OOC: Well, I am quite surprised how this turned out. Much longer and more detailed than I thought. You're in for quite a bit of reading, though I've seen much more myself. Hope you enjoy! XD

"This looks like a place Raven would like."

Starfire nodded in agreement, both of them looking at the old store. It was surprising in many ways- that such a store would be at the mall, that such a store could even survive as it didn't seem to attract many customers. Not even the stereotypical 'goth' came here. The first thing one noticed was the bad sense, as if walking into the store would mean something unlucky was to happen.

Starfire, luckily, did not notice. Her excitement and anticipation at getting something to cheer up her friend had put her in a very good mood, blocking out all sense of intuition or bad vibes from the happy alien girl's mind. But Malchior felt it, he could sense every object within that store and quite a few he was surprised to see.

As they went through the doorway, wooden beads hanging down to give a more mysterious touch to the store. As if electricity had not yet been created, candles lit the shop, seeming to be everywhere and letting off enticing aromas. Shelves full of old and dusty books were behind glass covers, their titles spelled out in gold or silver writing flickering and glittering, foretelling tales of mystery and passion, romance and horror, adventure and the supernatural. Racks of cloaks and shirts with skirts hung everywhere, giving Starfire something to smile at, automatically shuffling her hands through the fine silks and foreign fabrics. Statues of gods and goddesses lined the walls, crystal sculptures of dancing women and tribal fires that were intriguing to look at yet sending a shiver down the spine. At the counter were various necklaces and beads, and in glass containers were odds and ends, a few pendant necklaces, a small wicker basket with symbols rippling through the weaving, an old hat, multiple mirrors, (similar to the one Raven owns) statues, stones, and items meant for display. Though there was no one at the counter, a long black curtain hung behind it, not a cash register nor any sign of technology visible. Upon the counter sat two large perches where two crows sat, dark eyes piercing the customers, seeing right through to their soul.

Malchior sniffed softly, recognizing a type of herb with many special qualities. Tracing the scent, he left Starfire, winding his way through the racks of dark clothing to a small area nearly hidden, where incense and oils were abundant. Searching, her found a rack of small pots, each holding a different type of powder. Beside those jars sat a basket of glass vials, a price sign hanging underneath. "Fill your vial with a powder for your special needs."

Intrigued, Malchior read a small card beside each jar; a velvety red powder said to make one irresistible to the person they loved or who loved them, a dark green power meant to grant success to the holder, a yellow to cause happiness, a dark blue to cause instant revenge. Still as he stopped and inhaled each powder, identifying the herbs matched with it, he did not recognize the scent he had smelled when first walking through the doorway. A scent he had been praying to find.

"May I help you, love?"

A woman had appeared next to him, a slightly over-weight middle-aged woman, brown curls and wrinkles and sags just appearing upon her skin. She had been beautiful once, he could see it in her large glittering eyes.

"Ah, don't say a word." Malchior gazed at the woman in curiosity. Obviously she was intelligent, overly wise for her status. Though Malchior could not detect anything but a human within her mind, her blood had the slightest trace of sorceress in it, not enough to be of use, but enough to make her as sharp as a fox and as wise as a village healer. Her eyes seemed to pierce through him. For the first time, he felt naked in front of someone. She could see through his appearance. She knew he was a dragon, she knew his weaknesses and fears, his lustful ways and his passions. Horrified, Malchior took a step back and blinked, trying to rid the image of her eyes in his mind.

"This is what you need," the woman murmured. In her hands there was a jar, not appearing suddenly but as if it had been there the entire time, waiting to be seen. Malchior reached out with a trembling hand to take it, but was suddenly grasped in a tight grip by the woman's claw-like hand.

"You are brave to come here. I've been expecting you."


"My dear Dray, I know every person to step through this door long before they do. I know what you plan with this powder, and I only feel inclined to tell you now, it will fail."

Malchior's eyes narrowed as he stared at her, still awed by her power but angered by her words. "It will work you witch. You will see."

"A witch, am I? No. I am far beyond that. You know."

She released him and Malchior's hands swiftly snatched the jar from her, holding it dearly to him. "Oh, and no charge, Malchior." With a smirk, the woman turned and disappeared, literally, simply walking towards the black curtain until vanishing from Malchior's sight naturally.

Malchior was horrified. For once, someone had left him speechless, left him frightened. Someone had seen into his core and known his every move before he made it. Intriguing, yet mysterious and disturbing, Malchior felt like a small school boy until the aroma of the jar in his hands awakened him from the dreamlike state he had been left in. A grin appeared on his lips, anticipation wiping the woman's words to the back of his mind. The writing upon this jar was quite longer than the brief overview the other's had.

"Soul's Bane. A talisman from this powder shall create immense power. But with that power shall come a twisting irony. The powder itself can change what one feels, destroying a part of the holder's soul and replacing it with a part that does not belong. Rives run dry, the sky rains blood, the wheat shall die and walls turn to mud. The holder's life, sacrificed, the power held, in flesh shelled, shall tear away, destroy the day, and end the world as we know."

Malchior laughed slightly. So much power he could grasp. But no, not for himself. He knew the affects of Soul's Bane, he knew it very well, as with his age he had known the creator of this powder. A small wiry wizard named "Bane," after which the powder was named. The wizard had a hobby of creating toys for Villains; this was his greatest success. But Malchior knew how to control it. He knew what no one else alive had known. Bane had died so long ago.

"Tooth for a tooth." Malchior could have laughed as he pulled a small ceramic bowl from air, his magical abilities still useful to him. Pouring a large amount of the powder into the bowl, he pulled a vial from his pocket. Inside gleamed a purple scale, from his hide of course. It had taken quite a bit of effort to pull it out as dragon hide is known to be quite tough. He dropped the scale into the powder, which burst into a cloud of smoke.

Turning sharply, he gazed across the store at Starfire, who was even farther than before, intrigued by a few trinkets under glass. Malchior didn't worry. Though he knew the magical capability of many of these dark objects, he could safely guess the saleswoman wouldn't let Starfire injure herself. The woman was human, and as any other woman she wanted money and if Starfire was going to buy something, then... At the thought of the woman, Malchior's slight smile turned to a scowl.

He turned back to the bowl and whipped from air once more a small knife. Holding it to his hand, he made a long slice across it. Blood began to flow freely and Malchior let it drip into the bowl, mixing with the powder that had now turned a dark black. The blood, instead ot running through it and creating a mud-like substance, disappeared at the touch, yet turned darker if possible.

Malchior smiled and scooped a small vial of the powder, sealing it shut with a cork he knew would not move. Holding his hand over the powder, he slowly drew his fingers together, and the bowl turned from that to a leather bag containing the powder inside. He slipped it into the pocket of is shirt, the other objects he had used disappearing. As he went to pick up the jar the "Soul's Bane" had come from, it was gone.

Another smirk brushed his mouth as he dropped the vial into another powder, not caring which it was so that the scent stuck. Unfortunately, it was the red one. He filled himself a vial of any of the powders, whichever was dark enough- happening to be the brown one for good luck. Stringing the two vials through leather cords that matched the corking, he draped the brown one around his neck.

"Starfire, look." Malchior called to the alien girl, who looked up swiftly, red hair flying past her face as she tilted her head in wonderment at what Malchior held. "I found these good luck vials. I thought you might like one. They're supposed to make you stronger."

The alien girl reached out and took the vial, examining it and smelling it curiously. Thoughts whirled, memories reaching back to when Blackfire gave her a necklace. But upon seeing the one around Malchior's neck, she was reassured. A smile brightened her face. "Thank you, Dray." She hung it around her neck, politeness and happiness erasing suspicion.

Malchior nodded. "But in order for it to work you're to to wear it as often as possible." Motioning to his, he chuckled. "I'm not taking mine off."

Starfire smiled her agreement. "I also have something to show you. I have found the gift for our friend Raven." She grasped Malchior's wrist and pulled him towards one of the glass containers, where a variety of jewelry rested. Starfire pointed a silver chained necklace out, a black circle surrounding a raven in flight. "Do you agree that she would like it?"

Malchior stared at it, attempting to sense and magical component to it but after sensing none, nodding and grinning. "I'm sure she would."

Starfire went to the front counter while Malchior stared at the necklace in curiosity, until his gaze was focused upon something else. He gasped.

A golden amulet rested there, a glittering green dragon carved into the center, twisting and spinning and staring out with a set of ruby eyes.

"The Dragon Amulet," Malchior murmured. It was said that he who held it could control dragons to his wish. It was legendary and wanted by all dragons. They wished to hold it in their possession so that no other may command them. Malchior could sense the power radiating from it, frustration making him wonder why he had not seen it before.

"Take it..." Malchior looked up to see the woman. She was staring at him with those uncanny eyes. "Take it."

Suddenly the amulet was in his hand. Malchior stared down at it, eyes taking in the beautiful carvings and mind taking in the power. The woman smiled and held out to him a small leather purse. Malchior knew what it was without touching it- a small pouch used to keep hidden magical objects from other wizards, witches, sorceresses or sorcerers. He dropped the amulet into the bag, feeling the power ebb away mournfully and slipping the ouch into a pocket. Looking up, the woman was gone and was now in front of Starfire, selling her the necklace.

Malchior could have laughed. Laughed at everything. How suddenly there were four necklaces of importance about to enter the Titan's Tower. How the all-knowing woman had given him the thing he needed and the thing he desired. How now, after taking two priceless things, a package of Soul's Bane under his control and the Dragon Amulet, Starfire was paying for a mere trinket.

He did. He laughed lightly until Starfire approached him and looked at him questionably. The laughter wasn't the evil maniac laughter but the simply laughter at a fine joke. Malchior grinned, happiness overpowering him as he looked at Starfire, awed by her beauty and personality. He smiled and waved towards the door, following her out into the mall. As they walked alongside, Starfire talking a small bit about how Raven will enjoy her gift, Malchior glanced back at the store.

It was gone.

Simply gone. There was bare wall where it once stood, no sign of any merchandise or customers near it. The woman and the odd shop was gone.

The woman's words echoed through Malchior's mind once more, but this time he shrugged them off. Not succeed? That wasn't possible. Starfire was under his control. He could mold her how he pleased. He held in his pocket the ultimate weapon of dragons. And to top it all off, he wore around his neck an amulet of pure luck.

Nothing could go wrong.