled even though no one could see, "Mhhm…how old are you Violet?" Violet raised an eyebrow and Raven noticed that Violet's eyes were different colours, one was an icy blue and the other was a deep green, "I'm old enough."

"For what?" Raven asked curiously. "To…to…to hire a personal detective." Violet answered, "I heard that the leader of the Teen Titans was a young talented detective and I need his help, I-I have the money and-"

Raven shook her head, "Keep your money Violet, the Titans work for free. Besides, what do you need a detective for?" Violet scanned the room with her eyes, "B-because…well…my whole family was to be murdered by an evil madman during a circus 'incident' and I have reason to believe that one of my brothers survived. I've been looking for him ever since but I never found him. I've been earning and saving money to hire someone to help." Raven nodded, "I'll be right back."

A moment later all the Teen Titans were standing outside of the infirmary, "What did she say Raven?" Robin asked worriedly. Raven smiled, "That she was looking for her brother who might have survived a circus incident. Her name is Violet J. Grayson. Enough proof for you?" Robin smiled happily and ran into the room; A moment later a happy laugh came from the room. "I believe friend Robin has made our new guest very happy?" Starfire asked. The others just smiled (Even Raven) and started walking to the Main room.

Suddenly the Titan alarm rang.

Cyborg checked his arm locator, "Yo Robin, we've got Cinderblock on the loose downtown!" To everyone's surprise, Robin answered quite differently then they expected, "You guys can take him by yourself, and bring back a pizza on your way home."

Everyone exchanged glances and left without another word.

(Inside the Infirmary)

Violet sat in her bed with both small hands clutching one of Robin's wrists when they heard Cyborg, "Are you really going to leave me again Richard?" Robin shook his head, "You guys can take him by yourself, and bring back a pizza on your way home." He smiled and turned to Violet, "So tell me, what's been happening?" Violet raised an eyebrow, "I've been renting hotel suites and earning money by acting and…performing wherever I can. Not much to say, how about you?"

Robin smiled, "I'd answer, but I'm worried you couldn't keep it a secre- (Sees Violets puppy dog eyes) ok. After Mom and Dad died I was sent to an orphanage. Later on I was adopted by Bruce Wayne." Violet's eyes grew huge, "Bruce Wayne? The super rich dude who lives in Gotham City? WOW!" " I knew my talents would win me the heart of someone, and they would adopt me. I just never thought that it would be a Multi-millionaire like him. But anyways," He said before Violet could make a comment about his 'many talents', "Afterwards I became batman's assistant in crime fighting, I got bored after a few years so I decided to create my OWN team of super heroes. Thus the Teen Titans were born."

Suddenly Violet grabbed her head as if an immense headache had suddenly reached her, "Violet? What's wrong?" Robin stepped forward not sure what to do. "Your friends-" She answered, "Your friends are in danger. A purplish gooey monster is headed their way, if they don't get help they will be destroyed." She opened here eyes and saw Robin staring at her, "What?"

"When did you get the 6th sense?" He asked. Violet shrugged and stepped out of the bed pulling the IV's out of her arms, "No idea." She raced out of the Tower before Robin could object to her getting out of bed.

(With the other Titans)

The Titans were in BIG trouble. It seemed like all of their attacks were useless against Cinderblock. Raven, Starfire and Terra were all floating above the ground trying to land an aerial attack on Cinderblock; it wasn't working. Meanwhile, down below, Beast Boy was trying to knock Cinderblock off his feet; I dare to say that wasn't helping much either. Cyborg, who had been thrown into a wall seconds before hand, was just getting to his feet when the ground suddenly started shaking. Terra put up her hands too Raven's glare, "Hey! It wasn't me!" Suddenly a crack appeared on the street and purplish goo started coming out forming into- "Plasmas," The Titans all said in unison.

Plasmas leaped forward and engulfed Beast Boy (Who had unluckily been standing right in front of him). Terra gasped and flew towards him. "Terra no!" Raven yelled, but it was too late, Terra had also gotten absorbed inside. Moments later all of the Titans not including Raven were trapped inside. Raven circled around the two monsters not sure what to do.

Suddenly (Yes I know I use that word a lot) a dozen or so goblin-looking monsters ran onto Cinderblock and started attacking, dare say they were making more progress then the Titans. Raven looked over to Plasmas and saw him frozen solid. She walked to him and when she touched his arm his entire body broke apart revealing the Titans in an empty place inside him. Raven gave her hand to Terra and helped her up, "Thanks Rae…whatever you did." Terra said looking at the Goblins. "But…I DIDN'T do it." Raven said defensively.

"Of course you didn't, I did." The Titans turned and all gasped in unison…well, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Terra gasped, Beast Boy just went googly eyed and whistled (Which earned him a slap from Terra). There, only a few feet away came-

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