Don't Say A Word
Chapter 1

Thud! A raven-haired boy just sixteen lie next to a wall crumpled up in the
fetal position, spitting blood out of his mouth. His uncle and obese cousin was standing over him with both of his fists clenched and an evil glint in their eyes. The boy, Harry Potter, lay their bruised and bloody. His glasses lie on the floor broken and forgotten.
"Hit him Dudley." ordered his uncle. He felt himself being picked up onto
his feet then was hit with another sickening smack as Dudley's fist made contact
with the side of his jaw, causing more blood to fly out of his mouth. Harry
fell instantly back to the floor. Then the thunderous laugh of both his
uncle and cousin filled the attic.
" Let's go son." he told his son patting him on the back proudly telling him
how his hitting skills had improved. They left Harry on the floor a bloody
mess. He lay there between consciousness and unconsciousness for hours.
Beatings had been a regular occurrence since Harry had returned from his fifth
year at Hogwarts. The moment he got into the car he was hit in his stomach.
He then felt a needle go into his arm, then a second later darkness. He woke
up in a dark room tied to a chair.
" Dad he is awake." he heard Dudley scream followed by the booming steps of his
uncle running up stairs. A door swung open and Vernon Dursley stood there
with a smirk on his face.
" Oh good it's about time." he saw the confused look on Harry's face. "You're probably wondering what we are doing?" Vernon asked him. Harry, still
a little woozy from the drug, just nodded. "Well you see simply I am tired
of putting up with you. You are constantly putting us in danger. It is time
that you got what is coming to you." With that Harry felt a large beefy fist
hit him directly in the face. He howled in pain and he was fighting back
tears. Then he felt another one hit him, then another, over and over again.
" Stop for Merlin's sake, Stop!" he yelled out only to be hit again directly
in the mouth.
" Not till your freaky little friends see that it's not safe to keep you
here anymore." He yelled back as Harry felt something wooden hit him in the
" Nice swing son." Vernon chuckled to his son. Harry looked up to see Dudley
leaning on a cricket bat. "Now you will do well to remember that it will
only get worse if they don't come and get you." with that they cut him loose
and let him fall to the floor, as they left he passed out. He woke
up a few hours later to a wet cloth being draped on top of his head. His eyes opened wide and he retreated to the wall fearing another beating then he looked up to
see his aunt beckoning him to her. He went over to him and she cleaned up
all the blood and left without saying a single word.
End of Flashback

Harry woke up hours later. It had been a month and a week since that day
and true to his uncles word the beatings did get worse. He did try to escape once,
but was caught and thrown back into the attic a bloody and broken mess.
After a while the lack of contact except for his daily beatings he became silent and completely with drawn from the world. The hopes of someone coming to rescue him died with each beating. His new silent attitude pleased his Uncle immensely. Even his beatings were silent except when his body hit the floor with a thud. When he finally regained some of his bearings he got up to get something to drink, even though he couldn't really keep it down. He finally fell into an uneasy sleep after having what food and water he was allowed, which was very little to say the least. The next day
started out no different. He was cleaned up and giving a couple crackers.
He rested as he waited for his uncle and cousin to get back home. Dudley had
been doing an internship at his fathers drilling company. This meant that
they would return home at the same time. Then they would watch a little T.V., eat
dinner and then go and beat Harry. This had become the normal routine in his
life. But today was different.

When they had returned home today, Harry heard a booming bark come from the
"They had gotten a dog?" he thought to himself slightly confused. He knew his aunt didn't like animals. Then he heard the footsteps of his uncle and cousin
coming up the stairs.
" Look at what we found, boy." his uncle told him pointing at the doorway,
where a dog stood. "Now instead of us we are going to have this dog tear
you up. Like in one of those, dog versus dog, fights." the dog started to come
forward. Harry knew that in his condition he would not be able to defend
himself against the dog. His uncle saw the fear written all over his face
and gave a laugh that seemed to shake the room.
" I told you it would get worse." he told him just as the dog walked into
the light. The dog was a huge and pure black. It had sharp teeth that were
just showing as if it was smiling. He knew it looked like something he
should know, but he couldn't figure it out.
" Oh yeah I think this will be enjoyable to watch. Since this dog looks big
enough to crush him." Vernon told his son.
" Yeah it should. The dog looks mad with his ears the way they are. I just
hope the fight last long enough to properly enjoy it." he answered back eagerly.
Then suddenly something clicked in his head. Trewlaney predicted this would happen years ago. Now it had finally come to finish him off.
It was the Grim.