(Far away in Evilauthourland, aka Canada)

(Far away in Evilauthourland, aka Canada)

Midori is happily playing around on her computer, contentedly colouring using Paint Shop Pro 7 and thinking up new ideas for COTAC. Suddenly -

"muahahahahahahaha!!" Chibi-Midori dropped in out of mid-air, landing on the mouse pad and ruining Midori's picture.

"Kisama! Why did you do that?"

"Becauthe I wanna," the impudent Chibi replied.

"DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Midori lunged for the little Chibi, but Chibi-Midori jumped off the desk and ran for the balcony. "Come back here, ye liddle maggot!"

"Gotta ketth me, gotta ketth me!!!!" Chibi-Midori stuck her tongue out at the seething fan fiction writer.

"Oh, I will, I will," Midori lunged for the Chibi again, but she danced sideways, making Midori hit the balcony railing.

"Oof," Midori had her wind knocked out of her.

"Hee, hee, hee," the Chibi was now behind Midori. Midori spun around, but it was too late. Chibi-Midori had launched herself into the air, heading straight for Midori's face. The Chibi round-housed Midori, knocking her glasses off. Midori pressed a hand to her throbbing cheek where the Chibi had hit her.

"You little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Midori grabbed the laughing Chibi and started shaking her like a dog.

"Blarg," Chibi-Midori bit Midori's finger. Midori let out a cry of pain and dropped the Chibi. Midori stumbled back against the balcony railing, nursing her finger. Chibi-Midori launched herself the desk, cannon-balling into Midori's forehead. Midori was knocked backwards, falling in slow-motion over the edge of the balcony and falling twelve stories to her death.

Chibi-Midori looked at the mangled body on the street below. "Hn." She jumped down from the balcony railing and ran back to the desk. She hopped up onto the desk and began to finish colouring the picture Midori had started.

(Somewhere else in Evilauthorland)

Ekaurii was lying on her bed, an open green notebook in front of her and an almost empty green pen in her hand. She was trying to write Chapter 3 of School Daze, but as it was March Break, she had no ideas.

"I know, maybe Midori has some ideas!" Ekaurii picked up her cat phone and dialed Midori's number.


"Uh, hey, is Midori there?"

"No, sowwy, Midowi ith dead, I mean, out. Bwy!" *click*

Ekaurii looked at her phone. "That was…weird. Anyhoo, maybe Stepha has some ideas," she dialed another number.


"Hi, is Stepha there?"

"No, Stepha ith dead. Good bwy!" *click*

Ekaurii stared at the phone. "Everyone's dead and the world is inhabited by Chibis. Hey, fic idea!"