Don't Say a Word
Chapter 3

Harry opened his eyes to a very blurry room. He started to grope around for his glassed. He eventually found them and found his door ajar. On the other side he heard an argument going on.
"He will never survive the Dark Lord, Sirius. Even you got to be able to see this." Yelled what seemed the voice of one Professor Snape.
"All know is that he will never give up as long as there is a single breathe in his body. He has too much of his father's will in him." shouted Sirius.
"Yes I know this Sirius. He has demonstrated this countless times before, but that is not enough to defeat the Dark Lord. He is still not nearly powerful enough as he should be. He needs more training and skill." Snape said almost calmly.
"Why can't you just call him by his name, not what he wants to be called. It is not good to fear him if you are against him." Sirius calmly changed the subject.
"Sirius his name is pure evil. It is the worst omen of death. It is even worse than the Grim." Snape asserted.
"I must be not thinking straight after the other night." Harry thought "Why am I in this bed. Aunt Petunia must have had pity on me. I will show her not to do that. I am leaving." he thought since he was feeling a little better than he had been for a long time. Harry swung his legs over the side of the bed and tried to get out of bed. But once he lifted himself onto his feet he crumpled to the floor with a loud bang. He heard hurried footsteps and the door slammed open. He looked up expecting to see his aunt, but got something different.

He saw both Snape and Sirius standing over him looking down at him.
"Harry you shouldn't be out of bed yet. You are still recovering." Sirius told him. He bent down to pick him up, but Harry thinking it was a trick scurried away from him the best he could. Sirius puzzled by this reaction. Surly Harry wasn't afraid of him. So he went for a second time to pick him up, but instead of scurrying away he slid under the bed.
"Go get Dumbledore. He will know what to do." He told Snape. As he was leaving he heard Sirius mumble "At least I hope he will."
Under the bed a scared Harry looked around frantically not knowing where he was or what was happening. He heard someone trying to get him from out from
under the bed but he wasn't going to barge. He knew his uncle was trying to trick him, so he wasn't going to make it easier for him to get him. He wasn't going to make it easier for him to get him and beat him.
"No," he thought "If he wants me he will have to get me himself." He heard more people coming in.
"Sirius what seems to be the problem?" Dumbledore asked him calmly.
"What the hell, I must be hallucinating. Now I am hearing Dumbledore." He thought
"Well I guess Harry woke up and tried to get out of bed, but fell to the ground. We heard him and came in here at once to see out what happened. When seeing him on the floor I went up to him to help him back onto the bed, but he wouldn't let me and got under the bed like he was scarred of me." he told the last part with sadness in his voice. He never thought Harry would ever be afraid of him. Dumbledore saw the concern in his eyes. He turned to Snape.
"Will you please go fetch Madam Pomfrey and tell her Harry's awake." He nodded and left the room. "I want to talk to Harry alone." he told Sirius. Sirius opened his mouth to argue, but shut it figuring he knew what he was doing. He left leaving Dumbledore and Harry alone. Dumbledore took out his wand and levitated the bed up and to the other side of the room. He conjured himself a chair and sat down. He looked over to Harry still laying on his stomach still looking around frantically. He shook his head. He knew something would be wrong with when he woke up, but never thought it wouldn't be this bad.
"Harry calm down and look at me." Harry finally looked up and saw Dumbledore. He settled down a little, but not completely."Good, do you know where you are at?" Dumbledore asked Harry. He shook his head while still looking around the room. "Ok Harry you are at Grimmauld Place. Sirius brought you here when he rescued you from your uncle's house." After Dumbledore mention Harry's uncle he started to panic again. He tried to get back to the bed, but Dumbledore stood in front of him and grabbed his shoulders to stop him. "Harry your safe now. He can't get to you anymore." but Harry was still trying to get away. "Harry we took care of it, he won't hurt you again." Harry seemed like he finally understood and started to calm again. "Now that is over, I will move your bed. I want you to get back in it and I will send madam Pomfrey in to see how well you're healing." With that said he moved the bed back to its original position and went back into the hall.

He headed straight to Madam Pomfrey.
"Ok Poppy he is ready to see you now." she nodded and left through the door. He then turned and started to talk to Sirius.
"I was able to calm him down. I honestly didn't believe that it would be this bad when he finally woke. Every time at the very mention of his uncle he starts to panic." He told Sirius.
"Is their anything at all that can do for him." Sirius asked. Dumbledore just shook his head.
"I am afraid that there is nothing we can do. Even if we could I wouldn't. Mental abuse is different then physical. It takes longer to heal or it may never. It also has to heal on its own. It is something he needs to get through himself. We may be here if he needs us." He answered him.
"There is something different about him though, like his personality." he told Dumbledore.
"The abuse he went through could change the best of us, but nevertheless I do know what you mean Sirius. Something did seem a bit off. I do have my suspicions, but we will have to wait for Poppy to see if I am right." he told him. Sirius nodded waiting for her to come out. After an hour Madam Pomfrey came out and closed the door silently.
"Well he is sleeping now. His injuries are healing well, but there is some extensive mental trauma." she told them both.
"And what do you mean by that?" Sirius asked her.
"Well it seems that from the shock of the abuse he endured from his uncle that he has gone mute." She replied. Sirius broke down crying.
"You mean he is unable to talk?" implied Dumbledore. She shook her head.
"I never told you he was unable. It seems he refuses to do so or that he literally can't and would have to be taught again. I would bet anything though that he refuses to talk. If that is the case then we can't force him to do so. He will have to open up himself." She explained to them.
"Thank you, Poppy. You may go and we will summon you if we need you."
Dumbledore told her. She gave a weak smile then left.
"I will kill him!" Sirius suddenly growled.
"You can't Sirius. The authorities in his world have him. It is not our place to punish him." Dumbledore emphasized.
"He still deserves to die for what he did." he growled again.
"I know" he simply told him. "You may go and stay with Harry if you want. I need to take care of some things." he told Sirius patting him sympathetically on the back. Sirius nodded and left into the room. "Heal soon Harry, the world needs you." he whispered.

Then with a swish of his cloak he was gone.