For the second time in one day, a rare occurrence has again occurred: Two high ranking Jedi Masters and one senior padawan had been struck speechless while a third high ranking Jedi Master (who was also the second most respected and dignified man of the Order) rolled about on the grass, holding his stomach and laughing his ass off.

"I don't believe it!" Mace Windu hooted. "Out of all of us, I can't believe it! I won!"

"Master Windu, winning is a bad thing." Obi-Wan pointed out respectfully. "It means the Force hates you the most, and considering who you're being compared to…well, that just blows."

"Don't use that word, Padawan." Qui-Gon chastised absently. "I don't get it. How the Sith could he have won? I've been kidnapped, tortured, put into slavery, gone through enough emotional turmoil to make a lesser man cry…"

Obi Wan looked at him with one raised eyebrow.

"Ok, fine." Qui Gon conceded. "I cried too, but you did also, so shut up. But really. All of that, and he wins?" He gestured to Mace, who had managed to get his laughter under control enough for him to at least sit up.

"Hey, don't blame me." Master Windu said cheerfully. "It kinda makes sense, actually. All those times I was stuffed into a locker, made out to be gay because of my 'saber, told I was the biggest dork because of my afro, hated because I was on the Council, got mobbed because the girls thought I was talking about something else when I said I was great with my saber…"

"That's plenty of details for us, Mace." Qui-Gon interrupted.

"Understand, I do not." Yoda said. He looked rather lost, like a puppy whose house had burned down and he couldn't figure out why his favorite chew toy wasn't nearby. "Eight hundred years old, I am. More crap I have put up with than any of you! Fair, it is not."

"Well, you're older than us," Obi-Wan pointed out, "But you're also more powerful. You're good at diffusing situations before they escalate to the point where you get hurt badly enough to warrant any points."

"True, this is." Yoda mused. Obi-Wan grinned triumphantly. "But get you and your Master vacation time, useless flattery will not." He added snappily, seeing this.

Obi-Wan's face fell and he 'harrumphed' quietly, making his master smile. "It's Ok, Padawan." He said consolingly. "At least we know now that even though we've been shot at, tortured, separated, sold in to slavery, injured countless times, the Force still loves us more than Mace." Obi Wan grinned as the smiled slipped a little on Master Windu's face. "Damn." The Councilor muttered. "That really does put it in perspective."

Yoda rolled his eyes as he got to his feet, leaning heavily on his gimer stick. "Dorks, you all are." He told them. "Going home, I am, to make my famous stew, I am. Wish to come with me, do you?"

The three humans exchanged glances. "Um…" started Obi-Wan. "I'd love to, but I have to…go… study…something. Bye!" He shot off across the garden with slightly Force-enhanced speed, narrowly avoiding a collision with a small gaggle of inates. "I have to help him." added Qui-Gon, just as quickly. "Being his Master and all that. Bye!" He ran off behind his apprentice, not being quite as lucky and tripping over one of the inates. Masters Windu and Yoda watched as he fell on his face, got up, turned around, placed the child back on its feet, and gave it a pat on the head before returning to his escape mission. The poor child seemed too confused to cry.

"Coming to dinner, you are." Yoda told Mace bluntly. Mace nodded, having already semi-accepted his fate. They stood together and walked to Yoda's pace out of the garden. Once they were safely past the gaggle of small children, Yoda glanced up at the dark-skinned master. "Cheat, did you?" He asked.

"Why would you think that?"

"Because that weird look, that in your eye is."

Master Windu grinned. "I'll let you believe what you want, but I will say this: if I cheated, then you're a Sith."

Yoda's cackle echoed down the halls.

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