It was a rare sunny day in Saybrook, especially during the early spring. It reminded us that summer was still yet to come. For my father, it meant glorious days for starting the first trip down the river since last early fall. For mother, it meant staying behind at Saybrook for a while. She wasn't very welcome in Saybrook now. For me, it was the same as my father, though I was excited for something more. Visiting my… well… almost cousin, but great friend. Now, happily, I write this by candlelight in the Etching Room- the place I've missed. This was considered my closet, where I was when they didn't need me to help on board the deck of the Witch. Everyone, including my father, whom I am to address as "Captain Eaton," knows when I'm here; I'm not to be disturbed. It was Heart Eaton's Room, and no one could come in here.

I know I shouldn't be, but I'm glad to be leaving Saybrook for a while. The biggest excitement there is when someone is accused of witchcraft, and because of mother we don't go to trials like that. It's one of our rules. Here out on the river, there seems to be endless excitement- except when the winds die down, that is. It's excruciatingly slow. But, at least for now, the winds are blowing hard and fast, and in the direction we want to go.

You know, life on the water isn't bad. I can't see why anyone would- or could, for that matter- be seasick. Really, I think they just get sick from the food.

Father's calling me. It's probably going to be about that snake I let loose in the crew's quarters. Mad Thom is deathly afraid of snakes, even a little one. Wish me luck.