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When they got back from the restaurant everyone went to the upstairs living room to talk.

"So who's living where?" Sunny asked, the question that had been on her mind for the whole day. She was being polite for not mentioning until now.

"Well we haven't discussed details like that yet." Maryssa said. She sat on the arm of the chair that Duncan was sitting in.

"Oh." Sunny sighed.

"Don't worry kiddo, we'll let you know when we decide." Duncan said. Sunny smiled at him.

"Thanks Dun," She said. "Well Emma and I are going to go pick our outfits for my party tomorrow. And I think I should come up with a list of rules for you all to follow."

"Watch it missy or I might come up with some rules of my own." Violet said. Sunny looked alarmed. "Just kidding." Violet said. Sunny breathed a sigh of relief and rushed Emma out of the room so they could pick outfits out.

"Should I take Mikey and Ally to the park tomorrow during her party?" Quigley asked. He was on the floor playing with Ally and Mikey.

"No, they could stay downstairs and watch TV or something." Violet said. "I'll need you here to keep me sane. I can't be alone with a bunch of teenagers."

"We'll be here too." Maryssa said.

"And I'll be keeping an eye on Mikey and Ally, while I'm glad that I am not you four." Isadora said.

"Ditto." Klaus agreed. Everyone discussed the party while Sunny and Emma searched through Sunny's clothes and some of Emma's to find the perfect outfit for the party.

"What do you think Matt will think of this?" Sunny asked. She held up a pair of black jeans and a pink top.

"He'll love it!" Emma exclaimed. They each found outfits after changing their minds about five or six different times until they finally ended up with an outfit each. The girls gathered everything together and ended up falling asleep while watching a movie in the living room.

"Happy birthday Auntie Sunny!" Mikey said in his little voice the next morning.

"Hapabirda!" Ally cried.

"Thanks guys!" Sunny said she hugged them and then her and Emma began to get things ready. They cleaned the living room and then Sunny went to start the cake while Emma started to hang the decorations. Soon Violet had gotten over her morning sickness for the morning and came to help set up. An hour before the party things were done and looking great. The living room was where the party would be so Emma hung streamers and birthday signs all around the living room. The furniture was pushed back and there was a table along the side with refreshments. The cake that Sunny had made was sitting two levels high and decorated beautifully with frosting. Sunny had gotten her CD collection out and out it by the stereo. Violet was putting the finishing touches on the chip bowl (by taking a few off of the top) and Quigley went to get the pizza. Klaus had just picked up Mikey and Ally and Duncan and Maryssa were on their way. Everything was looking ok so Sunny and Emma went to go change. Sunny had on jeans and a white top. She had several long necklaces around her neck and black boots on that came over her jeans. Emma had on a jean skirt and a brown top with a white shrug over it. She had tan uggz on. They put the final touches of their make-up on and went into the living room.

"You two look great!" Everyone gushed. Right before the first guest came Sunny went over the rules for the third time with the four adults.

"You guys are going to…" She asked.

"Keep an eye on the party from behind the scenes." They repeated in a monotone.

"And your not going to…"

"Tell embarrassing stories or talk to any of the guests."

"Perfect!" Sunny exclaimed just before the doorbell rang. Sunny got exited but stopped to give Violet a hug first. Thanks a lot Vi, for doing this for me." She said.

"Anytime." Violet replied. Sunny and Emma rushed to the door.

The four adults sat in the kitchen while the party was going on. They could hear Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy playing in the next room. Violet was digging into a bag of chips and the four adults were discussing the wedding. Well Duncan, Maryssa, and Quigley were talking about the wedding and Violet was listening to the party. Without thinking Violet got up and peered through the door to the living room. Sunny was chatting happily with a boy (Matt but Violet doesn't know that) and laughing, with a glass of soda in her hand. Violet watched her sister and tears welled up in her eyes. It might have been the emotions from the pregnancy or just because but tears poured down her cheeks as she realized that here sister was a grown up young lady. Quigley's hands rested on Violet's shoulder.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"My little sister." Violet said through sniffles as Quigley directed her to back to her seat and the chips. "She isn't so little anymore." Violet got out after one last sniffle before she started crying on Quigley's shoulder. Quigley patted her back sympathetically and calmed her down.

When Dance, Dance ended Emma went to the CD player and put on Stickwitu by the Pussycat Dolls. She gave Sunny the thumbs up and went to find Alec. The living room was big enough so people were dancing.

"Would you like to dance, birthday girl?" Matt asked.

"That sounds good." Sunny responded. She placed her arms around his neck and his went to her waist.

"So, Sunny. Are we something?" Matt asked. "Because I've heard rumors that your not allowed to date."

"Well most rumors are in fact rumors." Sunny said. Matt smiled and Sunny gently stood taller and met their lips together for a second.

"I'll take it that we are something." Matt answered. Sunny smiled a big toothy smile (perfect teeth from years of braces) and nodded at him. As the party drew on Sunny decided that it was time for cake before everyone left. Emma brought the cake to the coffee table and placed the candles in it. Sunny sat on the couch surrounded by all of her friends. She only realized that something was missing. Sunny went to the kitchen and saw the four adults discussing wedding details.

"Come on Vi, we're having cake." Sunny said. She rushed back into the living room and took her seat. Violet smiled at Sunny as she sang happy birthday. Sunny cut the cake and gave Violet an extra big slice because she knew that Violet was pregnant and eating for two.

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