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It had been two years since Elliot's divorce to Kathy, and things were going great for him. Cragen had found out about him and Olivia, and with time accepted it. They were his two best detectives, after all. He knew the time would come sometime; he just hadn't been as prepared as he should have been. If anything, Benson and Stabler's personal relationship had strengthened their work. It normally wasn't allowed for partners to be together, but Cragen stood up for them and wouldn't let them get torn apart. They were like family to him; something he was lacking. Besides, he knew if they had been reassigned partners, they would leave and he couldn't risk losing his best detectives.

"Liv? Hey, sweetheart, wake up. C'mon, we gotta get to the station." Elliot woke his girlfriend with gentle words and kisses. She couldn't resist and finally woke up for him. They headed down to work a bit early to catch up on some paper work.

"Hey, lovebirds, what are you doing here so early?" Munch asked, sipping his coffee.

"Paper work." Olivia said, half mocking Elliot and rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"Rough night? Wait, I don't want to know, don't answer that!" Munch regretted asking in fear of getting an answer that would gross him out a bit. Elliot and Olivia smiled at each other. "Eww… don't do that, you're making it worse." Munch said, jokingly after seeing them smile.

"Stabler?" Elliot answered his phone, a bit confused. "Where are you? Uhh.. captain, we're already here." He said laughing as he hung up his phone. Cragen walked out of his office to find Elliot, Olivia and Munch all laughing at him.

"Ok, joke's over," He smiled. "Olivia, I need to talk to you now, please." She stood and walked to his office, and he gave a nod to Elliot before following behind her.

"Hey, Munch, can I talk to you a sec?" Elliot asked.

"Sure, what is it?"

"I'm planning a surprise party for Liv… her birthday is next week…"

"Olivia, are you doing alright?" Cragen asked, although he knew she was.

"Yeah, I'm fine, why?"

"You seem down, lately. Is Elliot treating you right? Cause you know you can tell me if something is wrong."

Olivia laughed a little, "Everything's fine, Cap. Couldn't be better, actually."

"Ok. Liv, I want you to talk to Huang." Dr. Huang walked into his office as if on cue.

"What's this about?" Benson asked, a little offended.

"I'm having all of you talk to him. That last case was pretty brutal. Just want to make sure you're working alright." Although this was all part of Elliot's plan, he really did think she should talk to him. It couldn't hurt, he thought.

"Sure, Cap." Olivia stood following Dr. Huang into an interrogation room. She was a little puzzled, but went along with it. Captain Cragen never usually made bad calls. He was always trying to look out for Olivia.

"Please, don't say a word about this, guys. I want this to be special. She's never had anyone do anything like this before." Elliot pleaded looking back and forth between Munch and Fin who joined the conversation just in time to hear the plan.

"You're secret's safe with me." Munch agreed.

"Same here. Liv is like a sister to me. I'm happy to help."

Later that day Elliot met up with Casey Novak to update her on his plans. "Hey, Casey, you got a sec?" He caught her as she was walking into her office.

"Yeah, come in." She gestured him to sit, and she sat in her desk facing him. "What's up?"

"I need your help. You're really the only girl that Olivia is friends with…"

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