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Strictly Professional

Chapter X:

Unwanted Memories

Ruby eyes, which rivaled the vibrant colour of the red walls, stared out the tall, clear windows proudly looking at the sun which illuminated all of Tokyo. She casually leaned on her black leather chair, swinging her crossed leg, before looking back down at the entertainment segment of the newspaper. The classic on-hold tune continued to reverberate in her ear as she waited for a familiar voice to answer.

"Hello Meilin," Tomoyo's friendly voice greeted. "Calling about the news paper again?"

"I swear you're becoming a great psychic Tomoyo-chan," Meilin laugh gaily as she swiveled her chair back to face her desk. "I'm quite shocked you still haven't switched professions."

"What can I say, I love my job!" Tomoyo replied proudly on the other line. "I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world."

"Are you sure?" Meilin questioned seriously as she heard Tomoyo's reply. "Not even love?"

"What are you talking about Meilin," Tomoyo started as she heard her friend's sudden question on the other line. "We both know my life lives by my priorities."

"Oh, and you're saying love isn't even a part of your priority list?" Meilin shot back as she raised a delicate eyebrow.

"No," Tomoyo replied shortly yet firmly. "Besides, it's bothersome and distracts you from your real priorities."

"So you're telling me that you've found someone you love," Meilin stated suspiciously. "But you're trying to deny it because it will only distract you from your real priorities?"

"No; all I'm trying to say is that's my personal opinion and a part of it means I don't need love in my life," Tomoyo stated flatly as she waited for Meilin's response which came in the form of silence. "So about the newspaper?"

"Everybody needs somebody to love them back," Meilin said ignoring Tomoyo's previous question. "No matter what type of love it may be…" she added softly. "But that's not what you should worry about because-" she planned to continue but shook her head and decided to shake it off as she decided to get back on track with the real reason as to why she had called Tomoyo. "Because we have to talk about the hottest news!" Meilin squealed; the previous thoughts shoved at the very back of her head.

Tomoyo chose to ignore Meilin's peculiar words from earlier and decided to smile and nodded her head, before remembering that Meilin can't actually see her. "Yes, the entertainment segment."

"Yeah, I was reading through it, and who would've thought that they would be at it two times this week?" Meilin's ruby eyes lit up excitedly.

"Li's really trying hard to make up for what he did, isn't he?" Tomoyo giggled thinking back on the past weeks that seemed to be forgotten so easily.

"Of course," Meilin started. "Syaoran is pro-women. I'm quite surprised he's not one himself… yet." Meilin laughed loudly at her own insult directed to her unaware cousin.

"Meilin!" Tomoyo exclaimed. "Are you saying Li-san's gay?"

"Of course not," Meilin laughed. "My cousin, gay? That would be the day when Pluto crashes down to Earth." Both ladies laughed before Meilin interrupted with another squeal. "Speaking of which, Sakura is a walking trend!"

"Oh that's a part of the Li Designs collection is it not?" Tomoyo questioned with Meilin figuring that she probably noticed Sakura's outfit in the picture of her pouting with eyes shining with joy while Syaoran held his stomach while trying to old his laughter at Sakura's expression. "Isn't Li-san wearing the collection too?"

"Yes, but that's normal," Meilin replied as her eyes scrutinized the picture closely as she noticed Sakura wearing an unfamiliar white, hooded sweater which rested perfectly below her collar bones, emphasizing them. The neckline formed a thin v before it connected with each other, which exposed a little bit of her ruffled inside shirt. Her ruby eyes squinted at the news paper, digging her nose as closely as possible to the newspaper, trying to look past Sakura's chocolate brown, wool-textured trench coat. "Tomoyo, do you know where she got that sweater that everyone seems to be talking about? So many people have asked about that sweater and I have no idea where Sakura got it from. It's definitely not from our collection."

"Eh, the sweater?" Tomoyo questioned nervously.

"Yes the sweater. I mean, it's one of a kind. I've never seen a neckline like that before," Meilin pointed out. "I love it! Do you know where she got it?"

"Actually," Tomoyo started on the other line with a small laugh. "I deigned it for her."

"You designed it?" Meilin questioned amazed. "It's gorgeous!"

"Thank you," Tomoyo replied courteously. "I've been designing Sakura's clothes every since we were… Oh I don't know, ten?" She giggled at the memory. "She used to oppose to wearing them and was embarrassed. However, after four years my mother and I finally got her to model with the company."

"Really?" Meilin asked in astonishment as she imagined a young starry-eyed Tomoyo forcing Sakura into everything she held. "I never knew you designed so well. If you want you can run your designs by me, and maybe we can have it sold. It's really good!"

"Actually, It's just a hobby," Tomoyo replied. "I've always designed since I was young, since I've been around models ever since I was born. I guess being around them inspired me and I wanted to have a friend beside me who modeled."

"And thus Sakura," Meilin stated.

"Exactly," Tomoyo giggled. "I feel sorry for Sakura having to go through those years of torturing her into wearing the clothes; she admitted she was fond of them though."

"And thus modeling," Meilin stated in the same tone she previously used.

"Yeah," Tomoyo laughed. "Now that I think back on it, Touya was against her modeling because he said he didn't like the stupid paparazzi following his 'kaiju' around," Tomoyo continued. "I can only imagine how Touya would react after reading the newspapers. I'm quite shocked he hasn't murdered us or Li yet," after a moment of silence Tomoyo coughed through the phone, tearing Meilin out of her thoughts.

"Uh, Touya? You mean Kinomoto-san?" Meilin questioned after a long pause and realized how stupid she probably sounded. "He must be really over-protective of Sakura then," Meilin continued before smacking herself mentally for blanking out.

Meilin could almost see Tomoyo raising her eyebrow at her through the other side of the phone, and giving her a suspicious look. She straightened her back on her chair after she lay the news paper down and fiddled with her hair as she held the phone stiffly against her right ear, waiting for Tomoyo's curious questions anytime soon. Lucky for her, it never came and she sighed with relief.

"Yeah, he can be over-protective," Tomoyo stated instead, but the curiosity still hanging with her voice. "But don't get me wrong, he can be nice."

"I wonder if he talked to Sakura and Syaoran about this yet," Meilin said, trying to sound oblivious about Tomoyo's suspiciousness.

"Yes actually," Tomoyo stated with the same tone. "I heard he will be."


A loud sneeze echoed behind the slowly crumpling new papers as a frustrated growl was heard before two hands struggled with folding the newspaper properly on his desk. Three knocks were heard against the wooden doors across from the room before a tall figure with silver hair entered, a calm aura surrounding his presence as it rivaled the angered atmosphere of the room.

"I see you've read the news paper," Yukito started as he walked over to one of the black chairs in front of Touya's room.

"Don't even talk to me about it," Touya answered in between gritted teeth, his face trying to suppress the obvious rage.

"Okay," Yukito smiled as if oblivious of Touya's anger. "I'm just here to remind you that it is a part of their profession."

"I know that!" Touya screamed as he slammed both his hands on his desk, standing up.

"Of course," Yukito replied, with the same smile on his face. "Anyway, I'm about to leave in ten minutes, I'll be out with Hiiragizawa and Nakuru."

"Then go," Touya stated flatly as he fixed his black suit and sat back down on his chair.

"I take it you're not coming," Yukito said as he stood up, adjusted his tie, and pushing up his glasses. It only took one good glare and a frustrated sigh for Yukito to take it as a 'no' from his best friend, "Suit yourself." Yukito then walked towards the door and stopped before he opened the door. "Don't go too hard on either of them. It's a chance to move on," and with that he pushed the wooden doors open and exited.

How does he expect me to do that?


"Okaa-san I'm going out for lunch," Tomoyo stated as she peeked her head inside the doors of her mother's office. "Is that okay with you?"

"Of course," Sonomi answered as she looked up from her laptop which rested on her glass, contemporary desk. "It's Sunday today Tomoyo, you shouldn't even be working, you should be home resting." Sonomi said as she glanced worriedly at her daughter's amethyst eyes.

"I know mom," Tomoyo said as she entered the room, leaning against the tall snow coloured doors as she closed it lightly behind her with her right hand while her left arm held her folded, white knee length coat. "But I just want to help around with the company."

"However you should be taking this day to go out and enjoy yourself," Sonomi reprimanded her daughter. "Meet new people, or hang out with your friends. You'll eventually have to find someone to help you around with the company when you reach the right age." Tomoyo raised an eyebrow at this as the heels of her black boots clicked against the white marble floors, towards one of the white leather sofas which leaned against the wall of her mom's purely tidy and completely white and silver room. "I don't want you being all stressed and buried in work like me, you know that right?"

"Mom, I don't know if my ears are just deceiving me," Tomoyo started as she sat with her elbow placed on her thigh, and her back slouched for her chin to rest of her palm. "Or did I just hear you to tell me in a not direct manner that I should start finding candidates for a husband soon?" Tomoyo questioned as she stared at her mother's smiling face. No way!

"Well," Sonomi started as she looked back at her laptop screen with a grin. "If you want to look at it that way," she replied innocently, but the obvious yes-that-is-exactly-what-I-meant excited smile gave it all away.

"You're not possibly serious about this right mom?" Tomoyo questioned taken aback by her mother's answer. She couldn't believe the fact that her mother had just indirectly told her to go out there and date, furthermore, find a husband!

"Aren't you supposed to eat your lunch?" Sonomi smiled at her daughter, avoiding her previous question.

"Yeah," Tomoyo nodded as she stood up, choosing to ignore the fact of her mother's forestalling on answering her question as she straightened her black belted gaucho pants and black blazer. After slipping into her coat, Tomoyo took one last look at her mother and cleared her throat, "I better go."

"Oh and Tomoyo, I don't want to see you back at the office on Sundays," Sonomi said before Tomoyo can exit the white doors. "Okay?" Tomoyo nodded her head as she exited the white doors of her mother's office.

She's still too young to accept the fact that someone has to be there for her and someone always has been… Sonomi thought with a sigh, her eyes lingering at the doors of her room.

"The only problem is… She's too frightened to acknowledge that fact and face her fears damaged by the past."


"I'm just doing my job!" Syaoran screamed as he jumped back, swiftly avoiding Touya's kick that was being sent towards his side.

"I know you Li," Touya said as he advanced once again to Syaoran, sending a punch straight towards his jaw while Syaoran blocked it with crossed arms. "I've told you before that I don't like you being around my sister. I don't have to warn you again!"

"Correction," Syaoran said as he ducked low to the floor when Touya attempted to throw another punch to his face. "You said you didn't like the feeling of me being around your sister. I didn't see it as a warning, but a statement instead," Syaoran finished as he swung his leg under Touya's feet in an effort to make him fall, however Touya had already dodged and jumped back.

"Well I'm telling you right now," Touya said as he jumped back until he was a good three meters away from Syaoran. "You better stay away of my sister!"

"It's a part of my job!" Syaoran screamed, as he stood up from his former stance, and positioned himself in a fighting stance. "You had no problem with me being her manager earlier, and you kept quiet about me being her manager for a whole month, I don't see why you have to be violent about this one!"

"Since you haven't noticed, you chose to agree on this job," Touya emphasized the word chose as he ran towards Syaoran and did another unsuccessful side kick. "If you didn't want to, you could've said no to being with Sakura!"

"There was no other choice!" Syaoran argued back as he tried to return the earlier kick that Touya had sent coming his way. "Would you rather have the media endlessly following your sister and labeling her rude titles just for slapping her manager, a Li of all people?" Syaoran blocked another punch sent his way as he grabbed Touya's arm and quickly moved behind him to lock it, and press him down the floor.

"I'll tell you what I thought should have happened," Touya started as he paused, Syaoran still having his arm in a lock. "I think that you should never have slapped Sakura!" With that last shout, Touya quickly lifted Syaoran with his back and pushed him off of him, throwing him towards the other side of the room, with his back hitting loudly against the wall. The hanging framed painting shaking as it slowly fell and missed Syaoran by an inch as he quickly avoided it with a sore back. "You're lucky I let that get by me because Tomoyo persisted that she would fix it, but this is going too far!"

Syaoran struggled from his position and found his back aching from the impact, but quickly ignored it as he leaned against the cherry-wood walls to stand up with support, "Do you think I liked what I did?" Syaoran questioned while he continued to struggle to stand on his own. "I already fixed that problem with your sister, and this is the safest and only solution to fix this problem! Why are you so mad about it! It's just my- OUR job!" Syaoran screamed as he stood in another fighting stance.

"Because as long as I've known and been friends with you Li," Touya started as he stood in the same fighting stance as Syaoran, advancing towards the obviously injured man once again. "There's always something behind your actions, and it has never been just about one thing!" Touya said as he aimed for Syaoran's face with another punch but Syaoran blocked it with his arms, being pushed back slightly, as he felt himself staggering on his own feet.

"What's that supposed to mean Kinomoto?" Syaoran questioned as he blocked a punch aimed towards his stomach.

"I think you know what I mean," chocolate eyes glared as he sent an immediate punch towards Syaoran's face with his left hand, but Syaoran avoided leaving Touya's knuckles to lightly only brush against his jaw.

"We both know that the past is the past," Syaoran growled, his amber eyes glaring back at Touya as he jumped back and wobbled due to his aching back.

"And we both know that some things never change!" Touya screamed as he aimed for Syaoran's nose, but Syaoran ducked down, Touya's fist colliding with the tips of Syaoran hair.

"Well things have!"

It was then that Syaoran was distracted with the opening door and his eyes quickly moved to the side in panic as he saw the back of an auburn haired female step inside, quietly closing the door. Syaoran didn't even get to make a next move as Touya's knee forcefully collided with his stomach, knocking all the air out of him, before coughing out little droplets of blood with his saliva, making him fall on his knees while he clutching his throbbing stomach. It was then that Syaoran heard a gasp come from near the door.

Touya quickly kneeled down and took Syaoran by the collar and looked straight at his face, preparing to punch him at the face, while Syaoran grabbed his arm tightly, trying to pry his arm away from him.

Touya's fist quickly headed for his face, and Syaoran prepared himself for the impact as he felt Touya's fist an inch away from his.

"Touya stop it!"

Touya snapped from his state and looked at his sister with a glare instead. Touya dropped his fist and stood up pulling back his extended arm from Syaoran's collar and gripping arm before roughly throwing him to fall on all fours. He scowled and glared at the chest-nut haired man one last time before running his fingers through his chocolate brown hair.

"Li-san!" Sakura's concerned voice echoed in his head as Syaoran felt his body aching. He felt the blood continue to trickle from his mouth to journey down his chin and drop on the hardwood floors. The young model's heels clacked on the floor as she ran towards the vulnerable Syaoran.

After a few more coughs and breath intakes, Syaoran felt Sakura's hand comfort his back soothingly as he tried to get more air into his system after that forceful blow he got from Touya. "Hey," Syaoran greeted as he slowly tilted his head to meet Sakura's figure. "What's up Kinomoto-san?" he smirked looking up at Sakura, seeing her worried expression which quickly vanished, he figured it was probably the only time he'll see her worried about him that much and he'll have to tease her about it later when he didn't appear so helpless. Who knows what Sakura could add to his injuries?

"God Li," Sakura sighed in annoyance as she encircled her hand around Syaoran's arm bringing it up to wrap around her shoulders. "No need to plaster that stupid smirk on your face whenever you're obviously in pain. It doesn't help you know." She rolled her eyes, securing his waist with her hand as she tried to help him stand up from his position. Taking a bit of effort in guiding Syaoran to one of the black chairs in front of Touya's desk.

"Who said I was smirking because I'm trying to hide pain?" Syaoran's smirk widened as he stopped coughing. He leaned back trying not to wince as the pain of his back hitting the wall earlier from Touya throwing him was still there.

"Then can you just stop smirking with whatever reason it is you're smirking about," Sakura said while glaring at him. "It's really annoying me."

"That's not the best argument to say when you want me to stop," Syaoran smirked even wider as his amber eyes glanced at Sakura.

"So annoying me your part-time job now?" Sakura questioned as she stood in front of Syaoran with an eyebrow arched, while her hands rested on her hips.

"Actually, it's another full-time job I have," Syaoran replied proudly. "It's the only job I know that's easy and entertaining."

"Are you saying I'm a person that's easy to manipulate?" Sakura squinted her eyes at him as she started tapping her foot against the floor.

"Aren't you?" Syaoran laughed at the sight of Sakura's expression but his laugh soon turned to another coughing fit as a thick flash of red hit him on the head. He looked up, noticing Sakura smirking back at him while triumphantly holding a thick red folder.

"Just to let you know, I'm not sorry for hitting you," Sakura stated proudly as she slammed the folder back on Touya's desk.

It was then that her forgotten brother cleared his throat and glared at both Sakura's proud figure which was now sitting down on the other chair beside Syaoran's while he continued to cough. "Sakura, those were very important papers," Touya reprimanded as he grabbed the red folder on top of the desk and stuffed it inside a filing cabinet. Sakura rolled her eyes in reply.

"So why exactly did you call me and interrupting my nice afternoon of sleep?" Sakura questioned with her arms crossed against her chest.

"Before that, you were late, again! You should really do something about your oversleeping." Touya screamed before glaring at his sister. "I sure hope you're not like this at work. It would be worse for your image. Besides, I'm guessing you're late half the time and I really don't understand how they can stand it?"

"Actually, I subtract it from her lunch hours," Syaoran said with a smirk as both Touya and Sakura glared at him.

"Because you're one evil manager," Sakura mumbled as she glanced back at her brother. "So what exactly are we here to talk about?"

"More like beat the pulp about," Syaoran mumbled under his breath as he remembered the first punch that Touya tried to send his way when he entered the tall, wooden doors.

"Shut up Li," Sakura ordered. "He's not talking to you."

"Who said I was talking to him?" Syaoran questioned as he pointed his thumb at Touya's still figure who was starting to look like he was about to explode from anger sooner or later. "Besides, he's not talking to you either so you can't tell me to shut up. Maybe you should."

"You're telling me to shut up?" Sakura questioned in fake hurt. "Is that how you thank me from helping you up and telling Touya to stop beating the crap out of you?"

"I actually could have done it by myself," Syaoran stated proudly, even though he had his uncertainties that he would be able to stand up after that blow he got and was about to get from Touya. Whoever thought that the person he defeat in self-defense trainings and all other sports whenever they had a challenge would actually release enough rage to beat him? He could probably even kill him with all that rage. Even though he wouldn't want to admit it, he was grateful for the fact that Sakura had entered that door to stop the Touya's Burning Over-Protective Madness rumored event. He owed her and he'll just have to thank Sakura about it later.

"I highly doubt that," Sakura said as she glared at him. "After all, you were already coughing out bl-"

"Will the both of you shut up?" Touya commanded as he glared at both his sister and his friend-but-not-entirely friend.

Sakura simply glared at Syaoran, while Syaoran smirked at Sakura. Touya thought that the event was highly odd for it reminded him of the first argument that he saw his sister and Syaoran at. It has been a month and a half ever since that day and he still remembered it, the day he saw and felt that over-protective-brother-drive turn on.

His first thought when he decided to finally introduce Syaoran with Sakura was that it wouldn't be a very good idea for them to meet, but somehow, he thought then that it wouldn't matter. He was only fulfilling a wish for someone. It wasn't like Syaoran would be around her every minute anyway. Oh how wrong was he? They even met before he introduced them to each other, and knowing that fact, Touya didn't like it at all. No, he didn't like his male friends knowing his sister before he gave them any sort of permission. Like everyone says, he had a title of being an incredibly over-protective brother and he will do anything to live up to it.

"Sakura we need to talk," Touya said, now leaning back at his leather chair, looking straight at Sakura's figure.

"About what onii-chan?" Sakura snapped, now glaring at her brother's chocolate eyes. "Why you had to beat my co-worker up?"

"Actually yes," Syaoran agreed hearing Sakura's reason. Aside from the fact that he already knew a part of Touya's reason as to why he wanted to beat Syaoran up, he wanted to hear it from his friend without the use of physical violence. "I would like to know why you started our meeting with a wonderful uncalled for punch when I entered your door."

"Since you haven't heard," Touya narrowed his eyes at Syaoran's amber ones. "I said I wanted to talk to Sakura, not you."

"You know what," Sakura smirked at her brother. "I don't think there's anything wrong with having Li here. Shouldn't he have the right as to why you beat him up with your madness?"

"Are you siding with this jerk?" Touya questioned in disbelief. Didn't his sister just whack a thick, red folder on Syaoran's head earlier?

"I would like to know the same thing," Syaoran said as he glanced at Sakura with shocked eyes. "But I do have to deny that I am a jerk."

"Actually yes I am siding with you," Sakura answered as she glared back at Syaoran. "However that doesn't deny the fact that you are a jerk. Now shut up."

"Yes ma'am," Syaoran replied sarcastically as their eyes expectedly went back to the chief executive officer of one of the biggest banking corporations in Asia.

"Well?" Sakura questioned in anticipation as she stared at her brother who only glared at the both of them.

"I don't want you being around him," Touya replied emotionlessly as he folded his arms across his chest. "I don't care whether you get followed by the media 24/7 even if you already are right now. I just don't want you being together with this jerk."

"Again, I am not a jerk."

"What's so wrong with doing my job?" Sakura questioned ignoring Syaoran's previous comment.

"Do you seriously still call that a part of your job?" Touya questioned with annoyance. "You had a great work with your profession, now it's about your job?"

"What are you trying to say Touya?" Sakura questioned with the same amount of annoyance as her brother. "That I've become lower in your status of expectations? That I dropped from my profession to get a lower job?"

"If you would like to look at it that way, then yes," Touya stated flatly as she glared at her sister. "Your career is about modeling, not acting; and definitely not lying."

"Are you-"

"No Kinomoto-san, you're not a liar," Syaoran interrupted Sakura knowing what she was about to say.

"Shut up Li," Touya glared. "This isn't about you, and nobody cares."

"It is also about me," Li knowing full well that they wouldn't be here if it wasn't because of him. "I'm your sister's manager, and we're talking about her career. Just to let you know, the profession of modeling doesn't only mean that you can pose pretty for the camera. Whether it's commercial modeling or high fashion modeling, it means that you should be able to handle anything that is given to you. How they want you to pose, how they want you to look, how they want you to walk, how they want you to act. Basically, if you have a career in modeling, you're into everything. So you can't accuse your sister of being a liar because it's a part of her profession," Syaoran explained with a sigh. "However, I don't think this really concerns her career. I think this is more about you being too over-protective of your sister, especially around people like me, isn't it Kinomoto?"

"There's no point in contradicting it," Touya started as he gave Syaoran the same glare from before. "I really do not like you being around her. When I introduced you two to each other, that's as far as I expected it to go, not any other meetings. Basically, no other relationships or anything related to that."

"Touya, you can be such an idiot sometimes. It's not like I'm actually dating him!" Sakura exclaimed, annoyed by her brother's crazy over-protective antics. "Why are you so worried about it anyway? Do I even look like I like him? Don't you trust me?"

"I trust you Sakura," Touya replied flatly. Just not him, he thought, pausing as he stared deep inside Syaoran's amber orbs. "I know my friends and I just don't like you being around this particular one."

"Aside from the fact that Li can be a total superseding bastard of a manager, what's so bad about him anyway?" Sakura questioned in annoyance, that her brother's reasons weren't exactly clear. Sure he was over-protective and had really unreasonable explanations for not even wanting Sakura to be around any men, but it seemed that he was taking it more seriously with Syaoran's case. Friends, talk about trust issues.

The silence in the room seemed to drown the three of them, as the tension between Syaoran and Touya thickened. Well things have! Touya's thoughts wondered on those three words. Three words that can be the truth, and three words that can be a lie. What is it? Touya continued to question himself as he didn't budge from intensely staring at Syaoran's amber eyes. Have things really changed?

"Well?" Sakura impatiently questioned.

"Nothing," all of sudden it seemed like a huge blade had dropped from the sky and cut through all the tension in the room, the intense stares gone, and finally the silence broken through. "The both of you better leave."

"Thank God!" Sakura exclaimed as she stood up. "I can't believe you woke me up for nothing!"

"Just shut up and go kaiju, before I send you to the zoo as an unspecified animal to be locked up," Touya smirked.

"I am not a monster or whatever other type of unspecified animal you think I am that is worth zoo material," Sakura answered back before quickly grabbing Syaoran's arm and pulling him up. Syaoran winced at the sudden jerk of his arm dragging his aching torso but quickly shook it away. The young model probably forgot that he was injured; then again, she could be doing it on purpose. Rushing towards the door, Sakura mumbled a few curse words before letting go of Syaoran's arm and exited the door.

"You better take care of my sister," Touya warned before Syaoran could push the doors of the room open. "Or I'll make sure you don't die a fast and easy death."

Syaoran smiled with his back facing Touya, giving him one silent nod before pushing the door to leave the chief executive officer to the confines of his office to himself, thinking of the previous conversations they had minutes ago.

'We both know that the past is the past,'

'And we both know that some things never change!'

'Well things have!' Those words were so significant and it continued to echo through his head like a never ending record. It almost seemed as if Syaoran wasn't just talking for himself, but for everything else.

It has been years, yet…

Why does it feel like some things never change?


Bothered amethysts continued to reflect the cold, grey pavement, and the black, pointed leather boots as Tomoyo continued to walk down the streets of Tokyo, trying to merge with the crowd. She tried to brush away the different thoughts about her mother's earlier discussion with her as she walked down the busy city streets. She hoped that something in the stores would capture her attention, but every time she looked up, there was the occasional couple walking together. Instead, she decided that maybe just walking around in circles and staring at her feet would be even more interesting, and maybe it would be easier to take her mind off things.

Was her mother just really trying to tell her that she should start going out? It's not like she needed it or anything right? Her mom was able to handle the company on her own, and she could too, she just knows it. But then again, she used to have her dad, and ever since the day he passed away… everything seemed so lonely.

The vice-ceo adjusted the collar of her white coat, and sighed as she tried to merge herself with the crowd of people who crossed the street. The moment Tomoyo reached the other side of the street and looked up, she had wished that she hadn't for at that moment; she accidentally tripped on somebody's foot and almost caused a domino effect if it wasn't for someone who steadied her figure, and who she was hanging on for dear life, balance and support.

"Um, are you okay Miss…?" Tomoyo pondered on her thoughts as she felt a slight shake on her shoulders. "Miss?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Tomoyo mumbled as she pushed herself off the man's chest and looked up at him. He was probably two years older than her, definitely another business man, who smelled a lot like coffee. It was then that she noticed his blonde hair and especially stunning indigo eyes. Maybe she should start looking for someone too…

"It's okay, don't worry about it," He smiled. It was a nice gentle smile, kind of familiar she thought, but there was something wrong about the way she saw it. "Anyway, I really have to go; my girl friend's going to kill me if she gets there before I do. I'll see you around."

"Oh, okay," Tomoyo answered back with a small smile of her own, even though the guy had already left and was out of sight. No… she shouldn't look, she thought as she shook her head. That would just be crazy, she thought sadly, ready to begin her journey of walking once again with a sigh.

"What would be crazy?" Tomoyo stopped in mid-step as she heard the familiar voice.

Great, she thought sarcastically before choosing to ignore the person behind her and walking to her uncertain destination once again. I just said my thoughts out loud, with Hiiragizawa in earshot.

"Is everything alright?" Eriol questioned as his sapphire eyes stared down at Tomoyo's troubled delicate features.

Isn't it obvious? Tomoyo thought to herself as she tried to walk faster through the crowd trying to lose one of the people that she did not want to see at the moment. "I don't think that concerns you."

"So something is bothering you?" Eriol questioned once again, easily keeping up with her as he moved through the crowd with poise, while Tomoyo roughly struggled to get by.

"Nothing's bothering me except for you Hiiragizawa," Tomoyo answered blankly, as she continued on trying to lose the navy-haired man which followed her.

"At most situations I would say that I am flattered to even be thought about by you but," Eriol stopped as he looked straight at Tomoyo's furrowed eyebrows and troubles amethysts which continued to focus on the pavement. "Right now isn't a situation that's normal. What's wrong?"

"Why don't you just go back to wherever it is you were before you saw me?" Tomoyo questioned irritably as she glared at him.

"I was with Nakuru and Yukito during lunch," Eriol smiled at her, knowing that she already knew the rest of what he was talking about. "I wouldn't want to be a third wheel on their date all the time, so I left."

"Why don't you go grab some chick off the street, hook up with her then go back to where you were?" Tomoyo mumbled irritably as she went back to glaring at the pavement.

"Would you be considered as 'some chick'?" Eriol questioned with a small smile.

"I would rather die than become 'some chick' to go out with you on a date."

"A swan then," Eriol said as he continued to walk beside Tomoyo. He continued to glance around the crowd, before looking up the sky with a gentle smile. "Or maybe even an ethereal angel."

She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and saw the serene expression on his face, with that gentle smile… yet something was off. "Hiiragizawa…" Tomoyo said in the faintest voice before she could even stop herself.

"Hmm?" Eriol turned to her with both eyebrows raised as he expected for her to continue. She only opened her mouth and quickly stared back down at her feet as a response. Eriol sighed and only looked back ahead, "It's kind of stupid being there at a date like that, don't you think?" He asked, trying to bring back the usual mood that coincides between them whenever they met.

"You would know how that feels," Tomoyo answered back, glad that he had changed the subject to the former one. "You're being stupid at least half the time I see you."

"I guess you're right," Eriol smiled goofily down at her before solemnly looking back up at the blue skies. "I can never seem to make the right choice."

"No you can't," Tomoyo agreed proudly, not noticing Eriol's expression. "If you made the right choice then you wouldn't even be here right now bothering me."

"If I made the right choice I would've already told you what I felt," Eriol mumbled to himself as he continued to look back up at the sky, unaware of the confused look the dark-purple haired goddess was giving him.

"What?" Tomoyo questioned with a raised eyebrow as she stared at Eriol's figure. Not quite catching what he said.

"Want to go grab a snack?" His sapphire eyes smiled back down at her, avoiding her previous question and skipping to a new topic, knowing that she would probably let it drop.

"I already-" but at that moment both Tomoyo and Eriol heard a grumbling sound. Eriol smirked while Tomoyo flushed, knowing that she was about to be caught lying. She didn't even get to eat lunch yet, having the thoughts of her mother's words bothering her. Now that she thought about it, for a few minutes she actually forgot about those thoughts.

"Your stomach doesn't seem to agree with you," Eriol chuckled as he triumphantly smirked at Tomoyo.

"I can eat on my own," Tomoyo mumbled before stomping away.

"I know you can," Eriol followed closely behind her. "It's not like I'm going to spoon-feed you, unless you want me to." Eriol teased as he saw Tomoyo's face grow red with embarrassment and anger.

"You know that's not what I meant!"

"What is so wrong about me, that you can't even accept me as company or even a friend?" Eriol questioned with desperation, hoping that maybe she will give the answer, or at least a piece of a puzzle that he has been trying to complete for nearly fourteen years, ever since the first day he came to Japan.

"Sushi," Tomoyo blurted out before Eriol's question can even process in her brain. Even she didn't know the clear answer to it; she just didn't like having him around her.

"Sushi?" Eriol questioned with confusion.

"Yeah, you said you wanted to have a snack and I haven't had lunch so let's go buy sushi instead since I'm starving," Tomoyo continued flatly. She didn't need anymore questions in her head. She had enough thinking for the day, it wouldn't hurt to eat. Besides, maybe talking with someone, even if she didn't like the person she was talking to, would help her get her head to focus something else.

Other things to distract me from the issues that I can't solve.


Syaoran stopped and cleared his throat once he noticed Sakura still mumbling curse words under her breath. "What are you so mad about?" Syaoran questioned as he wrapped his arm around Sakura's shoulder.

"And I thought you were smarter than that?" Sakura mumbled as she glared at the doors of the elevator.

"Your brother let you go didn't he?" Syaoran smiled at Sakura's annoyed expression. "At least you weren't the one with a back that was thrown against the wall, almost knocked out by falling framed painting, and kneed right at the gut." Syaoran continued as he waited for Sakura's reply.

"He threw you against the wall?" Sakura questioned with shock as her head snapped towards Syaoran's smiling face as he nodded. How can he smile after being beat up like that?

"Yeah, don't worry about it," Syaoran shrugged and almost winced as he felt the movement of his shoulder blades affect the aching pain he felt.

"Who said I was worried?" Sakura questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Your face," Syaoran simply answered as he led Sakura to walk outside the elevator once they reached the twenty-seventh floor of Sakura's condominium. Apparently, the lady always liked walking and left her car at home to annoy her brother by being late. How convenient.

"Fine, I am," she admitted as she hung her head low in defeat. "But who wouldn't be worried about someone who might be suffering spinal or abdominal injury right now?" She asked persistently as her emerald eyes looked up at him worriedly. "We should call the paramedics or something."

"And tell them that the great Kinomoto Touya beat me up, that's why I got all these injuries?" Syaoran questioned with one eyebrow arched. "I highly doubt the paparazzi would let that get away."

"What is with Touya?" Sakura questioned as she leaned on her door, looking up at Syaoran's amber eyes. "I mean, he's been like this before but I never knew he'd do it to his own friend." Sakura answered before narrowing her eyes at him "You didn't do anything to him, did you?"

"No," Syaoran said flatly as he hazily looked down at Sakura's emerald eyes. "At least not to him," he added after a serious pause. She raised an eyebrow at him and turned around to unlock her door

"Okay, you better go inside so that we can look at those bruises and do something about it before it gets worse," Sakura added as she opened her door wide enough for him to enter before her. "Well?" she asked expectantly.

"You just want to see me with my shirt off, don't you?" Syaoran's serious face turned into a smirk as she stared at Sakura's immediately annoyed face.

"For your information, you're already bad enough to look at." Sakura tried to restrain her voice from shouting in the hallway. "I think bruises on someone's body after a fight would be a complete turn-off, especially on you" Sakura said as her left eye twitched. "It just proves that the person's a complete weakling."

At Sakura's words Syaoran's smirk instantly turned into a cold, unfeeling expression that almost, just almost sent a chill down Sakura's uneasy figure under his gaze. "But if the person fought on behalf of his defense and took the chance to fight even if it could result to great damage instead of running away, then would he still be considered a weakling for believing in himself and trying?" Syaoran shot back at Sakura's comment as she only stood there dumbfounded under his grave stare. "And when he tried to defend what he thought was the right thing to do for not only him but other people?" Syaoran continued, and after a long pause his face softened once again. He lightly shook his head and closed his eyes before giving off a sigh. He opened his eyes once again a softer expression now on his face, "Would he still be considered a weakling, especially when he fought on behalf the person who's standing in front of him right now?"

Sakura stared at Syaoran's amber eyes as he stared down at her, her ears absorbing every single word that he had said, and her eyes absorbing the sincerity and courage it took for him to say the last sentence. He's right, he isn't a weakling. Even just for actually facing Touya when he knew the consequences of pretending to be with her could lead to something like this, it was a courageous act. No one else has ever stood up for her like that except for her family and extremely close childhood friends. Nobody…

"Sorry…" Sakura whispered as she touched the side of his arm, before slightly squeezing it. "Come on, we better get a look at your probable bruises inside." She said as she lightly pulled on his arm, but he simply stood there.

"No need to be sorry about anything," Syaoran smiled sadly, No need to be too hard… she doesn't know anything. "Besides I think you've done enough helping for today, with entering your brother's door."

"So now you admit it?" Sakura couldn't help but smirk to herself as she heard Syaoran's words.

"Yeah, I should be the one sorry because of being rude about it earlier," Syaoran smiled goofily.

"You better be," Sakura responded proudly.

"Well," Sakura started as she expected a comeback, instead she got a warm smile from Syaoran, as he bent the arm which Sakura still held, and pulled her forearm dragging her into his arms in a friendly hug. "I just wanted to say… thank you." He whispered before letting her go, and smiling gratefully down at her, before turning to walk to the elevator doors.

"Oh," Sakura said to no one in particular as she looked up at his figure enter the elevator doors. Her emerald eyes continued to stare at where he stood. She stared at the same space fuzzily, her eyes starting to feel moist as her mind reeled back to her memories.

Nobody ever had the guts to do that… Sakura thought as her expression faltered at the thought.

Nobody… not even the one person I cared about the most. Sakura reflected forlornly to herself as she tried to blink away the tears that were impending to fall.

One last thought entered her mind, before she locked herself in her own house and her own sorrows from her past that once again threatened to haunt her.

I should be the one saying that…

"Thank you Li…"


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