Natural Causes

It comes for everyone. Not even a Turk could evade Death. He had lived through it all. He was there at the start. He fought in Wutai. He saw Shinra founded. He saw Meteor come. He saw God die. To be honest, he had seen anything that could happen. Yet being around so much and succeeding made him think he was immortal.

He had proved himself wrong as of the late. He had been getting livers spots, arthritis, and anything else old age brought. He was still healthy… for an old man. He had had children, and his children had children. He looked in the mirror everyday to see himself age a little more.

He supposed he first noticed with his first wrinkle. It was in his later years as a Turk. He was serving as Turk Commander in a brief stint. He quit soon after taking control. He looked into his bathroom mirror, to find age.

Now, his fire red hair was a wispy gray. The youth he had was a shadow. His weapon was in a display case. His uniform was in a showcase, as a trophy. He lived off of a mere pension, and nothing more.

After his commanding stint, he quit and transferred to mercenary work. The new Turks, or Special Forces as they were now called, were useless. No conflicts existed anymore. They were obsolete toys. He founded a mercenary group, the Turks. He had some great warriors, and made money off that. He still had an honorary position, but didn't do anything. He was sick, bedridden, and ready to die.

Men would pop in and out. They saw his condition worsen. Still he held on. This man wouldn't let go. Months passed by. This man had a horrible weak. They saw it was his time soon. They called everybody. Rude, his ex-wife Elena, and even Vincent Valentine. They stayed quiet.

Reno was brittle. Everybody saw how weak he was. Rude and Elena quietly sat down. Vincent remained in a corner, silent as ever. He had a weak smile on.

"Remember the good old days? When we used to be able to walk in town proud wearing blue suits? Good times. We could call ourselves humans." Reno weakly said. "Well guys, we came along way. Its going to come for all of us one day. I suppose I'll see you in Death. We'll have a good time together. Vince, you can be human again."

Reno's eyes were glazed. His death was moments away. Rude came up and shook his hand, and left quietly. He didn't want to see his dear friend so weak. Elena kissed him, and left. She loved him too much to see him die. Vincent stood. Reno turned his head over.

"Thanks Vince. I'm glad to see you care." said Reno with a smile.

Reno closed his eyes for the last time. He passed on with a smile. Vincent walked over and grabbed his wrist. He had no pulse. Vincent looked up and Reno's smiling face. One lone tear fell out of his eye. Even monsters feel.