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Violet smiled to herself as she listened to the message Quigley left her on her cell phone. "Hey Vi, I just called to tell you to meet me at your favorite restaurant at six sharp. Love you, bye." BEEP the message ended. Quigley is so Romantic, Violet thought to herself. She glanced at the clock on her mini cooper's dashboard.

"Oh Shit!" Violet exclaimed, it was 2:55 and she was late picking up Sunny from school. She turned the key in and stepped on the gas. Her mind was on work (she was a mechanical engineer) but it quickly shifted to Quigley. Quigley and Violet had been dating since Quigley's fourteenth birthday. They had broken up twice before they were married. Other than that they have been together most of their teenage years and their twenties. Violet is now twenty-seven and Quigley is twenty-six they have two children a son who was four named Michael (Mikey for short) and a daughter who was three named Alison (Ally for short.) RINNNNNGGGGGG! Violet's cell phone rang and interrupted her thoughts.

"Hello," Violet said.

"Vi, where the hell are you?" Sunny asked.

"I'm on my way, I'll be there in like five minutes." Violet replied.

"You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago Vi," Sunny complained, "Hurry up I can't talk any longer my phone battery is dying."

"Ok five minutes." Violet quickly said before hanging up the phone.

"Bye!" Sunny answered to a dead line. Now Violet's mind was on Sunny, she was turning fifteen in three days. Sunny was a freshman in high school and she was a good student. Sunny was still a great cook; she like lived in the kitchen. She cooked dinner every night for everyone in the apartment she lived in with Violet and Quigley. The Baudelaires and the Quagmires owned a place that was separated into two apartments. Violet, Quigley, and Sunny shared the two top floors and Klaus, Isadora, and Duncan shared the two bottom floors. Violet's car stopped in front of Sunny's school.

"Hey!" Sunny exclaimed as she hopped into the mini cooper.

"How was school?" Violet asked pulling away from the curb.
"Fine," Sunny expressed, but her day was more than fine. Matt had asked her out and they were supposed to go to the movies with Emma and Alec. Sunny was hesitant on asking Violet because Violet had a rule on no dating. Every time they got into an argument about it Sunny brought up the fact that Violet dated Quigley when she was fifteen but she always lost that argument, Klaus didn't even back her up on it. She decided to go with the plan that Emma came up with. " Umm Vi, can I sleepover Emma's house we have to work on a bio project?"

"Umm," Violet thought, she knew that Sunny would never lie to her and she cared about her grades.

"PLEASE!" Sunny begged

"Well alright," Violet gave in, "but you have to promise that you will go to sleep at a reasonable hour, no all-nighters."

"Yeah, yeah I know," Sunny said focusing on what she was going to wear tonight. Violet parked her mini cooper in front of Klaus's bookstore. I thought we were going home?" Sunny asked.

"I have to ask Klaus a question and then we will go home." Violet informed her.

"Oh," Sunny said glumly. She wanted charge her cell phone so she can discuss her outfit situation with Emma. Violet and Sunny got out of the car and walked into the bookstore.

Klaus owned his own bookstore/coffee shop. Klaus had married Isadora three years ago. They are expecting their first child in four months. Isadora was a poet and in the last six years she had over thirty of her poetry books published.

"Hey," Violet said to Klaus.

"What's up?" Klaus asked Violet, "How was school?" he asked Sunny.

"Nothing." Violet answered.

"Fine," Sunny said taking a seat at the table in the back of the store. She pulled out her I-pod and turned up her favorite song American Idiot.

"What's up with her?" Klaus asked.

"I don't know she's been kind of out of it since I picked her up from school today." Violet answered.

"Want some coffee?" Klaus said.

"Sure," Violet said taking a seat, "Klaus can you and Isadora watch Mikey and Ally tonight? Sunny is sleeping over Emma's house. If you can't I can ask Duncan."

"Duncan is going on a date tonight with Katy tonight but Isadora and I could." Klaus replied to her question and handed her the coffee.

"Thanks, well I have to go get ready to go out with Quigley tonight." Violet exclaimed. "Sunny let's go, SUNNY!"

"What huh?" Sunny took off her headphones.

"Let's go." Violet said impatiently.

"Ok, bye Klaus" Sunny said as they walked out.

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