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By Rixiel

He inhaled deeply, letting the steady stream of tobacco to flow into his system. The slight crackle of paper burning rustled the silence of the night. Exhaling he watched the hazy path of the smoke rise up slowly before drifting away.

He savored the harsh bitterness, running his tongue across the tips of his teeth and the top of his tongue, before taking another drawl.

He was only half way through his third stick when he heard familiar soft crunch of footsteps, normally the waiting time consisted of him finishing off half a packet of cigarettes. His lips quirked slightly against thin paper, before he expertly transferred the roll to slim fingers.

"Yo, you're early." He turned around to greet the approaching man.

"Hn." The man offered none for his early arrival, neither did he offer any when he was late. But he offered warmth amidst the nip of the night, "You won't make it pass 35 at the rate you are smoking."

"Is that why you are here early?" He smiled as he snubbed the glow on the stick out.

Once again, the man offered none, except to lean in closer, barely inches away from the face before him. "I can't have you dying on me can I?"

"Even if I left that time?"

"Not after you killed him."

"Even if I almost got you killed?"

"Not after you said you loved me."

"I don't remember saying that."

"Really? Then who was that crying his eyes out, begging me not to die?"

"You..." His denial was helpless against warm lips as he allowed himself to be pressed into the tree behind him and parted his lips helpfully. Hands searched his body, slipping between the folds of clothes. He wanted to squirm at the ticklish sensation, but was distracted by the teasing dance of hips grinding against each other.

"Sasuke." The husky voice by his ear adding to the already overwhelming sensations coursing through his body. He was about to lose himself when suddenly it was all gone. He blinked stupidly and gapped as the distance between their bodies began to increase.

He tried moaning, but the only response from the other man was a smirk. Frustrated, he reached out to his back pocket for a light, needing something to temporary satisfy the craving for sweet friction. And glared when he realised that it was gone, instead, it dangled tauntingly from the hands of another man.

"No more smoking for today and tomorrow." Was the stern order. Closing his eyes, Sasuke inhaled deeply and tasted the aftermath of their kiss. He nodded and there was the satisfying sound of cigarettes being crushed before he was pressed back into the tree again.

"You had better compensate me for that, Kakashi." Sasuke threatened before wrapping himself closer to the other body.

"You'll be very much satisfied, I'm on a two leave you know." Kakashi informed and smiled suggestively.

"Good, I'm not expecting any less."

He hasn't told the other man, that the crisp spice of tobacco clouds his senses with the smell of sex.

He hasn't told the other man, that the bitter after taste from the tobacco has an edge of tenderness to it and a raw sweetness, much like his kisses.


30 April 2005

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