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20 minutes later after everything had been cleaned up and all the chaos had stopped, Summer sat on her bed with her baby girl in her arms; Seth cuddling next to her on the bed. Seth's finger was enclosed in the baby's little fist and Summer was content with watching their interaction.

"What her name?" Seth asked quietly.

"Oh boy." Summer began. "I had been thinking about this forever. I wanted a name that would mean something. At first I wanted to name her Cali for California but I just wanted a longer version of it. I came up with Kayleigh(Kay-Lee). We can call for Kali for short. Do you like it?" Summer grinned happily.

"I love it. Kayleigh what?" Seth smiled.

"Kayleigh Grace." She cooed.

"Kayleigh Cohen." He said to the little baby in the Summer's arms. "You are a perfect Kayleigh."

Seth softly moved his fingers over Kayleigh's skin and over her light brown strands of hair.

A knock at the door distracted their attention for a moment. "Come in." Seth replied.

The door opened and Kirsten, Sandy, Ryan, and Marissa all walked in. Marissa and Ryan carried big fluffy teddy bears while the Cohen's brought flowers.

"Congratulations!" Kirsten said, excitedly. "Oh it's a girl!" She exclaimed, moving towards the bed.

"Our son didn't come and tell us so we were just waiting anxiously." Sandy feigned hurt.

"Sorry Dad. I just didn't want to leave my family."

"So Summer. What's her name?" Marissa asked going over to hug her and get a better view of the baby.

"Kayleigh Grace." Summer replied, the baby sleeping in her arms.

"Kayleigh Cohen. It sounds beautiful." The girls cooed.

"Cohen, want to hold her?"

Seth looked shocked and scared but he nodded. "Mom can you help me. I don't want to drop her." Kirsten smiled at her son as she walked over to Summer's bed.

She lifted Kayleigh out of her mother's arms and then transferred her to her son's.

"There you go. Hold her head. Good job." Seth rocked the baby in his arms while Summer and Marissa chatted about the name.

"Why'd you pick Kayleigh?"

"It means ocean and thought it fit really well. Hey Cohen, what would you have named the baby if it was a boy?" Summer inquired to him.

"Nathan James." He said looking at his baby.

"Really?" Summer said softly. "It's so pretty."

"I thought a long time and yet I still didn't pick anything as good as yours." Seth smiled up at her and Summer blushed.

"Well, thank you for letting us see your precious baby. I think we will go and let you guys get some rest. Summer you must be exhausted." Kirsten announced.

"Thanks for coming. You can stop by whenever. They told me I can get out of here tomorrow and then you will get to see the baby whenever you want."

"Ok. Thanks."

They all left after saying their goodbyes to the baby. Finally there was peace and quiet.

"Hey Summer, want to take Kayleigh back. I've got to get something."

"I'd love to have her." Seth walked back over to her and carefully placed her back in her arms.

"Okay, be right back." He left her hospital room and came back about 5 minutes later with a present in his hand.

"What's this Cohen?" She asked puzzled.

"Well," He started, sitting on the bed. "I've been thinking about this for a couple months and I knew I really wanted to do this. It's a present for Kayleigh. I'll open it for her." Seth took the wrapping off and showed the toy to Summer and she gasped.

"Hi Kayleigh! I'm 'Duchess Giggles'!" Seth announced holding up a white and gold plastic horse.

"I'm your new best friend!" He said in a pretend voice.

"Oh Cohen. This is so cute!" She giggled herself as he pranced the pony around by Kayleigh.

"Well, I thought since she's part of our family now that we needed to let her have a horse too. I hope she will like it."

"I bet she'll love it. And I love it too."

"Look at our little family we have now." He pulled out Princess Sparkles and Captain Oats and laid them on her stomach where Duchess Giggles resided.

"Our wonderful little family." Summer cooed, her baby resting in her arms and Seth by her side.

"I love you Cohen." Summer stated, turning carefully to give him a kiss.

"Summer, I love you. And I love Kayleigh too." He leaned in and placed a small kiss on his daughter's forehead and Seth could have swore he saw her smile. Life was good.

---"Life isn't measured by how many breaths you take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

The End

Final Author's Note. I hope you enjoyed my story One Summer . I had a blast writing it and I thought that since I've been writing for you for a little less then 2 months I could tell you a little about me.

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