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He smiled.

There she was, the girl who would free him from this trap forever. Long silver hair touching her mid-back while green eyes searched his own eyes happily. Pale skin with a golden hue touching her cheeks as she worked swiftly, turning her gaze from him and to the book in front of her as she worked, a soft smile brushing her lips.

She truly was beautiful.

With her skin-tight black outfit, a long pair of pants and a short sleeve shirt - a silver band holding part of her hair back out of her eyes matched by a silver band wrapping around her shirt just below the breasts, and another as a belt wrapped around her waist.

"Now, the incantation, Mirage...as I taught you..."

He had said those words before to a different girl, Raven. As he thought of her the image of her face came to mind. Short violet locks hanging against her head to be matched by her violet eyes... Such eyes...

He banished the image to the back of his head. He was a dragon, and somewhat a wizard, yet he could not destroy the thoughts Raven had implanted in his head. He had felt an odd passion stirring in his chest when he thought of her, yet within moments it was replaced by hatred.

This girl...Mirage...she was different, he knew it. She loved him. Such a dark girl she was, so lonely and scared, frightened. She had found an ancient trunk in an odd store and had bought it, unaware that it held a book inside. Raven's old chest, that which had been sold when the Titans had broken up and disappeared. Mirage had told him the whole history of the Titans, confessing to him her obsession over them. She told him how if she could she would have joined them and been Raven's best friend. When she heard he had met raven, she was utterly thrilled, making him describe Raven to her with as much detail as possible.

Oddly, it had been difficult. Not that he couldn't remember it, just sifting through all of the memories and finding ones that were alright to share.

Being trapped in this book wasn't all that horrible. As he had once said to Raven, when you're locked in a book there's not much you can do besides read. He had learned one spell that would be easy for him to form as he could already shape-shift quite a bit. He had been able to take the form or Rorek in the book and even when outside of it. He had been able to deceive Raven with small charms such as twisting the page into a rose or even pasting her picture in the book.

He was so evil, so charming. He loved it.

"Hezberek Et Morine, Gost Wenthen Verbis Nex Ind Obrium Bis Pendrule Paran Sic Cortis Rex!" Mirage's milky hands twisted as she gestured in different forms, finally swooping her hands out as pages of books surrounding Malchior began to glow and flip pages. Malchior grinned as he felt that whirlwind take over his body, the pages that made up his body floated away and began to swirl. Yet as the winds surrounded him, he murmured a few words softly, not audible by the girl who stood anxiously before him.

The girl was different than Raven. She was more desperate for a friend, she couldn't take her eyes off the beast within the whirlwind to see the pages of the book flip to reveal an evil curse. And as Malchior emerged from the winds, he was not in the form of the purple and black dragon, but in the form of a handsome teenage boy.

"You look different..." Mirage looked at him, slight worry caressing her features.

Malchior smiled at her. "You've told me so much about this world, I thought I'd change to fit in..."

"Your eyes..."

"The mere result of the time I've spent in the book. The blue I once had will soon fade back from this ridiculous shade of silver."

She was comforted. She smiled and held out her arms to Malchior. The dragon-like child slid his arms around her and pulled her into his embrace, his head resting upon her very silver hair. He caressed her hair, touching something real for the first time in hundreds of years. His hand moved to her face and he brushed her skin lightly. Mirage closed her eyes and smiled softly, letting his long and nimble fingers caress her face.

"Malchior...you're amazing...you're my only friend..."

Malchior looked at her and almost pitied her. She was so innocent, so unlike his fierce and hateful Raven. So trusting and forgiving, so gullible and easy to fool. Did she truly think he loved her?

Of course. And that's how he wanted it...

He leaned forward and kissed her softly, his lips brushing hers just briefly before he straightened up and looked at her. "Mirage, I want to take us back in time. I want to meet the Titans again. I want to see my old friends before they disappear, and I want to take you with me. I want to be with you as long as we are both alive..."

He wasn't a liar. He told the truth exactly the way it was but preferred to let others deceive themselves.

She smiled at him and nodded, unaware of the glint that had touched his so carefully designed eyes, the twisted curve touching his perfect lips. "I think my father has a time-manipulator..."

So innocent. She took Malchior's hand and led him through their small apartment where his dear Mirage lived. They entered a small room, her father's workshop no doubt. Carefully they crept inside and began to dig through the items to find the time machine. "He said it was the technology of some weird Villain who went back in time to steal... Odd, huh?" Mirage was now happily ranting to Malchior, smiling happily at finally having a friend.

She pulled out a small flat object, with a gold back and a pure white dome upon it. Malchior touched it and it began to glow intently, just the same level of brightness as Malchior's very eyes. Mirage looked at it as well, the smile on her face turning a puzzled frown. "Malchior?"

Malchior took her hand and placed his hand on the white dome, concentrating on the year he had last seen the Titans, just a little later to be exact. Mirage stared at him in worry as he saw the savageness in his gaze.

As the light began to envelop them both, Malchior looked down at her. "Do you remember what I said before?"

"That you'd never leave me?"

"Not exactly." Malchior held out a hand and a fireball appeared in his palm. Surprise and fear touched her face as the fireball began to glow fiercely until it enveloped her completely. Her charred body fell to the ground face down so Malchior couldn't see the remains.

"I said I could never leave your breathing body. And as you're not breathing anymore, I can leave."

He grinned down at the dead body then turned his gaze to the time-transporter in his hand. "Thank you so much, mirage, for helping me. But I have another girl I must seek out...

"Here I come, Titans."