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August 3rd

My face fell slowly at first, then dropped quickly. A few tears gathered in the corners of my eyes, and my mouth began to quiver.

"Ok, ok, you can come over!"

I smiled gleefully and my sad face immediately disappeared. Mamorou-san ran a finger through his hair and grinned lopsidedly. Usagi-tachi were standing behind me. We were all in front of the arcade, and they were going their separate ways.

"Little brat…" I heard Usagi-chan mutter. I turned around and stuck out my tongue. I could just see her face getting redder, and I smirked.

"You're just sad cause you don't get any ice cream, Usagi-baka!" The other girls shook their heads, and Usagi shook with anger.

Mamorou-san took my hand, "Come on then, we'd better get going." And we turned around and started walking. The girls all left to go home, but Usagi stayed. I twisted around and waved at her. She waved back, and winked.

At Mamorou-san's apartment, we sat down and ordered pizza. (For a future dad, he sure doesn't know you have to say 'no' to me sometimes!)

"Would you like a drink, Chibiusa?" I smiled my best 'I'm not hiding anything!' smile, and I nodded. As soon as he left though, I grabbed the phone and dialed quickly.


I rolled my eyes at the chirpy voice on the other end. "I left the package on your bed, get it and go!"

"Arigatou, Chibiusa-chan!" I hung up quickly as Mamorou-san came into the room with two glasses of soda.

He and I watched a movie, Mononoke-Hime, until the doorbell rang. Mamorou-san went to get his wallet, and I quickly snagged the remote. I'm only seven (Ok, three hundred and seven) years old, but I already know men are SO boorish when it comes to remotes and television.

I can hear Mamorou-san's voice, and I start to wonder. It doesn't take this long to get the pizza and pay, does it? The sound of the door slamming startles me, and I realize that he's not holding a pizza box; instead he is clutching a big brown envelope and a small, poorly wrapped package. I smile inwardly; it is beginning.

"Where's the pizza, Mamorou-san?" I ask innocently. He looks up, and I can see a range of emotions swirling in his eyes.

"That wasn't the pizza man. It was Usako. She gave me something…a present, for my birthday."

I put on an astonished face. "Oh, of course! She told me, but I forgot your present at home, Mamorou-san. I'm sorry, but Happy Birthday!" He smiles.

"Arigatou, Chibiusa-chan. I told her that she didn't have to get me a present though…ever since we broke up…" I immediately scramble over and lead him to sit on the couch.

"But she did anyway! That's really nice, Mamorou-san. Open it!" He looks at the packages warily.

"I don't know."

"Please!" I mouth something to Luna-P, and she turns into the same gun I had threatened Usagi with when I first came. "Or else!" I wave it in the air, and Mamorou-san puts his hands up.

"Peace, peace, I'll open it!"

He says he's not vain, but he knows that I just recently changed my ammunition to this purple ink that doesn't come out for months. I know it makes him sound vain, but he can't be self-centered; have you seen his nasty green jacket? No man obsessed with himself would ever wear such a mockery of clothing.

He opens the smaller package slowly, and I recognize that his hands are shaking slightly. The wrapping paper falls away, and I grin as I realize that it's a pink bunny print.

"Oh, Gods above…"

My attention returns to Mamorou-san, who has whispered the words with such awe and love that, for a moment, I was back in my time, snuggled between my parents.

"It's perfect!" Neo-Queen Serenity swung about in a beautiful, full-length silver dress. Its sleeves were like bells, and had a modest V-neck. King Endymion smiled from his position on a couch, Chibiusa next to him.

"I knew you'd love it, koishii."

Chibiusa watched in fascination as her mother's eyes seemed to shine bright, brighter then they ever did, even when she was happy. This, she knew, was love.

I shook myself from my memories and returned to Mamorou-san, and what had made him gasp so. In his hands lay a perfect, single rose.

The rose was not red, nor white, nor pink; instead it was a multitude of colors, and they all flew over its clear surface. At Mamorou-san's touch, the colors seemed to stop, and the rose looked as if it were nothing more than clear glass. But then it changed again.

The colors fluttered back to life, and they made a sort of moving picture. A white form, that became more and more distinct from the tint surrounding it, until eventually, it looked like a miniature version of Princess Serenity.

Then a black shape did the same, forming chibi-Endymion. I giggled softly as the two bowed and curtseyed to us, before taking each other in their arms and dancing as if they would never let go. Shades of the rainbow and several other unknown ones flew behind them, twirling and swirling.

I looked over at Mamorou-san and was startled to see he was struggling to hold in tears. As much as I hated to ruin the moment, I knew there was something better coming up.

"Mamorou-san," I spoke, and he looked abruptly at me, as if realizing for the first time I was there. "Maybe we should open the second present."

He hesitated, as if he didn't want to stop looking at the rose.

"You can always take it out later," I suggested softly. He nodded, and put it gently back into the box. This time, he opened the package as if it were some sort of valuable crystal treasure. Sheaves of paper are pulled out, and I can tell he is confused.

"Read them." My tone is commanding, surprising myself, but he has already started. A gasp leaves his lips.

"What is it?" I know already, but I want him to know fully. He looks up, then back down, and begins to read out loud.


In reply to your request about information on one Chiba Mamorou,

And due to your private detectives,

We have uncovered several records previously lost to us.

They are his parents' social security records,

His birth certificate,

And many other items we thought worth your time.

It has come to light that you have been working with us for

Exactly one year now, and we would like to thank you

For your patience and donations to our foundation

Mamorou-san put the paper down and read another gold-trimmed sheet. His birth certificate. "Chiba Mamorou, born the third of August in Okinawa. Parents: Chiba Akina and Chiba Kin." Something fluttered down from the pages, and he picked it up.

This time, the tears fell freely and quickly. It was a picture.

A woman sat on a bright red blanket. She had long black hair with purple streaks, and gray eyes. She wore a simple green sundress, and her face was creased in a smile. Her hat, a large straw one, had blown away. A man kneeled next to her. His hair was a lighter black, almost brown, and he had deep blue eyes. He wore gray slacks and a gray sweatshirt. On his shoulders sat a little boy with black hair and blue eyes. The boy was reaching for the hat, his fingers barely brushing the tip of it as it swirled away.

I realized Mamorou-san was sobbing loudly, and with wild abandon. His head was in his arms, and I crawled over to him.

"What is it, Mamorou-san?"

He didn't lift his head up as he spoke. "Why—Why would this happen to me? She was perfect…so perfect…and I let her go because of some stupid dreams! I would go through all the pain in the world if I could be with her…"

I grinned, and he didn't notice. This was perfect… "Mamorou-san, then go apologize to her! She's the most forgiving person ever, she'll say it's ok!"

He shook his head. "You don't understand, Chibiusa-chan, it's not ok! She's been hurt so much by me!"

I threw my hands in the air. "But she'll welcome you back with open arms!" He looked up at me, astonished at my outburst.

"She still loves you, and the Gods know you love her! So go to her, beg a little, and she'll sure as heck say it's ok! Gods above, I'm seven and I know that!"

Ok, so maybe I spent a little too much time with Rei-chan…but if these people didn't get together, forget about me being born! Thus, I had to be forceful. At that moment, however, Mamorou-san stiffened, and I realized immediately he must have felt Usagi-chan transform.

"Er, sorry about that, Mamorou-san, but you know what? I told Megumi I'd meet her at the arcade, and I totally forgot. Think about what I said, but I gotta go, ok? Bye!"

I'm sure he was staring before the door slammed, but I was gone. I hid the bushes, and sure enough, a moment later a masked man in a tuxedo jumped off a balcony and began running down the street.

"Cool…" I whispered. Luna-P hovered next to me, and beeped urgently. I smiled.

"Yeah, sure, why not? Ice cream is a heroine's treat! Let me tell you, this was the most tiring job I've ever had to do!"

Luna-P beeped again and my smile grew wider. "Ok, I'm sure Megumi will be home. We can go have ice cream together! But you have to promise not to knock over the tub, ok?"

I looked around, and when I was sure no one was watching, whispered something to Luna-P. In a moment, a red mini-Ferrari was standing in front of me. I jumped in, and quickly started the car.

"Yahoo!" I cried, as I careened down the street. Maybe a shape-shifting cat-like ball isn't a great present for those without a sense of responsibility…

As demonstrated when seconds later, I ran around the same street corner with Luna-P clutched in my hands and an angry policeman on my tail.

Maybe next time, I'll take the bus…

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