She sat in the corner of the small room, wondering what to do next. Tears streaming down her small pale face and her mascara running down from her eyes to her new white cami were on the least of her worries. She was stupid. She knew it.

She had given into her heart, her wants, and now she was screwed. Seth had left and she didn't know what to do.

She leaned over and touched the vanilla colored letter; his hand-writing on the front stating her name.

She had the temptation to rip it apart but she knew if she did she would eventually paste it back together and read the note again.

How could he do that to her. She wasn't that kind of a person to love the geek of Orange County. She only used to go after the hot, rich, Water Polo player. But somehow she let her inner-self show and now she was ruined.

Her name with his penned writing was now blurred; her tears had become more fierce.

Dear Summer,

This is hard for me and Captain Oats to write. But he kept talking about ladybugs on my ceiling so I had to make him stop and concentrate on something.

I love you Summer and I can't believe you've ever gave me the time of day. But you fell for my good looks and charm anyways. (Captain Oats made me write that.)

I know this is going to break your heart but I've got to do this. I can't stand it here anymore. I'm leaving. Forgive me.

Love you, Seth and Captain Oats.

P.S. Captain Oats will miss Princess Sparkles too.

There was now a knock on the door of Seth's bathroom.

She didn't move.

"Hey Seth. Get down here. We're about to watch that weird Japanese movie you like. You better get down here soon." Sandy hollered outside the door.

"Seth? You Ok?" He knocked again and said it a little louder.

Summer stayed still not wanting to see anyone.

"Seth?" The door handle jiggled and she heard Sandy searching for the key above the door.

The door opened and Sandy jumped at the sight of his son's girlfriend crying in the corner of the tub.

"Summer, what are you doing here?"

She froze and started to get up.


"Sorry Mr. Cohen. I have to go."

"Wait. Summer. What' up. Where's Seth?"

"How the hell should I know. He left me. You're the dad. You probably should know!" Her anger got the best of her and that was the cause of her tirade.

"Whoa Summer." He said catching her arm as she tried to leave. "Tell me what's going on."

"He left. Read the letter. He left you one too." She pointed to the dresser where she found hers.

Sandy walked over to the dresser while Summer left the room and tried to exit the house as fast as she could.

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